North Carolina Central University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I don't consider there to be anything bad about this school. But you do meet a lot of interesting people


Sometimes the finanical aid is messed up. They say that they are giving you money, but they really dont. You have to hassel them down just to talk to them. They seem to care, but honestly as long as they are making money, they do not care that much about if school is paid off or not. Sometimes it gets really annoying because it your college days, not theirs.


I honestly feel there is nothing horrible about my North Carolina Central University. From the caring faculty and staff, to our beautiful sloping hill and verdant greens. I love everything about it. It is not too far from my hometown of Henderson, North Carolina, and I feel like I have all the potential in the world there.


Honestly there wasn't anything extremely bad about NCCU. If I had to choose I would mostl likely say the cafeteria food, although I believe that they've changed food vendors since I've graduated. When I was there, it wasn't like the food wasn't good, I just wish there was more variety. The menu was pretty predictable and didn't change much from week-to-week. But, when you're a broke college student you have to make due with what you have.


The worst thing about my scholl would have to be the crime-infested neighborhood it unfortunately is placed in.


The worst part of my school thus far is that there is no guarunteed housing for upperclassmen. While I am here on a scholarship and honors program, I know I have housing. However, because the campus is continuously adding on to the beautiful campus, there isn't enough housing for everybody. On the plus side, NCCU is currently working on housing (construction on new dorms is taking place), so hopefully this issue will be solved soon.


The worse about NCCU is that because tutition is not very expensive we pay for it when we need materials for every person within a class. We found ourselves sharing camera equipment to get one assignment done, paying to have our assignments printed bc soon after the semester started the English Dept. had went over the allotted amount of paper. Academic scholars are visible but not much in conversation or missions.


I believe the worst flaw my school has is it's inability to personally assist their students, especially with academic advising.


the availability of the faculty and staff here are horrible. It takes months for you to see someone you need to talk to, and staying up to date has seeming to be a problem.


I believe that the worse thing about my school is the financial aid help that they give students. There are students at this school who's parents are well with money and get a full ride to school, while there are students struggeling to pay for school. Its bad that this school doesn't take private loans they only take federal loans or the loans that are connected with the bank that they work with and even with that students have to fill out fafsa.


The only bad thing about the campus would be not always getting a close parking space.


What I consider the worst thing about my shcool is the on campus parking. You can never find a parking space for those who live off campus.


Parkingis th only complaint that i would have about my school, but the shuttle and nice weather allows for alternatives that can be rewarding as well.


The speed of the construction being done on the campus. Reason- It takes too long for the construction crew to finish working on one building or area on campus.


Where it is located and some of the people who go there are really there for the wrong reason.




I can't really say if there is a worst thing about my school. They encourage us to do our best in our academic studies and we do. An the facilities that they provide for us wether it be dorm rooms, science labs, or class rooms are great.


The surrounding area of the school sometimes impacts the school. For instance, crime in the area puts a damper on the school and outings for some people. There is a lot of change taking place at the school currently that will be very beneficial in the long run, but it can be a burden on the students now.


the cafeteria, and that the shuttle does'nt run on weekends, and also the diversity


Honestly, there is no worst thing at my school. NCCU experiences the same problems any college does.