North Carolina Central University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It is important that you take your eduaction seriously at all times. Being invloved in extra curricular activities will help you when being selected to a college program. It is also important to be involved in community service projects and show that you are a committed citizen of your community. Try to do things that involve various positive aspects and help make you stand out the crowd and become well rounded. Become involved in sports, arts, clubs, ect. Take challenging high school courses and test to help make you a strong canidate for college. Research career opportunities, descriptions, salaries, and their demand to help make your decision on what major to seek. If you can, start familarizing yourself in that career path by doing interships and/or jobs in that field, allowing you to get hands on experience and education. This will also help you decide early if you like your career path or need to reevalute your decision. It is also important to build a good reputation amongst your peers, teachers, and community as a serious, reliable, professional, charismatic, and educated individual. Sometimes the people you know helps you more than the acutal knowledge you posses.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to fill out a lot of scholarships. College is really expensive and nobody wants to pay back loans as soon as they graduate out of college. I would also tell myself to be prepared to do things myslef. There are no parents and your teachers are not going to look after you. You have to do things yourself, their is no one there to baby sit you. I woud also tell myself to study and take time to dedicat eto you work, doing things last minute is not going to get you a good grade like in high sschool. I would tell myself to make sure that I accept all the oppurtunites that are handed out to me and to have better timing with things. I would also tell myself to get enough sleep so I will be able to go to class on time the next day. First semester is always the hardest and also your trial and error but also the most important.


I would tell myself to not give up on your dreams and to follow your heart and do what you think is the best thing for you. It’s your turn to make something of yourself now.


If I had the opportunity to go back to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as I can. This is the most important thing to me because college is expensive and the loans do add up. I would also tell myself to enjoy the next four years. College is the best four years of your life and you will make many lifelong friends. I would encourage my younger self to attend on-campus events to get the full college experience and meet more people. I loved my college experience because I took the time to get involved and to know more people. The people you meet in college can assist in the transisition because they can be individuals who already attend or individuals just like you that are still learning their way around. Knowing this information you can be assured that you are not the only one who may be feeling lonely or lost. Everyone goes through it but if you can make it through the first initial transition you will be good to go. Enjoy college!


Life is about taking advantage of the oppurtunities that come your way. In life there are many challenges, and different struggles that each individual faces. To get the best out of life you have to tap into your passion, and let that be the driving force in everything you do. Focus is Key, without focus you will be detoured on a route that will lead you to become less than you are destined to be. In college individuals are faced with many distractions, but you have to look at the overall goal. Imagine the sensation you will feel when graduating,seeing the smiling faces of love ones, and the feeling of accomplishment will overwhelm you. This world is bigger than You, your hometown, even the state you live in. Remain focused on the task at hand, and be the one who makes a change in the world. Because at the end of the day ask yourself? are your really living, or Just existing.


I think I would have told myself to make better grades, so I can have a better GPA. I think if I had a better high school GPA I could be in the honors program they have. I really also would have told myself to continue to apply for scholarships, so I could not be taking out so many loans. I would have told myself that college, would be way different and that sometimes things happen for a reason. I would have told myself that college work, can be less, but you never really know when it is going to be due, or how long you will be writing a paper for. I wish I would have told myself that I am a great student and a hard worker,so that I will be able to manage myself better in college.


If I could go back to speak to myself before college I would tell me that just because you don't go to a fancy private 4 year college doesn't mean that you are settling or letting yourself down. If you are happy with the school choices you are making and you enjoy it then you are doing the absolute best thing for yourself. Going to school for massage therapy is not a back up choice. It is what you truly want and what you love to do. Making people feel good and have less pain is what you live for. Don't let your family and friends tell you you are selling yourself short because you're not going to be a doctor or a lawyer. Tell them that what you do truly helps people and makes them happier with life and their body. The power of a healthy healing touch is one of the greatest things on earth that we can experience. And you will be providing that for people. That is amzing.


