North Carolina A & T State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates uphold Aggie Pride to it's highest standard with pride and heart.


The students at my school are very friendly and social. It is very easy to make a new friend in class because the people aren't hard to get along with.


The brightest and the best.


My classmates are individuals that go above and beyond the status quo and seek to live extrodinary and prosperous lives and stop at nothing in order to get to that designated place that they dream of.


From different countries, to different colors, and from various cultural backgrounds, to an array of personalities, my claassmates are uniquely different!


My class mates are intelligent and supportive.


All of my classmates seem to be very kind and welcoming to the fact that I am a new transfer student. Many have taken the time to get to know me and have been very accepting. I have only been at this school for a few months and I already feel I have made a lot of new friends. I feel like I really fit in at my school and I have all of the awesome classmates to thank for that.


My classmates at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State Univerisity are well rounded individuals that are striving for success.


My classmates were very accepting, helpful, and collaborative. We enjoyed working together in order to help benefit our learning experience. By collaborating, we would learn new things from one another everyday. Especially being a teaching major, being professional, helpful, and friendly is important working towards the degree.


Comrades that band together to face life challenges, success, and disappointments.


My classmates are people dedicated to learning, but fun to hang with and discuss homework or whatever.


In one word my classmates are misjuded. I say that because they dress a certain that can fall into a negative stereotype yet when they open their mouths very intelligent yet insightful thoughts come out.


The classmates at North Carolina A&T State University are very welcoming and I love the fact that alot of students are from different places and I enjoy learning about different cultures.


my classmate are focused and wiling to help.


My classmates are mostly individuals who share the same major as I. I can say that my classmates are very helpful and determined to succeed.


My classmates are sometimes quite interesting, everyone has their own indiviual styles of learning; some students take college more serious than others, those are the ones who pay more attention in class and take the time out to actually complete homework tasks and things of nature; and on the other there are also many students that attend college just for the company of their friends; which is not a good reason to waist all of their money but it's their decision.


My classmates are very intelligent, outspoken and in some matters very active in participation.


My classmates are really nice and they like to help people out if they needed help.


Overall, they are different from the people that I am used to.


My classmates are diverse, opinionated, outspoken, intelligente, friendly, and helpful.


My classmates are loving and helping.


My classmates are usually hard working inividuals and I can always go to one of them for help.


My classmates are filled with questions to find clarity, conciseness, and knowledge.


Teamplayers that are focused to achieve a common goal academically.


My classmate are very responsive, ready to learn, and well educated.


Most of my classmates are very school oriented and serious about their major.


My classmates were helpful and engaged.


my classmates do not mind helping you when you are struggling.


My classmates are a melting pot of personaliities, dreams, and ambitions that all add up to a group of very talented and some day successful and professional individuals.




My classmates are all very different and unique


Dedication and determination are a few words I would use to describe my classmates, students come here to learn about academics and gain a better understanding of who they are as a person.


My classmates are friendly, social, and helpful.


each person is unique in their own way


My classmate are very social people.