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NCCU has one of the top Nursing programs. That is amaizng to me. Also I beleive that everyone is a family here. We have so much fun when we come together. People are here just for you, just for you to have friened. We are not just a HBCU, but we are a community. We have amazing school pride. I think we are an awesome school.


Our school is the top HBCU in the nation. It's not just historically black but there are many races here too. We have people from the all over the world. We are a diverse campus.


Liberal arts schol.


This college is a Historically Black College-University, so it is a predominantly African American school or a school of color. There are a lot of cultural activities based on the fact that the college is an HBCU. There are various African American or color art exhibits for students to view along with various activities that help students to show pride in something that the majority of them share; their African American heritage.


Well my school is really here to help you.It has so many resources for you to suceed.


NCCU might be small in size but we make up for it in heart and school spirit.Being a HBCU no more then 10 mins from duke and 30mins from chapel hill we catch alot of flack but one thing about it our graduation rates are in the top of hbcu's and we continue to dominate with academics. I could have went alot of places and some would say "better" schools but I could never trade my Historical Black College system education for anything in this world. Marroon and Gray ALL DAY


North Carolina Central University is a unique school because for one it's an HBCU! You learn a lot about your school history and you meet so many different students from all over the world. Also, the food is great. Wednesday is Chicken Wednesday and Friday is Fish Friday and that's the best ever! You also get to see fraternities and soritories step and that brings a lot of excitement to the campus!


My school is a family--regardless if you know your neighbor or not, everyone is around to help. Alumni will help you find a job post graduation. Faculty and staff are always around to guide you in the right direction. Upperclassmen are there to lead you and give advice. The chancellor is available to talk with you 24/7.


It is a historical black university which was chartered in 1909 and opened it's doors in 1910 as a National Religious Training School . Dr James Shepard, was the founder until his death in 1947. From the beginning, my school has declared its purpose to be th development in young men and women of character and sound academic training so they would be able to serve their nation proudly.


My school is unique because it can provide every student with a great education and allows every student to make lasting relationships with students and teachers. At North Carolina Central University each student becomes a part of the family atmosphere. Every student has the opportunity to express themselves in whatever way they feel. No one is discouraged from going after their dreams or showing the world their talents. Students at N.C. Central University graduate with great leardership skills, amazing recommendations from professors and even mentors. You will never find a better support system in another university.


North Carolina Central University is a historically black college university. The divesity has allowed me to broaden my cultural awareness toward other cultures. The professors ae caring and the environment in the classroom is supreme. On campus, everyone is on a mission to accomplish their tasks. This gives encouragement to other students to stay on top of their game and succeed. Finally, the pride the university holds is number one. The history and enrichment prepares students to be better people for the future. The university has given me a great oppurtunity to reach my dream.


The unique thing about my school compared to the other schools I applied for is that it is an HBCU( historical black college university).


There are tons of work shops tro help students, with campus life, families, social life, careers, relationships, sex....anything you name it.


Compared to the other colleges I had applied there was no real uniquness between them but what drawn me to the school i attend was the people such as the alumni, faculty, and everybody else there to help us with this such big moves. Also, believe it or not the mission and core values were apart of my decision as well that seperated it from the other schools I applied to.


its a great institution.


the other schools that i applied to were not an HBCU. my school is an HBCU and that's what make it unique from the other schools that i had applied to. the other schools were good but i feel like i wouldn't have recieved this experience that i would if i had went to an diverse school


The atmosphere is great for learning and being social.


In my opinion, it has a more stable environment.


It is one of the only Historically Black Universities I applied to.


The people I have met is what makes this school unique and diverse. If I had gone to one of the schools of my choice. I would still be at home with most of the same people I grew up with.I would not have been forced to grow. The people are much the same as the ones back home but they have different views on life that I did not grow up with and are more focued on school and becoming the best in their major.


My school gives everybody a chance regardless of there race.


The opportunities provided to students in their respective majors, especially the science programs, and the community service requirement for undergraduate students.


there known for ther law program.