North Carolina A & T State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Darielle, apply for all the scholarships that you can because college is very expensive. With college being expensive, you need to take your classes very seriously. Books are not cheap, you can spend up to $500 on books alone. Although you may not study now, you need to learn to! Studying is required in college, you cannot just memorize everything and pass the class. Make sure your priorities are in the right order, work hard then play hard. As a college student, your work must come first! There is nothing wrong with going out and having fun, but it is a problem when you have a five page paper due that night. Do not procrastinate, if you can, get your work done early. The earlier that you get it done, the less you will have to stress about it. Most importantly, be you. You will get a fresh start at college, but be yourself, people will like you for you. Get out, socialize, and be active by joining clubs and organizations; this is the key to having a great college experience.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would really emphasize on expanding my horizons. From my recent college experience, this key point is my determining factor in life that I wish I would have had. In high school, I took college seriously, however I put all of my eggs in one basket. Overall, there we thousands of colleges I could choose from, but only North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University stuck out to me, so I limited myself to only focusing on one school. Looking back, I wish I would have kept my options open and did more research on other schools to explore all of my options. Do not get me wrong, I love my school, but the money aspect is hurting me. Although, money is an issue, I can honestly say I made my college decision based off of personal experience. The atmosphere at NCA&T is exceptional! Every day, I feel like I have gained other family members because it feels just like home. My friends, teachers, and fellow classmates treat me with the utter most respect because we all want each other to succeed.


The Kendall Booker that left her last block AP English class to check her phone in the bathroom? Wow! "Hey, hey you! Kendall! Turn your phone off, go back in your class, sit down, pay attention and get your work done. When you get to college no one is going to make sure you're doing what you should be doing or hold your hand to guide you across the finish line. College is going to shape you into the woman you will become before you enter the real world, the work force. If you don't start now you are going to have a much harder time than you have to." I would simply tell my high school self that she needed to remind herself of the goals she set out for herself and realize that slacking will not get her there. I would lift her up with wise words and loving encouragement, not to scare her but just to open her eyes to the next chapter of her journey that she was about to embark on.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to more self driven. I sometimes looked to others for motivation, but I realized that you are the best motivation. You have to want it and not be afraid to fight for it. I would tell myself to stop letting my past interfere with my future. I cannot blame myself for what has happened to me in college. So I would tell my high school self to learn to never settle, also to not take the backseat to others so often. I have just as many great ideas as others but if I do not voice them, then nobody will ever know. Success is what you make it now.


i would tell my self to get ready for more homework and to look up more scholarships. i would also tell myself to be ready to make major changes in my time. i would tell myself that time management in college is important and to learn the proper techniques and ways to be more time organized. i would also tell myself that organizing is important as well and to always stay focused when it comes to checking up on assignments in class. i would tell myself to be more independent and boost up on studying skills. i would also tell myself that you are responsible for making sure that you get the notes and homework assignments from the teachers if you are late because they arent going to remind you and also that attendance is important and could affect your grade in some classes and just to be ready for a more open yet challenging place and atmosphere.


The three. most important things in life are discovering youself, discovering your passion, and discovering how you learn. All three are needed to be succesful and happy in life.


If I could go back in time and give my high school self advice about college I would tell myself to BUDGET! Money is very scarce in college, well at least for me. Learning how to handle money and to budget is very important. I would tell myself to go to the financial aid office and talk to the counselors to create a budget. i would also tell myself to prioritize my time. I would make it clear that procrastination is not a good thing to do. Tackling assignments and papers as you get them will help you to be succesful. Another thing I would tell myself is to never be late to class or hand in assignments late because some teachers do not take late work. These are some of the things I would warn my high school self about.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would probably tell myself to pay better and closer attention in my classes, aswell as take more notes, because notes are pretty crucial in college. I would tell myself to listen to my teachers and elders who told me I was going to need the things that I was learning, instead of learning those lessons the hard way. I would also tell myself to do more community service and volunteer work, because the community really needs it, and it's a plus on my resume.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I advise myself to buckle down and get ready for the real world simply because it came and smacked me in my face. As much as I thought I was I never fully prepared to become an adult. Another thing I would advise myself to do would be to have saved more money to bring with me to school because its difficult living on my own without my family and having to provide for myself with limitied income.


