North Carolina State University at Raleigh Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love my school. I love the opportunities it presents by being near a relatively large city. I also love how much the professors care about the students. I don't especially love my dorm but who does. I do wish that my school could be recognize for more than agriculture and engineering, because I'm a zoology major.


I absolutely love North Carolina State University. The academics are very challenging, but they are also very rewarding. NC State provides so many opportunities that smaller schools just cannot provide. The dorms are cozy and comfortable. The food can be great sometimes and it can also be not so great, but there are a lot of options on campus as well as off-campus. I came from a very small 1-A high school and have had no problems adjusting to the large school, because it is true when they say it has a small school feel. State does a great job advertising their hundreds of groups that students can join to make friends and to get away from schoolwork. Most people I talk to love the school itself. Gamedays in Raleigh are very exciting and entertaining. There's no better school to tailgate on Saturday afternoons or nights than Raleigh, North Carolina.


I love NCState. I love the atmosphere of the large campus that is partly in a college town but then partly in the city. I have family close by and my hometown is only a short drive away (not too long where I can't go home if I need to, but far enough that my parents can't just pop in whenever they want), ton of school spirit, great leadership opportunities, love Greek Life and my sorority, love the college of textiles, great programs


I very much enjoy being at NC State. There is just an overall fun and friendly culture. The school is a bit big compared to many but most of the time it doesn't really feel that big. Football and basketball are huge here so you'll always have fun with that.


The best thing about State are the people, they have been so welcoming and friendly. I found it easy to find a good bunch of friends to spend time with and study with despite my initial fears. Initially I thought it would be difficult because I was coming to the south and I currently still live in New York. One thing I would change would be some of the teaching staff. Sometimes you end up with a teacher who you really struggle with. Almost all of my teachers have been great teachers, helpful, clear, and friendly, but occasionally you get a teach or two who cannot seem to teach anything well. Although State is a very large school, I feel it is just right. It doesn't take long to find your way around. It's very nice to be able to see new faces every day, giving me the opportunity to make a new friend. People are usually surprised when I say I go to State when they know I am from New York. They often ask, "Why did you choose State? Why not a New York school?". Other people that have asked, that didn't know my hometown, were impressed with my decision to attend State. On campus I spend most of my time in the dorm or, when the weather is warmer, out in the Court of Carolina or Tucker beach. The campus is beautiful and I love to be outside enjoying the weather! I don't spend much time off of campus. I am not a big party person, and rarely go out to clubs or other places of the sort. Despite this, I would consider State to be located in a relatively good college town. Downtown is not far, you can walk, bike, drive, or take the bus into Downtown where there are museums, parks, clubs, and restaurants. Hillsborough, which borders campus offers several restaurants, a bank, bookstore, bowling and various other small shops and places to gather. The school administration is very reliable. They are willing to help me achieve my goals and have been very helpful in making sure I am finding it easy to acclimate to college. My advisor has been helpful in suggesting classes to make my course load as manageable as possible while still graduating in four years with a double degree. The biggest recent controversy on campus was a non violent hate crime in which a few students defaced the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender) Community Club board. The students and administration quickly addressed the behavior and rallied in support of the GLBT Community supporting them in the face of discrimination, letting the GLBT Community know that no matter their sexual preference, they were more than welcome to be a part of our Wolf Pack. There is a lot of school pride, Red and White, Wolf Pack all the way! One experience I will always remember was my first year at State. The girls in my suite were amazing! We had such a wonderful year together and grew quite close. I still keep in touch and see the girls on a regular basis. I met one of my closest friends in that suite. I also decided to room with my roommate again because we got along so well last year. We did a random roommate application, and I could not have asked for a better roommate! The most frequent student complaints are generally about physics and statics actually. I haven't found too many people who enjoy those classes, but it's all personal preference.


I love NCSU. It is very big, we have two campuses an engineering campus and a regular campus. My school is usually treated with respect, when I tell someone I go here they react well and will usually make a joke pertaining to our rivals UNC and Duke


I have truly been privileged to attend such an amazing school, and treat NC state with the utmost respect, and view the rich and diverse school history, my fellow students, faculty, and alumni, and the beautiful campus with fondness and appreciation. Overall Raleigh NC has been named one of the top towns in the entire country to live in, so the campus location is ideal! Fellow students and I have learned that nothing can really quite compare to the college experience, and we all agree that living on campus for a few semesters is a great way to ease into the campus life while meeting great, life-long friendships. NC state has many wonderful dorms with varying distances away from classes, dining halls, and other Raleigh attractions. While the campus is considered very large, everything remains within walking distance, and there are enough dining halls and restaurants on campus to fill all desires! Another fun aspect to college life is attending football and basketball games, and make no mistake, football tailgating season is the social event of the year. The games themselves are incredible, as our guys play in the large RBC center and Carter Finley stadiums for basketball and football games. Other sports such as volleyball and swimming are located right on campus. My time at NC state was spent with both a full academic and social calendar, which was ideal for me, and I loved going to such a large school. I was able to meet a wide variety of people and make connections and network for a career once I have graduated. While every school has their positives and negatives, I found that I had no regrets, no truly negative experiences, and such a fun and exciting time at state!


