Norfolk State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That I could have went to Norfolk state my freshman year.


I wish i would have known more about the fields that this school offered and how reliable they are before choosing my major. Nontheless, the overrall experience so far has been above average with information slowly coming my way as to not be flooded with anything extra.


I wish I had known that they don't really answer their phones.


I wish i would have known that tuition and fees increase every year, because i'm in my last year of college and right now I'm worried about how Im going to afford to pay for school. Its a very scary feeling.


There is nothing bad about my school.


I wish that I would have known to ask for more financial aid than you need so I would not be behind by a few dollars when it is time to pay. A good load of my friends get refund checks, but because I always ask for a certain amount, I never have money for myself to get or do anything. I would have also tried to get my GPA higher so I could have applied for more scholarships, because once again money is key in college. If you don't have it, God speed.


Before I attended Norfolk State University I wish I would?ve known the disadvantages, and financial strain of attending an out of state HBCU. Knowing what I know, I probably would have stayed instate where colleges gave money, maintaining a 3.5 GPA . A 3.5 GPA grants opportunities like, the honors program at NSU, qualifications for merit scholarships. Going into college from high school I wanted to get away, and the last thing that crossed my mind was money; I could?ve made smarter decisions, Appling for scholarships and choosing schools promising great education as well as money.


Before comeing to school I wish I would have known how to mange my time and study habits.


I wish I would have know about the variety of scholarship availables.


The class schedules. I frist set my classes throughout the week when I learned that I can have classes on two days instead of five days.


That tuition would increase every year.


I wish I would hav known that some teachers were not organized and classes were hard to come by. Also, I wish I woul have known that the aid avalible is low because the scholl is over crowded for its size.


I wish I had known about the flood zone area. When it rains it pours and flood the whole campus.


I wish I knew the importance of studying and the keeping my grade point average higher when I was in high school. It would have helped me to be more prepared to engage in the academic arena of college life with a better zest. I wish there was more parental involvement in my life before, I started my career path.




I wish i would have known how on campus housing was going to be hard to get


Before attending a university I wish I would have known that it was going to be so costly and that teachers do not cater to students. In college your instructor leaves it up to whether you decide to pass the course or not. In college you basically have to give yourself the drive to do well and want to be successful.


That college is nothing like high school.


I wish I would have known that all the guys in college would be HOT!! I would advise any high school senior entering college to not get caught up in relationships and focus on their academics.


I wish I had known that I would not be able to participate in the track and field program because of the intensity of the academic curriculum I have chosen.


I wish I had research the cost of an education first at this school.


I wish I had known that it doesn't snow down here in Norfolk.


Better time management skills.


I wish that I would have known about financial aid or scholarships available at the school, if I would have known it would have been able to focus more on my studies rather than my financial situation.


How poor the music department is. And also how the financial aid building operates.


Consider what you want from your school. This university puts alot of its money in sports(football), band, and technology. Its very diverse in the aspect of where people come from and where they want to end up. Its a family atmosphere here and once your a spartan your always a spartan.


How hard it is to get out! My school has truly raised its standards since I came in. Even though I had a good enough gpa to get into almost any school of my choice, the entry requirements were a little low back then. It was really easy to get into NSU, but definitely hard to get out. The professors are really serious about your education and will truly make you work hard to earn your degree. I can say now that I truly appreciate that aspect of my alma mater.


How far away it is from everything.