If I could go back in time to high school, after being in college, the list of advice I would give myself would be never-ending. There is so much that you do not know going into college. So the top three things on my list would be one to apply yourself as much as possible. Two, get involved in as many extracurricular activities as you can so that you can build your resume. Lastly, do your research from freshman year, start researching colleges to see if they have your major so that you can have a wide range of options that all best fit you. Apply yourself as much as possible, meaning network with as many people and or businesses that you can because you never know what someone else can do for you just by knowing your name. Building your resume and getting involved is very important because people look at your credentials. What have you done and what you can offer is important, it makes you three steps ahead. Finally, most important is researching, knowing where you want to go to college. I ended up transferring colleges because I did not do the proper research unfortunately.




Ever since I was a young child I always dreamed of going to college, and throughout my early to young adult life I strived to reach that goal often putting my studies before fun. Throughout high school I tried to be perfect, yes I did particpate in extra curricular activites (theatre my one true love) but I never thought it could be a career that is where I was wrong. In college I discovered that dreams are important, "the bigger the dream the more powerful the journey is going to be. " If I were to talk to my high school sel I would tell myself to have "fun." Love what you do and do what you love. Don't be practical! Being normal is vastly underrated! College has taught me that being your own person is the greatest thing you can learn. I would tell my high school self that you need to treat each day like its your last. College has been the greatest thing for my development as a person and if I was now who I was then, my world would be extremely different. My young self would know to take chances.


The advice I would give myself about college is to pay more attention to what's going to help me in college. To learn how to do more productive things with my spare time. I tend to forget what's important and do things to help others. When I know I should come first because nobody is going to graduate for me but me. That's the advice I would give myself.


I would tell myself to make sure you get in the habit of having better study skills. Also to not be such a procrastinator because once your in college that doesn't work to well. Also to make sure you save as much money as you possibly can because when you get older and have to live on your own and pay for school you are going to need it just for the little things.


When you are in college you are responsible for yourself mom and dad aren’t around to punish you for things but police, security guards, and faculty are in place. I’m sure you already hear about college parties, at these parties and other locations on campus there is often times alcohol and drugs around. People are constantly throwing a bottle or cup in your face trying to influence you to drink UNDER age. Half of the time they won’t take no for an answer they keep giving you reasons you should do it telling you it’s not that strong, you won’t get in trouble, and it’s only right for you to TURN UP. This is the furthest thing from right because there is always police and security on campus, suspicious behavior can cause them to stop you and you can go to jail. One night can cost you your education, once you get in trouble for that much more comes into play. The ways around peer pressure are simple associate with people who respect your decisions, hold on to your beliefs, and mean what you say. So if you tell someone no, really mean “NO!”


If i could go back in time, during my high school senior year, I would tell myself to take school more seriously and start learning how to study more because I have to know how to study well in order to be prepared for my tests and quizzes. I would also inform myself to take the opportunity to appreciate all the time I spend with my family because while I am at school, my family will not be able to provide for me as much as they could if I was at home. Learn how to be away from them, so whenever you get away you will not become homesick. College is tough and there will be times when you want to break down, but keep your head up and do the best you can because that will get you far.


Chris, I want you to stop and think about your future. What do you want and how are you going to get there? Pay more attention and make sure you are making the necessary preparations for college. College is fun and you will love it! But you will have to work hard, pay attention, and be diligent with your homework. What has helped me when I don't feel motivated is to think about what kind of life I want my family to have, and that will largely depend on how well you do in college. Another piece of advice I would give you is to always think about what you want to major in. This will be a big decision that you will have to make. Make sure it is something you are passionate about, something you won't feel is a chore but a new opportunity everyday. You will learn a lot about a lot of things in college, so it can be tricky to narrow it down to one thing. But remember to have fun through it all. Enjoy every day as it comes at you, it is an adventure and you will love it!


Experienceing college was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. knowing what i know now, I believe i would have considered going to a trade school after college. My reason is because i would have gotten hands on experience their versus learning experiences. Today, when you are being interviewed for a job the employers are mainly looking for individuals who have hands on experience. One of the biggest regrets i have about attending college was accepting unsubsidized loans. I did not have much knowledge on loans. My advice to myself would be to only accept subsidized and do not accept more money than what you need because the interest would not accumulate until after graduation. I am in debt big time. I can't rewind time but all i can do is make better decisions. In graduate school all they offer is unsubsidized loans but my master's degree is so important to me. I just believe i will be able to pay it back once i hopefully find a great job!


