North Carolina State University at Raleigh Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


There are not any major stereotypes that I have heard of, although I tend to hear that students at State are only engineers or agriculture majors. There is little mention of other majors. This is partially accurate, although not completely true. North Carolina State University is mostly composed of engineering and agriculture majors, but also offers a wide variety of majors.


Like many other stereotypes, yes and no. I was in CHASS and found it underfunded, due to the attention that engineering and the sciences get, but the faculty in the liberal arts were outstanding.


not really- some people are, but for the majority I really don't think so.. people just say that because of the agriculture program.. they tend to forget that state is most well-known for its engineering program


These stereotypes are very inaccurate. Personally, I love the large campus. Sure it makes for a longer walk to class but, finding the buildings for your classes is all made easier by maps located throughout campus, maps online and fairly large signs posted beside each building with the buildings name. And as for the country hicks idea, people couldn't be more wrong! Our students are very diverse, making classes, extracurriculars and just living the college life way more interesting.




These stereotypes are completely inaccurate. NCSU is one of the biggest schools in North Carolina. It provides one of the best educations to my knowledge in the State. I went to an all girls private school, and it definitely challenges me to a whole new level. You meet so many people. And it is so much fun. As for the Carolina / NCSU stereotype, it is simply not true. Carolina is a liberal school that does not offer engineering. NCSU students are more math and science oriented, and from my experience, less judgemental and more friendly than those students at Carolina (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). My best friend goes there, and she always tells me NCSU students are much nicer people.


On behalf of all true Wolfpackers, yes it is.


No. While the school was founded on princples of agriculture, the college of agriculture and life sciences is only one of the many colleges present on our campus. Even within the CALS program(college of ag. and life sciences), many students do not participate in any agriculture-related studies, as the college includes majors in biology, zoology, and others. The students involved in agriculture are not all stereotypical hicks either, they just happen to have a passion for agriculture studies.


We do have a lot of students who come from farming communities, since a lot of the state is farming. Many NCSU students could get into UNC, and some did and chose to go to NCSU. The campus IS all brick, but it's not ugly. We have a rival: UNC. ECU thinks they're our rival too but we don't generally agree. Our M/F ratio is more like 55/45.


Every once in a while you'll see a farmer around campus, but really it's a small part of the university as a whole. Also, not only do you see plenty of girls around campus, but we're extremely close to two women-only colleges.


NO.... NCSU has a wide variety of students country, to more urban, lots of style to none, etc.




We have a large political science program at NC State, so many of the students are from the country. However, they are very intelligent and know what they want to do with their life.


There are definitely people at State that are red-necks that drive big trucks and have confederate flags on their cars but their are people like that at alot of schools in the South. But NCSU is a diverse school just like any other.




not for the most part


Although it is a more conservative school, we are not made up of one group of people. We have democrats and republicans, northerners and southerners, etc. We are just as good as our neighboring schools. We are better at some things then they are and they are better at some things then we are.


Hey, I like country boys, but they don't make up a large group of the student population.


only the part about being a big school.


No these stereotypes are not accurate.




I mean, I am always trying to have a good time.




math and science






A lot of the NCSU students are in fraternities and sororities but not everyone is


The stereotype is not correct however I think it is generated from an accurate source of information. NCSU is largely an agricultural school and thus the reason for this stereotype.


Somewhat. We're all rednecks at heart.


not in a bad way and not for the majority




there are a lot of eastern north carolinians at state taking agricultural classes, but there is a wide array of students here as well.


for the most part yes


1. No. There are some students that come to NCSU as a backup from Carolina, but they end up loving it here. Other than those few, I always hear people say they come here because it's fun and is a great education for a reasonable public school price. 2. No. NCSU has so many different majors, minors and combinations. No matter what your interest there is faculty and career counselors to help you.


No, our campus is incredibly diverse.




Absolutely not!




No. If you look around, you'll see so many types of people from so many different majors. I don't really understand the whole 'farmer' thing people say. Those comments are mostly from UNC-CH people, and they suck at life.


Rarely. A very small percentage of NCSU's population actually fits that mold.


No. Greek Life isn't as cohesive as it should be, but it's pretty good. And there are all types of students on campus.


NO. I personally got into Chapel Hill and was not interested in that college. I attend NCSU because of the great atmosphere here around the campus.


I dont think so, since im an out-of-state student it is impossible to get into either of those.


i don't believe these stereotypes are true at all. we have lots of intelligent people here at ncsu because we have some of the best engineers that come to ncsu. yes we do have the agriculture side of our school and the vet school but we have one of the premier vet schools in the nation that most students in that field would love to attend but it is very prestigious and hard to get be accepted into








NC State is big on engineering and agriculture, but it has other colleges than just those two. NC States college of Management is a great college and well known but does not have a stereotype, so I guess a lot of people don't know about it. A lot of the students in agriculture have country accents, but that does not count everybody at NC State. UNC and NC State always go back and forth winning and losing so overall that stereotype is facts, but they change every season. And our campus is not boring; brick buildings are very nice and strong, but that might just be a personal opinion.


No people believe that because we have a good agricultural program that is actually one of the nations top researchers in alternative fuels. Some of us did not go to UNC because we wanted to be Engineers. And yes there are some dumb people here because it is a state school and a certain number of people have to come from North Carolina


No. If you look at the way all of our students dress, we dress just like every other college. The majority ranges from very preppy to t-shirts and jeans. There are a few people that dress hippie, goth, punk, and redneck, but the majority is just like every other college.

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