North Carolina A & T State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


the ones that come to party, dont wanna do homework, messed up attitudes.


A person who does not like school spirt, who just study, go to class and sleep should not attend NCAT.


My school will make even the uneducatd and the less motivated want to attend.




I believe someone who is not truly dedicated to education should not attend this school. If a person does not have the desire to educate themselves then there is no need to attend A&T.


A person who doesn't like a lively environment shouldn't attend this school.


People that do not really care about their education shouldn't attend this school. This schools curriculum is rigorous and takes hard work and dedication to compete.


there is something here for anyone who can socialize well with others.


A person who does not have any Aggie Pride, because you will be surrounded by it.


The kind of person that should not attend this school, is someone who loves diversity in cultures, interest and other things.


Like any school, any person who is not willing to dedicate themselves to studying and knowing their limits won?t succeed. By limits I mean knowing when the proper time to work and stay focused. I know of many students who didn?t return a year later because they didn?t know their limits. People who can balance their social life with their school should definitely attend.


People that are not serious about their future should not attend this college. This is a great college. It offers a lot of opportunities to allow you to mature into a serious minded student, however, if you don't catch on quickly you will be sent back home.


A person who does not understand the value of hard work has no place at this university. This is not a place to party and loose focus of the responsibilities that are prepared in front of you. If you cant recognize the fine line between social time and student time then you need to reconsider your option of coming here.


An extremly shy or timid person.


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is unlocked to everyone. No student couldn?t be denied an opportunity at NC A&T, because we are a diversity instruction that seeks successful with no define look are personality. Aggie pride!!!


A person with a very open mind and willing to learn new things. This school is really helpful in helping students figure out what they would like to be after undergraduate studies.


I think a very outgoing person should attend this university. There is alot to do, it just depends on the type of crowd of people you choose to hang around. Someone who is very focused on their future should also attend, the University does well helping you choose a career field that fits your personality. And if you want to have fun and still be focused on your school work, then this is a good pick for you.


A person looking to experience full college put out..such as the groups out side relaxing from class or the social fellowship of students just talking and having fun. Also, if any type of person comes with a way to start over and be a new them, this school is not for them cause of the way most people search out your history hear as if some are to nosey..


A person that should attent NCAT should be energetic, striving for success, take pride in their school, and willing to learn.


I feel every student should be allowed to have a chance to achieve an education. They should not be discriminated againist apon ethnicity, religion, etc.


The type of person that should atend North Carolina A&T State University are people who are academically focused, that are looking for a home away from home environment, who want a quality accredited education, who want to learn skills that they will use throughout thei r lifetime and for one of the who is looking to attend one of the Top Historically Black colleges in the nation.


No one in particular. This School has something for everyone.


Students who are not culurally divisered.


A person who is not interested in attending a college at all. Any one who comes to my school will be abel to fit in and adjust some way, some how there is nothing challenging about the way things run at my school.


close-minded, racist, or gullable


People who don't like to socilize and work hard.


a person who can balance a social life a well a their academics


anybody can attend!!


Everyone has a place at A&T no matter race, gender, or creed.