I would ask myself three quesions: Are your study habits right for college? Are you ready to deal with life decisions by yourself? Are you financially stable for each semester of school? After asking myself these three questions, I would advise myself to build study habits because college is all about studying. Choosing not to study is basically choosing not to be in college. I have been at North Carolina Central University since August 2012 and I have been faced with so many challenges. Challenges that made me realize that I had to make decisions that could affect my future. Being in college, I saw so many things that I never thought I would see or hear. Drugs, alcohol, and conversations that made me uncomfortable. I learned that I had to choose friends and associates wisely. College is very expensive and because I have no parents, I have to find ways to pay for college alone. I would sit down and go over all of these questions with myself to make sure that my answers to each of these questions were positive responses and to make sure I can handle everything on my own.


I would tell myself to never slack in college. The college life is NOTHING like the high school life. It gets way harder and comes with more work. But do not worry, there are people here who can help you. Also if you need a little down time, college has that too.


If i could give my high school self some advice about college it would be to not take it as a joke. I didn't realize how much harder it was going to be than high school. Don't procastinate on assignments because unlike your high school teachers, your professors won't remind you when work is due. If you forget then it's on you.


Go to College right out of High School before you start a family. It is so difficult to focus on studies when you have a spouse and children. Get your education behind you while you don't have any commitments or distractions. You will find in the long run that it is much more beneficial. You will learn and retain so much more. You will be able to be more involved in student activities. You will be entering the adult world soon enough. Don't rush it.


Dear Derrell, Patience. College will teach even your impatient self the value of patience. From waiting in line, to waiting on transcripts- college will teach you patience. Also, fun time is over! Collegiate athletics are not fun at all. It’s all work, no play and practice! Practice! Practice! Right now, it’s exciting to miss class for a baseball game. But when you get to college, believe it or not, you’re going to wish you were actually in class. It is important to learn time management skills now, opposed to the hard-way your sophomore year. Remember, there will be a lot of distractions in the dormitory, so learn to love the library early. Most importantly, continue to stay focused. If you never fail or drop a class, you’ll be able to graduate in exactly four years. You’re doing great! Keep up the good work. Also, give granddaddy a kiss for me.


I would tell myself to laugh more, love more, learn more, and live more while being a senior in high school and not to think about being out of high school so much and not to rush to become an adult.


Hello Corry: There are many things that college life will seem to offer you freedom; Lack-of restrictions and independence which will mean a lot if you don’t seize every opportunity to do your best. Hold on to the need for freedom and take on the need for completion. The old saying don’t wait for tomorrow to do the things you can do today is true. Do your work today because tomorrow there will be more to do. When you need help don’t be afraid to ask. Teachers are human too and you are not the only student they have. Even though they can see that you need assistance the person who comes to them is the one who will receive the needed help. Stay on Course. You have a plan COMPLETE IT.


If I could go back and give myself a few words of advice, I would tell the high school me to go higher and to not let financial situations dictate the school of my dreams. I stayed in-state and went to a community college because it was cheaper, but my dream school was and still is California State University of Long Beach. That is one thing I would stress to the high school me because even though I'm doing well in a great community college, I know I could have excelled more at a University. I would tell myself that loans aren't a bad thing, they're an investment in my future. My financial situation tied me down for fear of the dreaded loans I'd heard such horrible things about. I've learned that they aren't a bad situation to be in because I have faith that I will be successful. I may be delayed in going to my dream school but the old me would be proud of what we have and what we will accomplish in the future. My dream to go to CSULB isn't over; I will get there.


Going to college may take it's toll on you. You will miss home a lot, but you can't let that distract you from what you went there to do. You have so many people rooting for you. When you get to school, don't miss any classes, stay focused on your work and please study! I love you and don't want you to end up making the mistakes that can possibly be made. You may not make a lot of friends when you first get there and you will have some trouble with your roommates. Don't let that discourage you in any way because you will come out stronger. Remember your good home training because it will take you far and while everyone else is having fun, you will be that outlier that will want to just chill out because that is who you are. My final piece of advice to you is no matter what people may have to say about the way you carry yourself, stay true to who you are. You're not a wild person, so don't let anyone or anything change you. Do these things and you'll go far.


If I were able to go back in time, I would inform myself that college is not free nor is it laid out like high school. I would encourage myself to apply for scholarships, grants, and loans the minute they were available. Also, I would have started a savings account for my future schooling, because now I am going into school empty handed and thousands of dollars in debt. Nevertheless, I would praise myself for all of the hard work and dedication I put into my classes and homework in high school, and the amount of time I put in for studying. If I could, I would encourage myself to take community college classes in high school, because not only was I eligable, but it would have been a wake up call to the real world, and I would be more prepaired for going into a university college this fall. I do not regret my choices in high school, I was an honorable student, but I know now that I could have done more and had I known, I would have.


