North Carolina A & T State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is finding money to support my education. Since I come from a middle class family, the government and financial aid do not provide me with any funding. In high school and in college, I worked extremely hard to maintain above average grades, and I got involved in student activities. Although I had great attributes, it still seemed it was not enough to receive merit based aid. College nowadays is very competitive, and I understand that. However, I wish my school would focus more on my merit than my social status to receive scholarships.


I would have to say that the most frustrating thing at my school would have to be how some of my teachers fail to put grades in on time.


The most frustrating thing about my school is financial aid. Lines can be very long and take time to have someone talk to you. If yu are an out of state student it will be very hard to get state money, be considered instate, and get financial aid. Do your financial aid early because it goes fast. I dont get any financial aid from this school except for loans and I can only take them out this year at this amount.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that parking is expensive, but there are so many people driving that parking is not guranteed even if you have a parking pass.


I would say last year's internet unrealiability was the most frustrating thing about North Carolina A&T State University. At times the internet would not work or would be extremely slow during the end of spring semester.


The student services offices are really relaxed but this causes frustration because this sometimes causes them to screw things up. AS a student you have to stay on top of them to ensure they do their job.


The most fustrating thing about school is not being able to afford school, when I love school so much. I want to pursue my dream as a nurse but I'm having a difficult time affording my tuition. I wish the tuition fee would stop increasing, because it's only making it harder for others and I to continue to afford school. I refuse to be a statistic for college drop outs.


Parking...not enough avaliabe parks and parking fee is to expensive


I think that the most frustrating thing is not allowing freshman to bring their cars to school with them. I have been driving since 10th grade and I a few of my classes are across campus.


Information isn't readily available. You have to go looking for it, and often when you get the information it is too late.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the prices of textbooks. I am unsure if textbook prices are universal, but it is already difficult enough trying to pay for a yearly tuition with the additional costs of required textbooks being added to that.


The Most frustrating thing about my school is not the lack of diverse ethnicities, however the lack in diversity among extra- curricular activities.


There were not many things if any thing frusterating about my school. The only one thing I could say would be frusterating is I lived in a dorm room for one year that was on the 23rd floor, so taking the elevator was a pain sometimes. Other than that I loved this school! Excellent learning experiences, great life experiences meeting and working with others, and amazing being able to grow as a person and form into an adult.


The campus is so spread out and it can take up to 10 minutes to get to your next class


The most frustrating thing about NC A&T to me is the attitude of some of the students here. Some of the students here feel that college is nothing but fun, do not get me wrong college is a place of fun, but there are times of seriousness as well. I feel like there are times for fun and times to buckle down and focus on your studies, you just have to know when hose times are.


I would say the most frustrating problem that students have at our school is dealing with the financial aid department. It seems like the staff in the financial aid department give students the run around and are reluctant to help. Students have a too familiar problem with their classes being dropped because even though the bill was paid the system does not recognize it till a few days later.




The most frustrating thing about my school is not being able to recieve scholarships like you would want to, financial stability, and the way a few of the students do things, like not going to class when they are supposed to and making bad choices.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that financial aid is always crowded. There is never a day where you can go in there without waiting in a long line for assistance.


The most frustrating thing would be my freshman year, transitioning into college. Not knowing what to expect and the expectations of my instructors was very diffucult. But once you adapt to the environment and talk to other students it will become much easier and more successful.


The amount of laziness that is produced by both students and teachers alike


dealing with/ or trying to get financial aid


I would have to say the most fustrating is the lunch menu. It varies from day to day as to the quality of the food but I get fustraded becuase if it's very good I have to spend my money on food from some where else.


Student parking.


The most frustrating thing about my school is high tuition for out of state students. Its ridiculous! It?s about 7,000 dollars for an in state student to attend and 24,000 for an out of state student to attend.


Not having a car when wanting to get off campus.


For me, the most frustrating thing about my school is the administration. At times they are on top of things but for the most part students have to almost harass them to do their job. It can be very frustrating to get things turned inor signed when you are forced to stop all that you are doing on a regualar school day to track down someone in the administration, just so you can be sure that all of your documents are correctly filed.




The most frustrating thing about my schoolin the finacial aid process. Over the summer it is usually a long gruely process to determine how much money you are getting from your school and how much you owe. You usually have to make last minutes decisions and it is a constant scamble to find the money to finish school.


Seeing D-1 schools on tv, and longing for that type of interaction on campus. The alumni here are strong, and the students have much school spirit, but the depth of the campus compared to those schools just isn't there.


Having to go around the whole campus basically when you have asked for one thing. We call it the A&T run around.


The most frustrating thing i notice about my school, is the selfishness of the students and the faculity. Everyone expresses there "Aggie Pride," our school catch phrase, at a drop of a dime, because they love the school, but no one hardly ever gives back. Our alumni that gives back , that makes donations; falls under 15%, and its sickening. And when asking students that attend currently, will they give back when they graduate, they respond unheartedly, with no valid reason to why not. It hurts to hear such ignorance, in my generation of people.