North Carolina State University at Raleigh Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for engineering. There is an awesome engineering program with its own campus, Centennial Campus. I am not an engineer, therefore, I do not possess a lot of knowledge about this academic study but I do know that they are great at what they do.


North Carolina State is known worldwide as a top engineering school. A lot of the funding for the school goes to their world-class engineering programs. At the same time though, none of the other programs are lacking. When you tell people that you attend State it means something, it carries a lot of weight in the community.


Loads of research and the money and connections to make it happen.


To me, NCSU is most known for its prestigious engineering graduates it produces, as well as its ground breaking research performed in varied fields of technology and industry.


My school is best known for the hard working students. Anyone looking to hire an NCSU student knows they would be hiring someone with a very strong work ethic and great personable skills. We are also best known for our football tailgates as well!


The NC State Wolfpack may be best know for the fact that it is one of the few college team names that doesn't have a letter S in it. However, what I have quickly learned is the that the Wolfpack is more than just a mascot, it is a philosophy. Once you are a student here you become part of the pack, and the pack is like a great big extend family. Go Pack!


My school is best known for it's very good Engineering, Textile, Design, and Veterinary Colleges, as well as sports and Hunt library.


Large amounts of school spirit for the school.


Agriculture, engineers, athletics


NCSU is a research based university that offers strong engineering, science, and business programs, and is competitive with Duke and UNC, the other top schools in the "Research Triangle". NC State is about fifteen minutes from downtown Raleigh, which is the fastest growing city in the US, but also just as close to a ton of outdoor nature parks and forests.


North Carolina State University is known for its school spirit, efficient research facilities, and incredible professors. They also are known for their impressive College of Engineering and Poole College of Management. Every student feels that he or she is smart and can count on his or her intelligent peers. NCSU also encourages freedom of expression (especially with the Free Expression Tunnel where students are allowed to spray paint what they wish) which separates this university from the rest in North Carolina. NCSU encourages growth of the individual and the university as a whole.


North Carolina State University is best known for its engineering and veterinary programs. Both of these colleges are in the top few in the country. NCSU was origonally known for the college of agriculture. The life at NC State is a little slower and more relaxed than some. It is known for its "family feel", in which everyone is accepted. When compared to all of the universities in North Carolina, NCSU is probably more on the conservative side.


NC State University is best known for their engineering and textiles program.


My school is best known for their amazing Engineering and Textiles program. I am actually attending the school under the Textiles program. The major I am pursuing is Fashion and Textile Deisgn:Textile Design. The program is extrememly hard to get into. There are thousands of people that apply and they only choose 32. I was blessed to be one of those 32 people.


NC State is best known for it's engineering and technology as well as veterinary curriculums.


My school is best know for agriculture, engineering and the veterinary field. We have a lot students focusing on these majors hoping to get jobs in those fields. We are ranked #3 in the nation for our vet school. We have one of the best engineering schools around and we definitely keep agriculture moving by doing a lot of research.


Best value and engineering.


The ram roast is one of the best. During football season, students get together, eat free food, and listen to the NC State players and coaches pump up the crowd. It's always a fun night and State always beats UNC the following Saturday. Go Pack!


It is best known for its academics. Its engineering, design and sciences programmes are extraordinarily strong, producing top candidates for jobs and grad school in their respective fields. The library is proof enough, with all of the elaborate computers, technology and books.


First of all my school is Strayer university. I am on campus and online student. The best thing about my school I can work fulltime and go to school.I can work on my assignment while on vaction and while on my lunch break I have acess to my assignment.


one of my favorite campus traditions is the campout next to the free expression tunnel days before our basketball match against our rivals: UNC Chapel Hill. it is always exciting and despite the cold very entertaining.


Bricks! Not really, but they are everywhere. NCSU is truly known for being not too difficult to be accepted, but it is challenging once you get into class. You must be a focused and dedicated student to achieve here.


North Carolina State University is best known for the College of Design, which is one of the most difficult Design schools to get into.


NC State is best known for it's engineering program. The university has an excellent engineering program. There is basically an additional campus for engineering classes and resources.


We are known for our homemade ice cream and our intense school spirit. Also we have alot of caring people both in the student body and the faculty.


My school is best known for its Engineering and Design schools. The Business school is also promising but fairly new to the University. As a Design student, I believe the teachers and staff are very supportive and challenging, preparing me for a career in the future. They are always willing to help and give me advice when I am unsure of what to do. There are a wide range of students at NC State, and diversity is appreciated and celebrated. We are also very spirited at sporting events. Go Wolpack!


Engineering and research. AND ALL THE BRICKS!!


We are known as an agricultural school.


North Carolina State University is known for our continued spirit in our sports teams despite the fact that we have been struggling the past few years. As fans of a great university, we don't give up on our ladies and gents on and off the field!


NC State is best known for its engineering and agriculture programs. State has always been a mechanically and agriculturally focused school but that is not to say you cannot get a quality education in the other majors or programs as well. For a state university, our engineering program ranks near the top of the entire nation. We are also known for our veterinary school which many people attend undergraduate years at State in hopes of being admitted after graduation. Also, the Pre-Health Club has a great record of having success in getting our students into professional schools.


My school is best know for its research. Most of the faculty are involved in some kind of research either involving science, research etc.


NC State is probably best known for its engineering and agriculture programs


My school is best known for its engineering,vet school, and providing the state with research. It is known for its rich history and its contribution to the world in science and many other fields. It is one of many diverse schools in the nations with and outstanding international program. My school is also known for its great faculty and staff that are there to help students excell in there area of study.


I believe my school is best known for its engineering college. Which I am proud to say I am a member of.


The engineering and textile departments., and, I'm told, for football at some point (although I don't believe it) and for mens and womens basketball, especially under Coach Jimmy V and Coach Kay Yow, but hopefully we can continue their legacy.




Engineering majors. They have a great CO-OP program where students get the opportunity to find internships in their major-related companies.


wolf pack!


We are the wolfback and we are best known for a few things, being an agriculture school, our vet school, football and basketball, and also being in NC's capital of Raleigh.




My school is academically strong - well known for research faculty and diverse programs.




Wolves packs


Engineering and Sports (basketball and football)


Engineering and Business


North Carolina State University is best known for its College of Engineering , School of Veternarian Medicene, College of Textiles, Research facilities, Interships, Career plcaement and advising center, sports, and campus life.


Engineering, Agriculture, Awesomeness.


The Wolfpack basketball and football!


Engineering and veterinary school


Agriculture, Engineering, Art, the Brickyard, & high acceptance rates into graduate schools.

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