I would tell myself that college is expensive so save alot more money and apply for more scholarships. The carrier path you are about to choose is promising so keep with it whenever you get to that point in life.


My first year in college was indeed a learning experience. From the highs and lows of move-in day on campus, to the sheer excitement of having completed my first, year I have learned so much. If I could go back to talk and give just a few words of advice to my past self, I would tell myself many things that I did not always do. The first thing would be to always take advantage of opportunities offered to you. You never know where any of those opportunities can lead you. Whether it is a student, a faculty member, or anyone, jump on whatever the opportunity is if you can advance from it. Next would be to use your time wisely and try your absolute best to make smart and wise decisions. We are not promised every day and to make a stupid decision and never get the chance back is a horrible feeling. Be smart, think your decisions through, and always have a back-up plan. Use rationale when making decisions. Use your better judgment and know that every action has an outcome.


I just wish that girls would love their body more than they love anything else. According to a Stanford sociologist who surveyed a whopping 17,000 college students since 2005 found that a hefty 24{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of seniors said they were virgins. ( This statistic that I have found opened my eyes up a lot. While I was reading this article, I learned that many older generations think that the numbers for a person is low. Although this is not a high number this is still a great number to be thankful for the teens who respect their body. If college is supposed to be like we think it is, my advice to all seniors in high school is to practice abstinence or safe sex and stay true to yourself! Teenagers begin to get involved with the wrong people at the wrong time and the do not realize their consequences to their actions until the end. I believe that as young adults we should practice abstinence. We should show the world that we are not going to be a part of the sexually active teenagers. Sex is something that as young adults we are not ready for.


I would tell myself to actually take more time and study. I would also tell myself not to wait to the last mintue to do things that concern me getting a education. If I could go back in time I would tell myself that I need to work more and save my oney and not waste it on useless things.


Its the first of the year and now it is time to buckle down and fill out theses scholarships, free money is the best money. Reguardless school will be paid for, but not having loans to worry about would be one less thing to worried about once your a freshman in college. If not already sports are important, thats one way to use your talent and have somebody else pay for your school. Also the most expensive thing you might have to pay for next year will be your books so once again scholarships scholarships and scholarships! Good luck and you made it so don't give up now because the expression people give you when you tell them your a college student is a feeling i wouldn't change for the world.


Dear high school Rosetta, Though all the hard work may seem useless now, trust me it's going to be worth it in the end. Continue to stay focused and make the best out of every situation. I know you have a lot planned for your future and with hard work and God by your side I know you're going to be able to accomplish it. Don't fall into peer pressure, continue to stay strong minded. The transition from high school to college may not necessarily be the easiest one but I have faith that your going to make the best out of every situation. Remember what your mother and grandmother taught you about life and don't forgot those many words of wisdom. Appreciate the care-free life now because you're going to miss it when you get to college. With everything that you may go through remember that you are never alone because you have family, friends and above everybody else you have God. Make wise decisions and if you should fail just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.


If I could go back in time to talk to my high school senior self, I would first encourage myself to keep my job. Having a job allows for more freedom and independence while away in another city. No longer would I have to depend on my parents for cash and then figure out how to make $50 last for 2 weeks. I believe it would have enhanced my social life in college as well. I would also tell my high school self to thoroughly research the program for the major I'm pursuing. Ensure that the campus actually has all of the features listed in the brochure before committing to a particular course of study. I lost almost a year of coursework after changing my major from music to business, as I didn't investigate the music program fully before enrolling.


From the time I was a child, I had colossal dreams and knew that I would do everything in my power to achieve them. Fortunately, that same mentality has remained with me as I have matured into young woman. From Kindergarten all the way up until Senior year in high schhol, I received excellent grades and desired to attend college.


