Norfolk State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The one thing I brag about the most is how the professors take out a lot more time and beyond their office hours to help you to succeed.


The thing I most brag about is the marching band.


its a fun school


The best thing I brag about to our school is the beauty of our campus and the fun events they have for new coming freshman. The events give you a feel of the campus a week before school actually start. My advice to you is to go, this is the time to learn the locations of your classes too.


I brag about our marching band, The Legion. They are one of the best bands that our college has, and also one of the best HBCU marching bands out there.


Nothing really.


The things I brag about most when i talk to my friends about my school would be, our band because they are GREAT! I also talk about how the community at the school is really friendly and close-knit like a family. We stick together and we love one another like we are a real family.


I I brag about the fact that we just had a new student union built last semester, so the food has gotten a lot better. Now that we have the new union, they throw more social events during the week to keep everyone excited and informed about all the upcoming events. The new union also added a new fitness center on the second floor that is AMAZING! so a good amount of the students utilize it because you do not want to come to school looking sloppy.


What I tend to brag about most when I tell my friends about my school is the wonderful relationship that the teachers have with their students. Despite college being about learning to do things for yourself, to motivate yourself to go to class, do homework, etc., the teachers don't just lie back and let you fail because they still receive a paycheck. On the other hand, they are more like mentors and friends who genuinely care about your success and want to assist you in accomplishing your dreams.


I tell my friend's that I dont live on campus, so I dont spend my time being bothered by any roommates I might not have liked. I also tell them that my school is near Ocean View, so I can go to the beach all the time. I also tell them that since my school is small, I get to interruct with my professors, and I also get a feel of the school.


That we are among one of the best marching bands in a histiorical black college/unversity.


The school spirit.


met my best friends here


If I do brag about Norfolk State it would be about our Spartan Pride. A few years ago two enthusiastic students created a pep squad that has now grown to become the Spartan Cavalry, a group that I am an enthusiastic member of. We are present at every sport and event on campus. When the football team, band, or basketball team travel, the Spartan Cavalry travels as well to show Spartan Pride and to support our fellow Spartans. Wherever we go our presence is known in a respectful yet spirit-filled way. Behold the Green and Gold!!!


The extra-curricular activities, my professors and the greek life.


That we have a good atheletic teams, basketball, track, football, tennis, baseball. And we have great school spirit