North Carolina State University at Raleigh Top Questions

I don't drink. Will it be hard for me to go to parties?


Absolutely not. No one will require you to drink or be drunk to get involved, and no one really questions why not. If you want to have fun sober, go for it. No one will give you a hard time. While alcohol can be present at parties and social events, it's entirely your choice whether to participate or not. There's enough going on on and around campus where "college parties" also aren't your only option for a night out. Many students at NC State choose to abstain from alcohol, and you'll have no problem fitting in regardless of your choices.


Depends. I don't drink either, but some of my friends throw parties and invite me. They have never given me any trouble about not drinking. They are also pretty casual parties, everyone just hangs out and has a good time. So it really depends on what kind of party you are looking for, what group of friends you end up falling into. Friends that don't pressure you to do things you don't want to do are the ones you want to stick with. I certainly found my group of friends like that.

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