Throughout my college experience that I have gained so far, I have learned many valuable things. At North Carolina Central University, I have learned to distinguish between friends, associates, and true friends. Everyone will go through this process and realize who to trust; but, its all about respect. Respect goes a long way in life. I have made many friends and associates by giving respect to my peers and teachers by therefore gaining a wonderful network to succeed. I've learned to have school pride, to be independent, and to strive for excellence! Although I have gone through a rough patch in my life because my mother went to jail & my father became a drunk, I will admit that my grades suffered a lot. I went into depression for awhile, but I want to take this experience and use it to my advantage to build me up instead of tearing me down. I am striving to maintain a 3.0 or higher throughout my college life to become better than my parents, to be independent, and to break the mode for my childern to come. I love NCCU and there is no other college that I can see myself loving.


For it only being my first semester, I have gotten better study habits, I have learned to live on my own, I have made new friends, and I have learned alot more about myself. I don't think I would of been able to accomplish any of this if I didn't have the college experience.


As a formerly homeschooled student, my college education thus far has been inexpressibly valuable to me in a number of surprising ways. Prior to enrolling in community college, my education had been hand-tailored to my individual needs, but this also meant that I grew up with very little peer interaction in an educational setting. College, as well as filling these gaps and developing my personal skills immensely, has given me the opportunity to hold numerous leadership roles on campus, and even to lead community service events as the president of my campus Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society chapter. What has been of the most value to me, however, is that college is helping me to rapidly attain the skills I need to fulfill my dreams of pursuing solutions to world hunger. College, effectively, is letting me attain my dreams so that I can help others attain their dreams of survival, and I believe everyone deserves to have a dream fulfilled.


It is a great life experiance. You geta great education and you meet great people on your life.


I have gotten a great experience from attending community college. Not only have I been able to obtain an AS degree in Business Administration but I will shortly be transfering to Cal Poly Pomona to work on my bachelors degree in Accounting so that one day I can become a CPA. Being a single mother of two kids it has been extremely hard to support my children but with knowing that one day I will have the skills and education to have a sucessful career it has made me remain possitive and look forward to what life has to offer.


My college experience was priceless for me, the amount of knowledge that I have obtained comes second only to the amount of growth and independence I learned from being away from home. My college experience taught me to not be afraid to fly, I am a devoted family-oriented person, and I thought moving away from home would be the most difficult aspect of college. However, what happened is quite the opposite, I learned to be more fearless, because I anticipated missing my family too much, that as I handled the tough but necessary transition, I have earned a confidence that is impossible to learn without college. I know that in my life I can stand on my own two feet and that no matter how hard the situation looks or my anticipation of any extreme difficulty, I can get through it. That lesson has given me courage to move, relocate, and demand a life that is more satisfying. If I had not attended college, I would not be aware of my own strength and my ability to shape my own destiny.


College has taught me more about independence. I take most of my classes online. My grades are a lot better when I can do the work by myself. College has kind of taught me how to teach myself. Which is good because I want to be an online teacher. It has also given me a chance to learn how to deal with my anxiety and depression. Going to college got me out of my home an dliving on my own. My bonds with friends have also increased because we all help each other with work or with subject we have trouble understanding. College is the door to geting you started living your life indenpendently and it helps you start to mold your future. You take classes till you find something that intrests you and helps point you towards the career you want. Between studying and trying to get help for my anxiety and depression and trying to figure out how I am going to pay for school it makes it harder to focus on your school work so this scholarship could be very helpful to many people especially me. Thank you.


I didn't think that I would have the 'college experience.' My family is still struggling financially and didn't have the opportunity to send me away to college. I was really uspet about attending community college. It seemed so unfair to me; I felt like I was being held back from going out and doing something with my life. As college progressed, I started to meet people that were exactly like me. My teachers have been supportive of me and want me to succeed. I realized that I was in a good place. I have community college to thank for helping me get my foot in the door for my future. Since I started my Grahpic Design class, I got the idea to start my own bags/totes business. I've already started selling my work. I can go to school and work towards my future goals at home. Had I gone off to school this year, I don't think I would have ever thought about starting my own business, and I would have never met my new friends. Next year, I'll be ready to take on college and begin part 2 on my college experience!


What i have gotten so far out of this college experience is the abiltiy to take care of my responsibilities and becoming more independent. College life is not what everyone has made it seem before I had left. Some people said college would be hard, and that the students is mean, the real world will hit me hard, and im too small to be out on my own. I have been attending NCCU since august 16, 2010 and i have been doing great ever since. I have all my responsibilities tooken care of and have no worries thus far. I am currently a freshman who plans on doing something great with my life. I plan to reach this goal with all the guidance and financial support I can recieve, any free guidance that will lead me in the right direction I am willing to take. Three years from now you can see me graduating from college a step closer to reaching my goal.