With the exhilarating experience of traveling back in time and meeting myself as a high school senior I would have a few things to say. The first thing I would tell myself would be, “We become the first person to travel back in time!” Then after the initial excitement begins to wear off I would become serious and say, “I know our father died last year but don’t give up and don’t slack off. This year is the start of your life. Dont't fear the transition to college it's not that scary, in fact you do better in college than you are doing in high school right now.” However, I will not tell myself of any major upcoming life experiences because I believe that those experiences are what dictate my actions and what have brought me to where I am today. I would try my best to not change anything in my timeline to prevent anything form changing. Finally the last thing I would tell my high school senior self would be, “Everything is going to be O.K.” I just hope after traveling back in time I would have a way to get back.


If I could go back and speak to my senior self, I'd probably tell myself to relax. Coming into university I was plagued with thoughts that I would miss my family too much, wouldn't get along with my roommate, would get lost trying to get to class, wouldn't understand what any of my professors were saying, and other general 'Freshman Phobias.' Having completed my Fall semester and begun the Spring, I can honestly say that these fears are, at least for me, unfounded in many ways. It may be due in part to the university I chose to attend because of all of the comraderie and helpful upperclassmen waiting in the wings to come to a struggling freshman's aid (if you look in the right place), but I found myself easily acclimated to the college experience with one minor exception, attending classes. Time management and self-motivation are traits that seem to have skipped over my generation and as a result I found myself missing classes left and right. These revelations in mind, I would tell myself to calm down and buy an agenda book and alarm clock with multiple settings. They help.


Dear high school Dasha, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything,” (Malcolm X). Be strong and have an idea of what you want to do with your life. In college your best friends and family will be miles away and you must survive every day. People who do not want you to succeed, drugs, alcohol, parties, sex, and boys will be thrown your way. Beat the odds and go for the dream. Fight for what you want and enjoy a meal on someone else’s buck because noodles will be your brunch and dinner. Your image only carries value in the walls of your high school and once you all go your separate ways, your back to being a little fish in a big sea. You should have paid more attention to that biology, chemistry, and algebra because it will pop up again in college. While you are at it, fill out and apply for every possible scholarship while you are a senior because that is where the money is. Last but not least, love yourself more and more every day. Love yourself before you try to love anyone else. Sincerely, 4.0 college Dasha


Senior year I was the girl voted “Most Grateful to Graduate”. Senioritis was real, and the word “study” didn’t exist. After receiving my acceptance letter, my only concern was partying with friends. The lackadaisical habits I formed during my senior year were habits I carried with me into college. I never learned discipline during high school, so college was one big playground. I was satisfied with just showing up and turning in mediocre work. I loved the nightlife and had a fake it until I make it attitude towards academics. During sophomore year I questioned if I really wanted to be there. It wasn’t until junior year that I noticed the people I had hung with were gradually heading back to their respective cities with no degree to show for their time and money spent. I realized I was there for a reason and couldn’t waste that opportunity. I switched majors and my so called “friends”. The library became a second home. If I could go back, I’d tell myself to focus on things that matter, surround myself with positive people, and understand the difference between work and play time. My education was worth the sacrifice.




The advice I would given myself is to focus on school more. Don't be afraid of change have nothing but postive people in your circle. And even when is gets to become to much at times you have to keep your eyes on the prize and the end of the day. You are trying to make a better life for yourself. Apply for as many scholarships an many different Colleges. Understand that its ok to have a job but don't make work your main priority. Life is alot harder then you think so stay focus on you studys and don't let people distract you from what you need to be doing.


If I were to go back and give myself advice as a senior I would say dont get lazy. Grades and attendance do still matter. I wish I could tell myself to stay focus and take advantage of the free education that is given. My grades could have been way better if I would have realized that grades determine scholarships. I wish I would have applied for way more scholarships in order to actually get some. I would also say do my financial aid a little earlier to get more money. I also would say to myself to take IB exams to save money in college. Not only should my grades have been better but I should have been more involved. I would tell myself to obtain leadership roles in the organizations I was a part of. Senior year is not a year to kick back it is a year to get ready for college and a lot of students don't realize it making them struggle their first year of college. Research early and make sure you know where and why you want to go to a school and if you can afford it.


I would tell myself to take college 101 first thing. That college is a different world from what highschool and definately different than the military, and good luck.


If I could go back, I would tell my high school self to get prepared earlier. Stop waiting until the last minute to do everything. Fill out every scholarship that you are eligable for that you come across. Do your FAFSA as soon as it opens up. I would also tell myself to get even more involved in activities and strive for high positions. Learn not to settle for vice president but go for president. I would advise myself to enlist in a mentor or two who have been where I am before and can guide me to where I'm trying to go. My main advice would be to find a balance between academics and a social life. Focus on getting my work turned in on time instead of going to parties every weekend. Academics should be 65 percent of my school life and the other 35 percent can be filled with social activites.


