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What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing at State is the amazing school spirit, students and faculty here bleed red and white. One thing I would chang...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing at State is the amazing school spirit, students and faculty here bleed red and white. One thing I would change is the buildings. We are ranked as one of the country's ugliest campuses, but we do have some pretty buildings like at the design school or centennial, but I wish we could update some of them and give it a fresh look. I like the size of our school, I wanted to go to a big school and you can walk to class and see nobody you are know or ten people, you never know what you are going to get. They refer me to my sport's team, since we have not been doing great recently. I spend most of my time on Centennial because I am a textile student. I hate that NC State is in the capital city because we are held to different standards than ogther schools. I feel like the police are just out to get every drunk kid out there when there are real problems like burglaries, rapes, and homeless people roming around the school. We can't just have a normal college party like at other schools because it is pretty much inevitable that if it's a good enough part, the cops are going to come. And the person throwing the parry is always worried about who's coming over and worried that the cops will come. I think that the administration is good, other than the incredibly over strict policy on tailgating. We have such an amazing tradition of tailgating, that we shouldn't have to curtail our fun in the case of families being there. It is our school, and we should be able to have just as much fun as any other school does. I can't think of any recent controversies. Our school has AMAZING pride in our teams of all sports; it's really inspiring. It is unusual that anyone can ride the wolfline. Isn't that what the CAT buses are for. The homeless and crazy people that get on the buses can be a danger to students, and they are just plain weird.

Describe the students at your school.

There are a lot of Asians on campus, some people I know call Avent Ferry Road, Asian Ferry. most students wear jeans and a t-shirt to class. Some business students dress up for classes and some textile students do as well, but for the most part it is a very casual look, almost too casual. For the most part, each race hangs out with its own race, we are fairly divided. This could possibly relate to the fact that it is a southern school with some southern ideals still. Four tables; blacks, whites, engineer boys, mix of boys and girls. Most students are from North Carolina. Most are from middle-lower class financially. A lot of students talk about what they'll earn one day. They are hoping that the higher education they are receiving now will benefit them in the future, and most likely it will.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

Not completely, we do have a great agriculture school and there are some rednecks, but there is a lot more of just regular normal college kids that you would find at every school.

What are the academics like at your school?

Most of my professors know my name in textiles because the college is smaller than others. Favorite class is visual merchandising because of the projects we get to express our creativity. I absolutely hated my physics class, because I felt that he knew we didn't understand and he didn't do anything about it. Depends on the student, but most are very studious. Class participation is generally required by teachers but most students don't like it, they just want to sit through class and be done with it. Depends on the students. Yes students are very competitive. I have not taken any unique classes. My major is Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration in Brand Management and Marketing. It is very apparel related but a lot in the way of the background of textiles, down to the production of fiber. There is more math and science classes involved than I ever expected, and if I have to use half of the stuff that I had to learn in real life, i would be screwed. No! NC State is determined to help every student find a job, the teachers and advisers are very commited to the students and for the most part reall want to help.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Student Wolfpack Club, Greek Life. I am involved with a sorority. yes and no. Athletic events are what students live for. I met my closest friends from my sorority. Homework. Pac-a-thon, parents weekend, unc game. People generally part Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Greek Life is not as big on State's campus as it is on other campuses, but with the formation of new greek court and other marketing tools it will get better. Last weekend I went out one night and stayed in the next to catch up on hw. Movie and dinner?

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

We are all agriculture majors or farmers

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The greatest thing about NC State are the opportunities-both on and off campus. On campus, there are hundred of organization...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The greatest thing about NC State are the opportunities-both on and off campus. On campus, there are hundred of organization in which students can participate, from fraternities to political and debate clubs to organizations specific to your particular major or career interest. The number of resources available to students for community service, career development, etc. is enormous. Then you have the Raleigh area in general. Raleigh is most definitely a "college town" with 5 universities all together in the area--but, it is also the center of North Carolina government. The surrounding area offers amazing opportunities to students both during their college career and after they graduate. The NC General Assembly and many other agencies are located just a few miles down the road, as well as the Research Triangle Park linking research within NC State, UNC and Duke. These offer great internship opportunities to students and chances to get involved in the local community. There is often a stigma that students must compete with faculty and administration in bringing about change. From first hand experience, however, I've found that if students truly desire for something to change and are willing to put in the time to talk with faculty and administrators about policies, they are usually very open to new ideas to create a better environment for students. The University is currently undergoing plans for some major rennovation on the student centers and on-campus dining opportunities to better accommodate students' needs and wants and make campus more student-oriented.

Describe the students at your school.

NC State offers a very diverse student body who is actively concerned with promoting diversity awareness and recognition. As a southern university, NC State's campus has a stigma of being very conservative, however I believe this mindset is rapidly changing to a much more diverse political identity. There have been some issues of discrimination and "hate crime" activity toward certain groups on campus, but they have been rapidly denounced and handled by both student leaders and administration. NC State recently established a GLBT Center on campus to offer support to the GLBT community and their allies as well as promote awareness around campus. Financially, NC State has many more middle- to lower-class students than our rivals in Chapel Hill. In response, the financial aid office has developed a good level of assistance for students facing financial difficulty, especially through their PackPromise program which offers students whose families are at or below 150% of the poverty level a full covered education. I believe every type of student from any background would feel comfortable and be able to find their "place" here at NC State. The number of student organizations on campus offers an outlet for people of an enormous range of interests and lifestyles. For the most part, people are open and accepting and interact freely with one another regardless of race, socio-economic status, background, etc.