I have learned alot and how to be responsible and the valuable thing is being able to get a job after


Throughout my high school life I was set on the fact that the last place I would ever go was another classroom. I had absolutely no desire to go to college after high school. I was going to be free to travel and live on my own time. Things have changed. I am now going to Columbus State Community College, for a two year degree in Early Childhood Development. How did this one eighty come about? God did a one eighty in my heart. Throughout high school I was blessed by going to the Dominican Republic, serving a small school in a rural area. Once I graduated I had to go back, I had the opportunity to teach English in the school. My parents were not so found of me going so we made a deal. I would go to school when I got home. Living in the Dominican with these joyful children I saw what I was supposed to do with my life. I will not be able to fully love children like them without education. I want to show children like them what they can do. They deserve more than anyone I know; yet they have nothing.


I have gotten out of my college experience that when you attend college you are stepping into a new world. I use to always hear people tell me that once I graduated from high school, but I never knew what they meant by it. Now I know, college is a life of doing things on your own. You no longer have your parents telling you it is time for school, or their being phone calls sent home for missing class. Also, professors expect that any reading requirements be read prior to class, and there aren't as many reminders. You are no longer spoon fed, professors are known for beginning a lecture, but if time runs out in class, the rest is left up to you. College has been valuable to attend because it taught me to be a responsible person. I learned that in order to make it in the real world you have to have determination, goals, and courage. Even though I am only 21 years of age, I have fought battles that you have to be strong to upkeep. I believe with all that I have faced I am me today and plan to grow.


When I first attended NCCU I was a quiet girl that did not speak up for herself. Everyone walked all over me because they knew I was so nice. After my first I found that I was speaking my mind and speaking up more. Where ever I was, I walked with my head up because of that eagle pride that grew within me! I'm still that nice, sweet girl that everyone loves but I have also learned how to say no and not take just anything from anyone. NCCU also taught me how to present myself. Showing us how to act in the business world, what to say and what not to say. The University prepares you for your furture.


ive learned how to stand on my own and be more mature and do the thingsi need to do on time it has taught me how to also be a more effective communicator. And put my career first


I have enjoyed my freshmen year in college. College has brought me so many challenges that I had to face on my own. I learned how to manage myself as well as money. I also learned how to manage my time, manage my problems, and manage my work and still have fun when the time was needed. It has been valuable for me to attend because before I attended I depended on my parents for everything possible like money, food, problems, etc. But by me going to college it kind of winged me away/off my parents and onto my feet. Another important eperience that I valued was having time to study. Study played such an important roll and to this day I have studied more and learned other ways to study so it wouldn't be boring! But the biggest impact was me stepping into the real world on my own. I came to college as a little girl but now I can say I have transformed into a young woman!


I really and honestly do believe that I have experienced the college experience. Before graduating from high school I was nervous about going away from home and being away from my family ad friends. I didn't know if I would make friends, if I would like the food, or if I could manage being on my own. Upon my arrival, I began to realize that there were litteraly hundreds if not thousands of students here who probably thought the exact same thing. Being in school and experiencing parties, all nighters, exams, oversleeping, cafeteria food, roommates, conflicts, hard classes, and so on has allowed me to grow. I have learned so much about myself, my surroundings, others, and life in general. It may start out as a bit of a struggle, but the college experience is a benefit in the long run. With all of the good times and bad times, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's a valuable thing for any person wanting to mature and have fun at the same time.


Get to know as many people as you can while in college. Life isn't always about what you know---but who you know. Network as much as possible. Always make a great first impression because the first 30 seconds can last a lifetime. Remember that someone is always watching you , so be professional at all time and know that there is a time and place for everything. And lastly, be careful of the company you keep. Don't let someone else's sloppiness put you down. No one wants to end up being guilty by association.


