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Tell us about the food and dining options.

There are a lot of dining options on campus: Fountain and Clark Dining Halls are buffet style. You swipe your card at the entrance and that entitles you to as much food as you would like to eat until you walk out of the dining hall. The dining halls offer a salad bar, grill, hot bar, an alternating specialty bar (ie baked potato, breakfast, stir fry, chili, nacho, pasta etc.), sandwich/wrap bar, yogurt, fruit, cereal, dessert (including cakes, cookies, and ice cream). Case Dining Hall is open to athletes only for dinner, but breakfast and lunch are available to students. Similar style to Fountain and Clark, but the food is cooked a little bit better. Atrium is a pay per item style (You can use Board bucks or meal equivalency, cash, credit, or debit). You can choose from Chik-fil-A, Zen Blossom (Asian Cuisine), Brickyard Pizza and Pasta, Delirious (Make your own salad bar and make your own wrap bar), as well as a la carte items from the refrigerated section (yogurt, fruit, salad, vegetable packs, sandwiches, etc) The C-stores offer a variety of snack foods and frozen foods as well. You can only use board bucks, cash, credit, or debit at the C-stores. I have had a little trouble dealing with finding a variety of options to eat. The dining halls have gluten free break I can make sandwiches with, but some nights the only options I have are bun-less burgers, sandwiches, salad, and fruit. There are dietitians that are available on campus to help you deal with food allergies and how to manage them and make the most of your meal plan.

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While we don't have many huge chain restaurants on campus (we have a Taco Bell and a Chick-Fil-A, which at lunch time sells more Chick-fil-a than anywhere else in the country!) but we do have several fast food dining options. They are also building more as we speak! We also have three dining halls that are accessible to students, Fountain, Clark, and Case dining hall. If you live on East Campus you typically will eat at Clark, or Case if you are lucky. West and Central Campus students will typically eat at Fountain.

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There are many dining halls on campus, yet over the course of the semester you might get bored of the menu....which is not a problem as Hillsborough street offers us many dining option at a still reasonable price (4-6$ average) you wont be hungry!

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