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No matter where you go to school, you college experience is always what you make of it. NC State offers students numerous opportunities to make friends, get involved, and enhance your education beyond simple academics, but you must take advantage of them.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

Although NC State does have phenomenal agricultural and engineering programs, our College of Management, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and College of Education are also exceptional. Since these programs are smaller, students receive more personal attention and opportunities to get know their professors. They are also often taught by professionals from the "real world" who are teaching part time or have retired from their profession and offer tremendous insight for students on career paths.

What are the academics like at your school?

As a political science and business major, I have the benefit of (generally) smaller classes and less competition for faculty's time and attention. As a research institution, students at NC State have the privilege of being taught by individuals who are currently engaged in cutting edge research, especially in the fields of science and engineering, and many times being a part of this research. From my experience, professors are generally very open to spending time with students outside of class. In addition, many professors are often also work or have worked in the "real world", as entreprenuers, businessmen/women, lawyers, politicians, etc. who bring great insight to the career focuses of their students. They also, in my opinion, bring a more engaged and less "textbook" manner of teaching which greatly benefits students. NC State has also recently revised its General Education Program to make general ed requirements much more flexible for students to choose classes which interest them as well as reduce the number of non-major related hours. These changes allow students to switch majors more easily without having to retake general courses as well as allowing majors and departments to "personalize" their students' requirements.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

I spend most of my time in Student Government, working with students, faculty, and administration to determine what issues are prevelant within the community and what we can do to fix them. SG is not just people interested in politics, but people who are passionate about helping students and making NC State an even greater University. There is always a host of guest speaker and lecture opportunities on campus and in the surrounding community. As part of the Research Triangle Park and NC Capital city, NC State is able to draw tremendous intellectuals and leaders in numerous fields. These are generally free, or at least very low cost, for students to attend. As far as athletics is concerned, football, basketball and baseball are huge events for students. We have the privilege of a great tailgating lot for football and basketball events, which many people take advantage of. However, as part of the ACC, we also have many other tremendous athletic teams and many very competitive club sports opportunities. For athletic wins and other major accomplishments, we light our Belltower red for the night. There are always ample party opportunities off campus whether at fraternities/sororities, clubs or private apartments. However, there are also many opportunities for students which do not include partying or drinking. Residence hall staff almost always have weekend activities for students to participate in, there are theatre and music productions, an on-campus cinema and many other activities along the streets on either side of campus.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

NC State is often seen as an "agricultural school" because of our founding base and leadership in the agricultural field. We are also seen as a good school for math and science due to our superior engineering program, but having no focus on Humanities and Social Sciences.

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best things about attending NCSU are the attentive, accessible professors and strong sports program. There is a loyal fol...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best things about attending NCSU are the attentive, accessible professors and strong sports program. There is a loyal following of NCSU basketball especially when playing rivals UNC or Duke and there is also a rowdy tailgating crowd the forms hours before football games. One of my best experiences if actually sports related. I'll always remember NCSU beating UNC at basketball in the RBC center in 2007 and rushing the court. The is a lot of school pride here, a lot of it pertaining to sports. I spend most of my time on campus in the English class building, in the library, or at the atrium. I also spend time at the gym where there are many great exercise classes to choose from. NCSU does not have a big college town vibe being in Raleigh, but there is a good nightlife scene on Hillsborough Street and in downtown Raleigh. A frequent student complaint is about the lack of college town feel, but Raleigh is working to revitalize Hillsborough Street to help promote more of a college feel. NCSU is unusual in its setting because though situated in the capital of North Carolina, it can often feel like a small town.

Describe the students at your school.

I have found NCSU to be a very open and safe place when it comes to racial and religious groups. Being an Africana studies minor, I have always felt comfortable in the classroom discussing the not always pretty details about sensitive racial social issues. I do not feel that any kind of student would feel out of place at NCSU because there are many diverse clubs and organizations for all nationalities, religions, hobbies, etc. on campus. This diverse student population also has no problem interacting with each other, I have found here. Most students, though, are from North Carolina and usually a middle class background. I believe that many students here, as at many universities, are politically aware and there are active clubs fro each political party. However, I would say that the majority of the students at NCSU are right-winged or center. While I have heard students talk about how much money they'll make one day, it is not an often occurrence.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

This stereotype is inaccurate. While NCSU does have a strong agricultural department, it is not the only prominent academic program. NCSU also has a high ranked engineering program, textiles, and diverse liberal arts programs to choose from.

What are the academics like at your school?

At NCSU I have always had small classes with the exception of two or three large basic sciences or maths. Since there are small classes I have always felt that my professors knew my name, many professors I have had have gone out of their way to learn names, seeing it as important. Professors here are very open in spending time with students after class or during office hours in order to talk about projects or the subject of the class. In fact most of professors enjoy it when students stop by with new ideas. My favorite classes here have been the ones that my professors have been the most enthusiastic about teaching and learning students viewpoints. All of my classes, now that I'm a Junior, require class preparation in order to participate. Being an English major, my literature classes all encourage if not require class participation, which most students partake in. However,I have found that students are not very competitive here and are laid back about grades. I do not mean that they do not care, but they do not think it is the end of the world if they got a lower grade then expected. The education at NCSU is definitely geared towards careers for students, and very helpful in helping students find jobs and internships. There are multiple job fairs a year and a career center offering opportunities for students.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

There is a stereotype that NCSU is mainly an agricultural school attended by farmers.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

The most popular groups or organizations at NCSU would be the athletic teams, as the events are very popular. There is a Greek scene, but it is not overwhelming as the majority of students are not in sororities or fraternities. There are many cultural events and movies that popular at NCSU taking place in Witherspoon campus cinema. While you would have no problem finding a party on any given night, the most popular nights to go out are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


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