Norfolk State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of funding. Going to an Historically Black University is an honor and dream; but having to fight for the same financial resources as other colleges and universities isn't.


The most frustrating thing about my school was the long lines to sign up for classess and some of the foreign professors.


The most frustrating thing about NSU is the lack of racial diversity. There is a wide variety of cultural diversity amongst the black community; however, the presence of other racial diversity is limited. As a Historically Black University this is partially to be expected, but as the world is not so racially focused on the Black community, it would be beneficial to have a greater sense of diversity at NSU.


I have been for a couple months, that have just seem to pass by quite quickly but I have not encountered anything as frustrating.


There isn't always enough parking due to construction


The most frustrating thing about our school is the designated meal plan times. The dinner times end at 7:30 on weekdays, and it ends at 6:30 on weekends. So, if you don't have food in your room, you have to go hungry until the next day or order out late and spend extra money when you could have used it during meal plan.


A lot of the times computers do not work, we have to pay to make copies, cafr food is nod that good. SOme teachers are good most do not care about the students education.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the long lines at Finacial Aid.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how unorganized it is. This incudes the staff, professors and advisors. The living conditions also could be better. It can get very irritating if you have to take cold showers int he morning and have the heat on full blast when it is very hot.


The most frustrating thing about Norfolk State University is the course registration process. Norfolk State had it highest number of freshman in the 2009-2010 year. I believe the enrollment number is 10% higher than it's ever been. While this may have looked great for the school as a whole, it's quite frustrating when trying to register for classes that close extremely quickly due to the high demand.


The most frustrating situation about Norfolk State University is that the University is not organized. Norfolk State Univeristy has not reached its full potential of organization. Finical aid and Residental Life and Housing is the most unorgainzed. Request are not filled in a timely fashion. Students have to make complaints constantly to Residental Llife and Housing due to problems in the dorms. Finical aid could really help more students with money than they say the can. Norfolk State University is a great school but could use a little more improvement in those two departments.


The availability of classes.


The most frustrating thing is trying to get financial aid to help pay for the tuition and fess.


When I need to go to the store on the weekday I don't have a ride. The shuttle only runs on the weekend and I don't feel comfortable taking the city bus.


The most frustrating thing with my school is the financial aid department. They frequently lose valuable paper work, and tend to be very rude.


teachers seem generally unwilling to work with students


I believe that freshman year should be more challenging, i did not feel challenged at all so i began to lose interest. Also classes are not very intereactive as a result many students began to skip class and do poorly.


Things dont bother me


The most frustrating thing about my phone can be the parking. Our school needs more parking space.




The most frustrating is getting african americans to understand that an education and their history is more important then all the money in the world.