North Carolina State University at Raleigh Top Questions

What are the most popular classes offered?


There aren't too many overwhelmingly popular classes. One class I know that is pretty popular is Literature of the Holocaust. Many students have to wait until their junior year to take the class because it fills up so quickly (Seniors register first, then juniors, then sophomores etc.). Most of the time you find that within classes, there are some very popular teachers. In the math department, Leslie Kurtz is a very popular teacher. I absolutely loved her as a teacher, no wonder why everyone wanted to be in one of her classes! Often the classes she teaches fill up before the same classes with other instructors.


I've heard one of the most popular classes (especially for freshman) is ENTOMOLOGY which is "insect and people". It is the best class if you need to fulfill you science requirements and do not wish to take a physics or biology class. According to the professor, that class has been taught at NC State for the last 15 semesters and always filling BOTH 300+ student sections.

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