North Carolina Central University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you are an intelligent, brave, ambitious person who has goals and aspirations or looking for a path to take to figure out what it is that you want to do in life that wants to attend a historically black college or university that allows you to expand your knowledge in every way possible and offers every resource that you may need to succeed academically, personally, and professionally you should attend North Carolina Central University.


Anyone can attend this school. It is very diverse.


At North Carolina Central University, eagles strive for excellence. In attending this school a person should be well rounded, and able to survive on there own without parents. This school is socially accepting, caring for a diverse group of students from all backgrounds. A student needs to be focused, and priority driven to excel well at North Carolina central University.


A person who is determined about having graduation as their destination is the type of person that should attend this school.


I think NCCU is the perfect school for a student studying any of the liberal arts, sciences, education and business. Though the university is constantly growing NCCU remains a competitive university that provides students with a close relationship to published professors as well as opportunities within the communities that are in the Research Triangle.


I believe that you have to be a person who is outgoing. When I first got to NCCU, I would walk past other students and just look at them and immediately they would smile and speak. This action made you speak back and showed that our school is a friendly campus. Also, if you are someone that likes a small class size group, study groups, and one on one times with your professor, then this is the school for you. There are a lot of activities that a student can participate in and the area is close to stores.


Anybody can attend this school. It is open to all students that are looking to get a good education. Once you've been in the school for at least a year you'll see that it has changed you for the better. I know it has changed me in the way I walk, talk, and even dress.


I feel that the kind of person that should attend North carolina central university should be someone with good work ethics, in order to manage their study and homework time. Someone who is determined and self driven a person that is there to learn and apply their education to their field of study. A person that has good time management and can make most of their time for work and the other half of their time for studying. And Someone with school spirit and is proud to be apart of the school and represents the school in a positive way.


A person who wants to adventure out and meet new people, someone who isn't scared, strong and positive mind, and just have a great heart!


NCCU is for everyone. There is something to offer anyone who wants to attend. NCCU is a very diverse HBCU. The only thing that everyone has is common is that we came to get a degree.


People of all types of races who are interested in getting a degree should attend this school.


The kind of person that I think should attend North Carolina Central University, is one that is ready to work and learn to become successful in life.


Open-minded, goal oriented people would be great for NCCU


Students serious about school and that is ready to learn.


One that is focused and knows what he/she wants out of life.


An outgoing, friendly, and hard-working person would enjoy and should attend this school.


A person who likes small atmosheres and small class rooms.


Someone who is focused.