Now that I've graduated and enrolled myself in college, I wish I had done a few things differently as a senior. Beginning senior year, start applying for different scholarships at an early date. Scholarships aren't very easy to receive, but It's always best to apply as early as possible. Grades, they're very important, but It's even more important to actually LEARN what you were taught in school. Retain information so that you could carry that with you to college and throughout life. It's essential that you have discipline as well. Discipline can take you a long way in life, as well as taking responsibility. The last piece of advice I'd have to give is to simply "get involved". Get involved in sports, school activities, join clubs or even community service. Getting involved looks great on records as you go through life.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to be more active. I would use more of the resources that are readily available within high school such as scholarships to better my chances of not having to pay for college. I would have even worked to raise my grades and ask counselors about their college experiences. In doing so, I would have been more prepared for the real world and the responsibilty of managing my own time.


I've learned the value of time. The average person would love to speed up time or slow it down, time is precious. It reminds me of the words of the late Benjamin Frankin who quoted "You may delay, but time will not." If I had the opportunity to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself to use time wisely. I remember like it was yesterday, telling myself how I couldn't wait to go to college to get out my mom's house and only then would I officially be grown and on my own; only to see that I was still a child wanting grown-up responsibilities. As a senior in high school there are so many time consuming distractions. Who's your boyfriend? What color dress are you wearing to the prom? What will people say if I get a piercing or a tatoo? Inspite of all the irrelevant questions I wanted answered and the reputation I was trying to build, I would have shared with myself then that true success didn't rely on how people view you but in how you view yourself.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I'd remind myself to be more reflective and careful in my choices. I'd tell myself to treasure each moment and not waste any of this wonderful gift of life. Time goes by so quickly and is so easily squandered. There are things I wish I'd done during my teen years that may have better prepared me to take on college and adulthood. If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to read more biographies about great people, write in my journal more often, spend more time listening to people, and enjoy more quiet moments taking in the beauty of God's creation. I'd tell myself to focus more attention on those who've been neglected. I'd tell myself to rush less and love more. I'd tell myself to worry less and pray more. Fortunately, I believe in second chances. Even though I can't go back in time and change anything about how I've lived my life, I can decide how I will live today and every day that follows.


Many people slide through high school with the mentality that "I am just going to do what i have to do, so I can get a diploma and graduate," but this mentality will get you with a low GPA, and a job flipping burgers for the rest of your life. High school is the foundation to life because everything afterwards, depends solely on the knowledge you've acquired in those four years. "Don't be late for class," "Hand in your assignments on time," "Don't wait until the last minute to start on your work," "Eat a well balanced meal," and "Study hard!" These are the things that we're told, but those are all the "rules" that will help with your transition to college, and in life. In high school, you are also finding self; be strong in who you are because it won't be so easy to fall under negative influences, if you stay true to your own values. Know your worth, capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Make goals, and get on the right road to fulfilling those dreams, because with a college education, opportunities are always in your reach!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior there are a few things that I would tell myself. The main thing is to stay focused and trust your gut. This is because by getting to the point I am now these are the two things that I tried my hardest to do and I have successfully completed all my necessary courses as well as kept pace to graduate with an engineering degree in 4 years. I have also had the pleasure of interning with the government as well as a few fortune 500 companies. If I were to improve on these things I would far better off than I am right now. I would also tell myself to focus on the community and environment. This is becasue these are two things that I have recently discovered that I am highly interested in and care about. I feel so strongly about giving back to the community and helping the environment that I often wish that I had found this passion earlier on in life so that I could have done a lot more activities and community service.


I did not finish High School; I received my GED in 2007, so my advice to myself would be: “Finish High School. You will have to stay an extra year, but it will open so many doors for you that will not be available if you do not finish High School. Live at home a little longer and get a degree before the economy crashes, because lack of education really does play a pivotal role in your career choices and your ability to succeed in the future. Please do this and our future will be much nicer, much easier, then it is now.”