If I were to go back to my senior year knowing what I know now, I would advise Jaime to take each day seriously. I would tell Jaime to study not just for the test today but learn from them. Jaime would also need to listen with intent when the teachers advise her to keep track of all her jobs, volunteer activities, clubs and other school activities for this information will be useful in the future. Jaime would need to know that time management is very important and becomes even more important in the future when she does not have her mother to wake her up, tell her to study or remind her to do her homework. I would tell her about the importance of independent study as well as group study because she will need both methods in order to succeed. Jaime would need to know friends are good to have but education is more important. Jaime will need to know that education will bring her a host of friends as she moves through life. And lastly, the morals and values her family instilled in her and the prayers of her family are to be valued throughout her life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself to stay a little more focus. I would have asked for help when I knew when i really needed it instead of thinking I can do it on my own. I think I did a good job thoughtout my senior year. I am proud of my myslef and my parents are too. I beleive the thing I went threw in the past only made me a tronger person.


Shelby please embark on a surplus of activities and not limit yourself in what you can do because you don?t believe in yourself! Your trust in yourself cannot increase if you do not first put all your trust in God. YES, you know him and you say you trust him but you do not fully know what all HE has in store for you. If you pray the prayer of Jabez ?Oh bless me indeed, enlarge my territory that your hand would be with me and keep me from evil? daily you will gain more blessings then you could ever imagine. Pray to empower those around you to lead an operation Jabez with your fellow students and go on a trip for a lifetime to spread the news of God?s plan for us all. For if you had this key before entering college I truly believe that you would be further in God?s purpose for you but the great thing is it?s not too late as long as you are here on earth to find His purpose for your life and live it each day. Trust God for your EVERY need and tell everyone indeed!


If I could go back in time I would tell myself first and foremost stay focused, leave the boys alone for a year, and be very observant of the people you call friends. Stay focused because grades are the most important thing in achieving all of your goals in the future. As long as you keep your grades up you will not have any worries so if in the future you want to go to graduate school or join a sorority you won't have to think twice about it. Second leave the boys alone they are nothing but trouble and stress in your young life. Your too pretty to be tied down anyway. The time will come when its right for you and your mature enough to handle a relationship and a 3.75 gpa. And last be observant of who you call your friends. It is so important to have a support system being a freshman. That is why you must make sure your support system has your best interest at heart. A real friend will never put you down in front of others to make themselves feel better. They'll uplift you just like you do them.


Knowing what I know about college now, if I could go back in time when I was a high school senior I would tell myself to be prepared to study and read. I say this because in high school I didn?t really study. As soon as I got to college I knew that I was going to have to change that. Not only would I tell myself that, I would also tell myself to be prepared to be on your own, making your own decisions. Once I got in college I found out I was kind of on my own as far as making wise decisions. There is no one there to tell me what to do. I had to do it for myself. Lastly I would tell myself not to worry and stress and try to have fun.


Over the past semester, I not only learned about college life but more about myself. Earning a 4.0 GPA wasn't the only accomplishment last semester. The work, determination, and perseverance was more important. By creating work ethic throughout the academic year, I could overcome any workload on any given day. Setting a routine and finding the potential deep in your character is the first step to a formidable foundation for the next four years of college. Therefore, I would advise myself as a high school senior to keep my mind open. Listen to teachers and your parents. They have been there before and know the importance of a good education. Starting with the basic fundamentals will only help you prosper through undergrad and graduate school. Be a hard worker. Never give up. Know your potential is seeking out for you to reach it. Finally, stay true to yourself. There will be tough stretches in studies where nothing seems to go right. By maintaining focus and taking one bite at a time, any task can be completed. The values we learn now are the ones we will use for the rest of our lives.


If I went back to being a high school senior, the first advice I would give myself is to wake up and start buckling down. Now knowing about college life and making the different transitions, I would also warn myself about the challenges to be encountered and the actions to be taken. Many college freshmen enter college with the mindset of being free and on their own. But one thing that I can say is that college comes with alot of responsibilities, committment and self motivation. College is a journey that has a lot of ups and downs and you must ask yourself "Is college really for me". These are the most important words a future student must ask themselves and these are the advice I would give myself.


Do a lot more research on the department you are interested in at your school and every other school you are thinking of attending because every school offers different things even if its the same degree. Know exactly everything you will have to do in order to graduate on time. Be on top everything so that you know what should happen before you have to talk to your academic advisor. Try to go to a school that you will enjoy and get a great experience academically and socially. Get ready to do just about everything on your own and be resonsible for everything.