North Carolina A & T State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the atmosphere the best thing about my school. The professors and students are very friendly. There are so many good vibes as you walk through campus, especially seeing many smiling faces. Even the workers are friendly, they'll take the time to stop their work and ask how's your day going. It has been an awesome experience so far.


the academics and greek events and job fairs


My school is very organize and give students the opportunity to try new events, but also makes sure the student is provided with the best eduation and help throught their four years or even graduate school. I


I think the best thing about A&T is the comraderie and feeling of family around campus. As irritating as it can be that there are few people who are here for the college experience as much as they are for the weekend, I can't deny that the students of A&T come together in the face of tragedy or adversity and stick together no matter what.


I consider my school to be great all-around, but the best thing about North Carolina A & T State University is, they push their students to do better. They want everyone to succeed and do well in life. Some students may need that extra push because they may not have the inspiration or motivation from their own family so it's always good for someone to be there trying to help you do better in life.


As an African American student coming from a predominantly black high school in a poor neighborhood, I thought I would see more of the same things at an HBCU: students with low motivation, students short on ambition, and administration who offered little to no support for those students who did have ambition and motivation. At North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, however, I did not see what I had expected. My fellow students were ambitious, motivated, and a administrative support system to support them in their academic and extracuricullar endeavors. It was refreshing, to say the least.


It is a great environment to be in. It offers a very vibrant campus life. The school as a whole feels like one big crazy family.


The best thing about my school is the diversity that is present at my school. I have a chance to learn from other people of different background which helps develop a good and strong working relationship.


The best thing about Nortrh Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is the academically stimulating coursing,personalized attention , and the hands-on experience i will recieve at the school of agriculture and enivromental science department.


The best thingat my school will have to be the learning experience and the social life. I state this because I have learned so much my first year at NORTH CAROLINA ARGICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL STATE UNIVERSITY, and I loved every second of it. I also like how everyone there make you feel comfortable in every type of way. I must say I love my HBCU.


the best thing is your experiences that you'll have while attending. Its a great place to grow and learn and to get prepared for the life after college.


Lessons well learned is the best thing North Carolina A&T has to offer. Whether that lesson was self respect or cultural identity the process and ones quick witt learned simply by surrondings teaches everyone to have a survival mentality. Which is a lesson in itself.


Help is constantly avalible if you need it


The best thing about my school is that it offers opportunities for African Americans. Being a HBCU, the university helps African-Americans succeed and they really gives us a chance. It is a very friendly environment. It's great experience that professors acutually know the names of their students which aids with the whole learning experience, and really building a family in college.


The best thing about my school is that the people who go there look like me. The majority of them are my race, where whites are the minority. I like this because I dont feel like an outsider. I feel like im in my comfort zone and im around african american students who want to be educated, who want to better themselves.


The best thing about my school is there engineering and sports program.


The best thing about A& T unversity is there wonderful engineering progam and that they have alot of school spirit. The teachers really try to get to know the student on a one-on-one basis. I really enjoy A&T overall its a wonderful experience.


The best thing about my school would definitely have to be the Computer Science department. At the Computer Science department, everyone is welcomed by the assistant at the desk. She knows just about everyone who walks into the door by name. On numerous occasions, the department has functions were students and faculty alike can bring in food and take a break from working so hard. There is a room were students can be tutored and also a place to just chill and hang out during the day.


The best thing about my school is the environment and different things that they offer. There is a lot of different cultures here and a lot of activities that individuals can be involved in. There are a lot of things that has been offered such as Academic Excellence program for students that have a GPA 3.0 and higher that receive different types of giveaways such as a free purchase from the book store or a chance to receive a private room in a dorm for housing, raffle tickets and so on.


The best thing about my school academically will be the extra help othered around campus. The instructors are willing to help also but you just have to ask. Socially our homecoming is known nationally known. People come from eveywhere to be apart of our homecoming events


The best thing that I cherish about North Carolina A&T University is the pride the students have at this school. A&T has so much school pride to its academics, athletics, and most importantly its rich history. That is one thing you see all around campus and have to be proud that you are an aggie. And then when alumni come back for homecoming you really feel the passion for this university ten times more, and it is a great feeling that comes over you and you know you made the right decision about coming to this school.


I consider the best thing about this school is how the faculty and the staff try to prepare you for the outside world after undergraduate studies. They are always finding internships for students to do and or go abroad. Its a really close knit enviroment and the faculty actually cares.


School spirit, without school spirit people won't be interested in attending your school


The best thing that my school offers to me is my major, which is Environmental horticulture. They hold programs in my department so that i can better my knowledge in this field, mostly cause my school main focus is in my field of major.


One of the best things at my school is the school pride and the feeling you recieve when you step foot on the campus. so be prepared to fell like your at home when you arrive.


I really enjoy the campus life. There is so much involvement with the community, volunteering, and politics throught the school. It keeps with the upmost news. In addition, students are always upbeat. There is never a dull moment at this campus. You are really free to be yourself with no judgement set upon you becasue of differences.


School sprit. Everyone claims A&T even if they have never attended it.


The best thing about my school is the school spirit and that translates into many things from how helpful the professors are to how willing the students here are to meeting new people . Also the alumni at NCA&TSU are amazing they are willing to help you in any way you need help and they will believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself


The best thing about my school are the wealth of opportunities to obtain an internship.


I think that the best thing about my school is the availibilty of oppurtunities to learn different skills. There are so many majors to choose from and each one has a uniqe role in life and development of the nation. Within these skills that are taught, each professor comes into close contact with each student giving them someone that they can relate to. The skills that we learn are skills that can be used in our majors as well as in everyday life to make us better people and better citizens.


I think that the atmoshpere is the best thing about me school. Everybody is one big family, and everybody gets along for the most part. The social activities are always great and well-planned. There is an abundance of school spirit, from the faculty to the students. Everyone is extremely supportive of one another, from athletics to academics.


North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University is very culturally diverse. There are a variety of students that attend this University with different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The ability to be able to interact with a variety of different personalities also help in creating a better perspective and understanding of different life experiences and situations.


I believe the best thing about my school has to be our Aggie Pride. Its not just something we chant at a football game, its our way of life. Aggie Pride means, family. Once you become an Aggie so many different doors open up for you. Aggies help each other, support each other, and work together. If there is ever a problem on campus, the students come together in the name of Aggie Pride and work for change. Aggie Pride is North Carolina A&T State University.


the best thing about my school is that people were always around to help whenever you needed assistance.


The atmosphere at this school is really great! Everybody gets along the energy is always high and people are always happy!


I consider the faculty's dedication the best thing about the school. 90% of my professors were always aiding me in any concern and were dedicated not only to theri field but helping me become established in the field as well.


The best thing about my school is the campus. It's not the nicest looking campus but it's huge. Walking to class as a normal pace takes about 10-15 minutes. That's great exercise daily.


The best thing about my school is the Pride that we all have our University. We come together for everything! Our school has Aggie Pride and it is Nationwide!