Dear Ariel, Forget your worries and enjoy your year. After being accepted to North Carolina A&T State University and receiving your scholarship offer, put your mind at ease as you are in for an unforgettable experience. College will not be the unforgiving, unbearable academic experience you think it to be. It will be exciting, challenging, and filled with surprises. You will meet students with the same amount of ambition, motivation, and brains as yourself. You all will be friends and competitors, always hoping for the best from one another while pushing yourselves to do more than expected. Ariel, you are ready for college. You've worked hard during your academic year. Trust your intellect. During this year and the years to come, if you do nothing else, be confident, be spontaneous, and be yourself. And remember the words of Marianne Williamson, "We ask ourselves, who am I to be brillant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?" Sincerely, Ariel (2012)


If I could turn back time and give myself some advice on my college career, I would implement the fact on how necessary and important education is. I would take my education a lot more serious and begin to save money up so I would have the means to pay for college, and not be in debt like I am today. I would invest a lot of my time on career options and colleges that provide the necessary courses to achieve my career goals. Also, I would advise myself to begin applying to schools, as well as scholarships and grants, as early as possible. The most important advice I could have ever received in High School is knowing how truly important college is. I wish someone would have told me how much my future would benefit from having a successful education and career. Instead of focusing on the newest trends and fads, like most high school students do, I wish I would have toured more college campuses and made my education a priority, instead of an option.


If I could go back in time and talk to high school Christina, I would tell myself that college will be a very exciting time in my life; but to realize that schoolwork comes before my social life. I have the weekends to go visit my friends, but from Monday through Friday it's school time. I would also tell myself that college is nothing like high school. Procrasination may have not hindered me in the past while doing work, but in college procrasination will be the difference in me having a passing grade and a failing grade.


To my high school self to whom everything seemed vast and overwhelming and consequently did a great deal of slacking off: Even when fears drag at your ankles and turn your knees to ungracious marmalade, do not cringe, do not yield, and don't despair. Accomplish. Conquer. Laziness will never gain reward; minimum effort earns bare results. As important as the past was and the present is, it's the future for which you strive. To reach the desired point, you must take the steps. No one can do this for you. Live for your dreams and yearnings. Don't stagnant. Grasp, challenge, learn, learn, learn. Stop resigning yourself to 'That's how it is' or 'One day soon.' The day is now. This day, each day. Be as scared as you must, but stomp on that fear and learn to step over it. In this way you can tell yourself, 'I do not regret - not who I have been, not who I am.' In the future, you will look behind you, and know each effort was worth its cost. Nothing is wasted. I would say: 'Dear Myself, I look forward to who I will be.'


First I would tell my self to be more outgoing. I have a tendacy to hide in the shadows and watch the crowd around me, in college I need to embrace the freedom, not go crazy off of it, but embrace it and talk to new people and be out in the crowd. Then I would tell my self to always write down dates that the school is having a speaker or guest at the school. It is a great way to meet people who could help me later in college or life. I would tell my high school self to always be cracked down on my school work and do not pass up an opertunity to learn to study more efficently. That studying in high school and college are two completely different skills and the information on tests is more indepth. Most importantly I would tell my self to have fun, you are only young once so make the best of it with the time I have.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have many things to tell myself about the college life. Being a student in college is lonely because I spent the majority of my life under my parents house. I did not have to pay for many things. My parents are no longer physically there to help me out. I can not depend on them anymore. I have to depend on myself and make the right decisions. Also being in college is fast paced, so I would tell my high school self to challenge myself. Teachers go through information quickly and do not repeat. Teachers also do not go out of their way to help you if you are not doing well in class, so I would have to take the initiative. Procrastination is somethin I want to stay away from because it is harder to get back on track in college. Most importantly, I would tell myself to stay focused; even though it may be embarassing, ask for help because it will help me succeed in the end.


Girl you know all those easy courses you took senior year, big mistake, you should have maintained a rigorous coarse load so that college wouldn't be such a culture shock. Especially those math courses you tested out of, they really would have come in handy. Also it would have helped if you didn't quit your extracurriculars senior year, I know you needed to work but the scholarship money really would have helped. Now we're going to be faced with having to go see SallieMae, you know she doesn't play about her money. The minute you graduate she's going to be down your back looking for her money plus interest. You should have got on the scholarship search a lot sooner. It would have made things easier and you wouldn't have SallieMae to think about. Word to the wise take the time to fill out those scholarship apps! Get on it! Love you! See you later! Lol...Wait it's too late for you, now I have to make up for the areas you faltered in, no worries though, I'm on it! And besides this little talk we're having could get it done!


