North Carolina Central University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about my school, I mostly brag about the unity. I brag about how everyone that attends the university is like family. We all come together and stick by each other's side no matter what the situation may be.


When I tell my Best Friend A Aggie at North Carolinia A&T I tell her about the freedom and the independence i learned to gained my first year at Central. Then i go into the Kappa's and how the shimmy.


I brag most to people about our school athletic events. As a athlete I know how much of a family each of the sports are. We all try to support each other in the games we play. The biggest athletic events on our campus is our homecoming football games and any regular season basketball games we're playing a rival. I brag about how we have a screaming eagles squad that cheers to other players, along with a band that tears the house down. Some cheers may tell a player to sit down & great music entertaining in the band.


I brag about the rich culture and heritage surrounding the university, as we have celebrated 100 years of being the cornerstone of the community.


The thing I brag about the most when talking to friends is the sports teams and the law program


The first 4 year College for African American in the United States.


It is a good well-known university,


its fun




I'm not someone who would brag but I do like our music programs.


the size of my refund check.