North Carolina A & T State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag in the begining of the semester before homecoming because we are know to have the greatest homecoming on earth.


I brag about the activities provide for the students because I am letting my friends know even though we have to study and work hard to graduate, they also give us a chance to have fun and express ourselves. They can have fun, but also recieve good grades in their class.


We have the Greatest Homecoming On Earth.


I brag that North Carolina A&T State prepares their students for success. It is an institution that promotes self-confidence, identity and purpose for future goals. They teach a student how to think, not what to think.


NC A&T is my home away from home! This campus is located within minutes from downtown Greensboro, the mall, and many eateries that surround Greensboro. A&T has a beautiful well kept campus, and it is astounding at night when all of the lights are luminating this minute community. Everyone positively exercises Aggie Pride during every sports season, especially in the fall! We literally have the "Greatest Homecoming On Earth!" A&T makes me feel proud of my ethnic background!


North Carolina A&T Univesity has a wonderful energy. All of the students and teachers are very helpful and want to see you succeed. I really love the diversity in all of the students. New sudents will beable to fit in with any crowd.


Extremely diverse learning environment including both students and professors. One of the best schools in the area for engineering. The biological engineering department is like a family that helps one another out with schoolwork, guidance and financial assistance.


North Carolina A&T University is one big family. Most of the classes are small so you feel like you really get to know not only your professor but your classmates as well. The professors actually take the time to really get to know you as a person, knowning each student's name. It is definitely a great place to go if youre looking for a more one on one academic atmosphere.


I brag about the Engineering Program I've heard that it's a good program. I also brag about the campus it's nice and clean. It's a very large campus. I can't wait to attend.


When I brag about A&T I mostly brag about the landscaping of the campus. Theres old buildingsm, new buildings, buildings currently being built, water fountains. The best part of campus, is what I call the heart of the campus, which is The Village. The Village is four dormitories, two in two different buildings and seperating the two buidlings is a pathway to go to other parts of campus, a fountain and trees.


The environment, good programs, great greeks, engineering program


the friendliness and the caring from the staff and professors.


The fun that you have form the people you get to know.


Once again, I brag about Aggie Pride. All of my friends come to OUR Homecoming because we have "The Greatest Homecoming on Earth."


I brag about the fun I have here. Wether its learning, hanging out with friends, at a game, or whatever. There is always something to do and it always turns out to be a good time.


Honestly what I brag about most to my friends would have to be the cafe. Most of my older friends who graduated in 2008 and attended other Historically Black Colleges complained about their cafeteria food. Another part of y school that I brag about is the honors program, which I am apart of. Being in the honors program does not only offer me smaller classes it also requires me to attend cultural events and do community service which is already expanding my knowledge and college career as a freshman.


I brag about the school spirit at my school "AGGIE PRIDE", the extracurricular activities, being around so many successful African Americans, and social status. It is a beautiful thing to see your own people do great things and become successful in life.


The attribute I like the most would be the student moral around campus, and the fact that my school has the best Engineering program in the state of North Carolina.


Students and staff at A&T have great school spirit which we describe as "Aggie Pride". They truly make you feel like a part of one big family and it may take time to seek but there is a way to succeed for everyone there.


It is a great school because it has a lot to do.


I probably tell them about the parties and how much fun they could have attending the university. Then I probably go into detail about how cool the students are and how easy it is to fit in at the university. There is also alot of pretty looking girls in the Greensboro area because of all the universities that surround the area.


Mostly I brag about the school spirit thats at my school. We are a loving University that loves our school.


When I tell my friends about my school, I often brag about the diversity of people I meet on a day-to-day basis. I meet new people everyday and have discussions on life and economics and I love it.


The best bragging point for us Aggies is the fact that the minimum isn't good enough for us. Aggies go above and beyond inside and outside the classroom.


I brag most about the other students here at my school. The way they are well rounded and down to earth students that want to succeed.


The social life it provides, as well as the state-of-the-art brand new facilities, the dedicated alumni connections, and the infectious school spirit.


I brag about our school spirit, our sports, and all of the famous alumni: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Terrance J ( from 106th and park), Ronald McNair ( First African American to travel to space, etc.




Overrated for parties. Good enough academically as long as you stay focused.


Everything from the social life to the academic life


We friends ask about my university I brag about our school spirit, and how close we are as a campus. I also brag that we are one of the most well-known Historically Black Colleges/ Universities in the nation! And everybody really wants to be an AGGIE!


When I discuss my University with friends, I tell them about how proud I am to be attending a historical black college/university. How I met so many great poeple from many different places. How I leave each class knowing I learned something. That we have the best homecoming. Also after graduation I have no doubt about my success.


school spirit and aggie pride


The beautiful girls and great history professors


I tell my friends that I have great professor that really care about their student's success in their class and outside of their class.


I think that I brag about the AGGIE PRIDE that we have at our school the most. It doesn't matter how bad we are losing by, or how much trash our opponents talk, we still cheer on our fellow Aggies until the end.


Everything except for the cafeteria and Finanical Aid Office. The food could be better and the service and love for students in the financial aid office could be 10 times better


I always seem to talk about Homecoming becasue at my school it is a big deal. I also talk about all the new buildings being constructed.