North Carolina Central University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are someone who does not believe in unity, does not want to be successful, and does not like expanding your knowledge then you should not attend North Carolina Central University.


Anyone who is not willing to start a great social life and does not like to be involved with school activities should no attend North Carolina Central University. Also, if the student is not willing to work hard and dedicate a lot of their time towards studying and working, they should not attend.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend NCCU is the one that is not willing to work and make something of themselves. Also, the one that is only there to party.


The kind of student that should not attend NCCU is a student that feels that historical black universities do not provide an adequate education, no matter what the race of that student may be. I think people that are free thinking and understand the value of education can understand that NCCU though serving a predominately black population offers a competitive education to all students.


You should not attend this college if you like to work alone on assignments and if you don't like loud campuses. Also if you can't walk a long time you will have issues because parking is horrible on this campus. They charge lot just to park and half the time you get a ticket. If you need a lot of attention from a teacher this is not the place for you.


Everyone is welcome, and they would be able to fit in.


One shouldn't attend if they are not interested in embracing all the university has to offer that pertains to their interest. This is with any university I believe. NCCU is founded on getting the student ready to not be an ordinary barn yard foul to fly as an eagle and set yourself a part from the norm. If not prepared to be different from all the rest and contribute something different and new to society NCCU is NOT the place for you! Eagles go past the mark and we know exactly what we want.


Someone who does not want to find their potential should not attend this university. The university has such high standards, that working hard and excelling in the classroom is the only option. Also, someone who does not want to open their horizons to a different environment shouldn't even consider this school. Although most of the school population is African American, I have learned so much about different people. Their life styles overlap with my life because I spend a lot of time in school and on campus.


The type of person that should not attend this school, is someone who is not committed to them self as well as the task at hand. Another characteristics of someone who shouldn't attend North Carolina Central University is someone who is not mentally prepared to be challenged and improvise affectively with school work. Managing time, being organized and keeping a schedule is also effective for a successful college student.


A person that doesn't have a open mind about a new change should not attend this school.


I believe a person that is not driven to be academically focused and socially rounded should not attend this school. Anyone who plans to attend NCCU must be a strong person and comfortable with who they are.


Anyone who is not determined or serious should not attend this school. This school is truly a university that teaches one on a real-life basis meaning you work hard for what you get. There are no handouts, everyone is not very friendly and yes they do give you the run-around but it teaches each student to learn to do things on their own and not depend on others. However, the professors are great and are compassionate about seeing their students succeed.


A person who doesnt like school spirit and social activities and friends shouldnt attend this school.


People who have very low self-esteem and people who want to have their own business.


Someone who doesn't want to actually go to school and who is jus here for the experience.


Someone who likes order. NCCU tends to be a bit chaotic and informal


People who are not self-motivated should not come here. There's a good bit of academic freedom alowed, but only if you're ready for it.


If you are not dedicated to your education, then you should not attend this school. Because of the rich social life and various activities, if you are not here for the right reasons, you can become easily distracted. The location and things that are available here can be a blessing and a curse. It just depends on the person.


Anyone who is un-willing to work hard and try their best should not come to college let alone NCCU.


A person who is jus t going to play around. Aperson who doesn't like small classes or a small college.


Someone who is not goal focused. You have to have goals.