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North Carolina State University at Raleigh

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Describe a day on campus you'll never forget.

A day on campus I will never forget was quite recent, when we shut out the UNC Tarheels, 13-0 in football. The game was amazing, a sold out Carter-Finley has an atmosphere like no where else on earth. With 60,000 of your closest friends, all screaming and those in powder blue, what would you rather be doing? It was awesome. After the game, NC State was so happy that we probably boosted the economy of Raleigh a couple hundred points. This was the fifth time in a row that we have beaten the Tarheels, and the first time in 51 years that we have shut them out. People where everywhere, and it was awesome, if you haven't already figured that out!

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One experience I will always remember was my first year at State. The girls in my suite were amazing! We had such a wonderful year together and grew quite close. I still keep in touch and see the girls on a regular basis. I met one of my closest friends in that suite. I also decided to room with my roommate again because we got along so well last year. We did a random roommate application, and I could not have asked for a better roommate!

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I will never forget the day I found where the creamery is...NC State's official IceCream is simply the best!

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