The advice that I would give myself, if I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, is that I should start planning early. The earlier you start planning for college, the better. I shoud do research on the school of my choice and search for expenses such as: books, school supplies, room accessories, tuition, meal plans, etc. I realized that planning is key when it comes to college. Being able to have the funds to pay for college is getting harder and harder as the years go on, with this economy. I would advise myself to come up with a plan to afford college for the next 4 years and talk to counselors and seek help and assistance on the financial side of college. Paying for college is not an easy task and as a result, many people drop out of college. I refuse to give up on my dreams and ambitions on graduating from a 4-year college with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. In order for me to achieve those goals, I would need to be given the opportunity in recieving as much financial assistance as possible.


I would inform myself of the approach that he is thinking would not be the best approach for having a successful college career. The approach that I took as a freshman in college was that I work full-time while being a full-time student which led for time to be taken away from my educational work resulting in average grades. After graduating from college the jobs that I applied for never made it pass the first round of the application process due to my poor GPA. I decided to go back to school for my Master Degree it was difficult to get into the program due to my poor GPA. I am currently under conditional admission which means my performance will determine if I can continue my Master Degree program after I had completed my first semester. Apply for admission early, complete your FASFA early, develop and organize a plan of action for your education journey, APPLY for scholarships, eliminate all negativity, and finally stay determine to do your best consistently and the door of opportunity will open up to you and life will become just a little bit easier.


College is not as hard as it may seem so dont stress about it. Stressing about it will only have you worrying all the time about the little things that don't matter. You have all the help you need if you feel like you are going to get behind; there is tutoring, teacher and professor support and even study groups. College is going to be the best experience of your life and you should try to join as many groups and societies as possible to start building your resume early. The competion is going to be a little tough but have faith in yourself, study and work hard and everything will be ok.


I would say STAY ON TRACK! I am a nontraditional adult student who didn't quite get it right the first time. You may be tempted to hang out and party your first year but trust me staying on track and getting your education will pay off in the future. As hard as it can be as a high school senior, try to see the BIG picture at the end. Stick to your goal, there's always time for playing later!


If I would go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would have adviced myself to learn as much as possible about the military. I always thought bad things about joining the military. My perspective of the military was fighting in wars and possibly losing my life. Just for having that military experience ,you are paid an incentive for serving with the military on most jobs. If enrolled in the military you are trained in whatever area you want to be trained in and you are guaranted a full time jobs with the military. After serving in the military for so long you may choose not to be on active duties and still get military incentive for the time that was served with the military. Now that I see what it is all about I wish I would have joined the military because of all the benefits and job opportunities that are available. Now that I have kids it makes life much harder. I am going to do whatever I have to do to make life easier for myself and my family.


Message flagged Sunday, July 1, 2012 8:05 PM The advice I would give myself would be practical and insightful. I would go beyond stressing the importance of a college education but would outline facts leading to gaining acceptance in to my college of choice, as well as, securing scholarships and funding. Part of the criteria to gain acceptance in to college is beyond a student’s grades. I would encourage myself to engage in extracurricular activities and/or volunteer work. I would emphasize the importance of being organized, having excellent study habits, getting tutoring ,and having open dialogue with my teachers. Lastly I would teach myself about the importance of SAT scores, GPAs and class rank. I did not realize my grades from 9th grade laid the foundation for my GPA and 10th grade built on it, followed by 11th grade and so on. I would be sure to tell myself to start off strong and aim for high test scores every time rather than settle for passing. I would advise myself to put work first and play later. Finally I would tell myself hard work is the key to success in high school, college and beyond


There are so many things I would have did differently if I could go back to High School. Most importantly I would have took high school more serious. I say this because in high school I always tend to just settle instead of actually doing more. Now that I have completed my first year of college I realize education is so important in many ways. This is basically your life and without education most of the time you will not suceed or become what you want to be. I also would have cared less about my social life and focused more on my academics. I was always the type that felt like I had to have friends or had to be seen just so I can be the word COOL I guess, but now I want those type of friends who except me for who I am and those friends that can have fun and focus on their academics at the same time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to figure out what you enjoy to do and go study that, right after high school just to get it done and get into your career. I would also tell myself to not worry about getting married, finding the right guy and what else goes on in life. Life is all about making good decisions, surrounding yourself with good people and follow the Lord. Put him first and he will direct you in the right path.


There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and being yourself. In high school, there is a lot of pressure in trying to be like other people by having to dress like them, talk like them, and have the same interests. In the end, I realized none of that stuff matter because you are best form of yourself when you are your self and stay true to yourself. Following this realization will lead you to what you have always dreamt of being-being great and powerful.