The best thing about North Carolina State University is the large student population, you never stop meeting new people and that is very exciting! The size of the school can be overwhelming at first, but I believe once a new student gets used to the adjustment it is great to be part of such a larger community. Usually people are interested when I tell them I go to school here and if they are not familiar with it, they want to know more about our university, because, chances are they have heard about it. It is not your typical "college town," which is probably one of the best things about the experience here. One can find or pursue other interests or go explore different parts of Raleigh because it is a big city and you don't have to get wrapped up in "college drama." Wolfpack pride is always booming here and on game days, to be a part of the pack is to feel unstoppable! All the students at NCSU show their pride in the pack daily. If I could change anything about the school it would be the constant construction and poor parking situations and for the most part the staff and professors are great and always willing to help you out.


The environment is great for students. The college town is perfect, it was ranked as one of the best places to live in too, because of its diversity, cleanliness, and the education standards.


I really like NC State and the diversity of its faculty and staff and students. It is a warm place with smart people and great people who really want to help you learn and achieve your goals.


State has everything you could possibly think of! From division 1 athletics, amazing facilities, top of the notch academics and an amazing proximity to the country's number 1 ranked city- raleigh-- what's not to love? Raleigh itself is a mecca for city dwellers, and nature enthusiasts, and NC State is right in the middle. We've got downtown Raleigh, Pullen Park, and a ton of other places to enjoy.


Overall NC State University is a quality institution for higher learning and I am proud to be a student here. One of the best things about this school is the student body itself. With such a diverse amount of students from different religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds keeps the learning environment alive and well. Class sizes ranging from large to small allows for copious amounts of learning With that said, there are a few things that could use some definite improvement. Certain ways the students fees are allocated for resources around the campus needs drastic improvement. With committees containing only a small number of students or faculty does not give an accurate representation of the student body's decisions. Then also, the construction around the university's campus needs to be decreased drastically as well. Construction is necessary for certain buildings and facilities on campus, but when you have numerous projects happening at once, it makes student life very hard socially and academically. In general however, the location of the university in the state's capitol and metropolitan urban area helps to keep spirits and energy high. Allows for students to have interests outside the university and connect with people from outside the university. Gives greater opportunity for local jobs, internships, and possible career opportunities. Academics are strong, students are diverse and open, and the university itself has an overall great feeling.


In my opinion NC State is a good and competitive institution that has a lot to offer to its’ students. There is a variety of well known programs here at the University, so most students will be able to find something they are interested in studying, even if they start school without declaring their major.


The best thing about NC State would have to be the school pride. Whether you are at a football game or just walking around campus, being a member of the Wolfpack is an amazing feeling. Even though we have a large population of over 30,000 students, it is very easy to connect with others through individual academic colleges and student organizations. Due to my major, I spend a lot of my time on NC State’s beautiful Centennial Campus. However, I always make sure to stop by the brickyard in the heart of campus to check out the fun events and activities that constantly occur throughout the year.


The best thing about NC State, hands down, is the people! People are very open-minded and friendly. This doesn't just apply to students, the faculty is also wonderful, they are always willing to help.


I love NC State. I will say that change is hard for me. As a freshman, I knew I was coming to a big school but I did not realize how large it truly was. I walked around campus and hardly saw the same person as I saw yesterday or the week before. I felt as though it was hard to get adjusted. But as I became acquainted, I started meeting new people and everything started to fall into place. As large as NC State is, when game day rolls around, nobody can beet the spirit of the pack. Tailgating, howling, and coming together as a school for football and any sport, NCSU outshines. Besides football games, we are pretty much in the heart of Raleigh. Two minutes down the street and you are downtown. The city lights always surrounding makes Raleigh a classy city and the best place to live in the country! We do get a lot of complaints about bricks. Bricks, bricks, bricks. Only two buildings are built without a single brick, Harrelson and Poe. I'm not going to lie, it didn't intrigue me as much as other campus', but you come to love it. You also have to make sure you have good rainboots or else your face will have some personal time with the bricks.


My experiences at NCSU have been nothing but pleasant and very rewarding. As a Poole College of Management Student I have had some of the best teachers I could have asked for. Although the student body is huge, I know a large percentage of the college faculty and have gotten great educational and career advise from professors and advisors alike.


I think NC State is an amazing school with good academic programs and lots of fun things to do and get involved in. I could never imagine not being apart of the WOLFPACK!!


I absolutely love NC State. I think the best thing about the school is the common school spirit and pride each and every student shares for the University. The location of the University is amazing because it is in the capital of North Carolina and literally a few miles from the State Capitol Building. Raleigh was voted the number one business city in the US, proving that NC State provides a great location for students. I feel like our school is large, but there are so many opportunities to get involved in smaller groups on campus that everyone has a sense of belonging. I spend most of my time on campus in the library. The library is one of my favorite places to go between classes and grab a coffee. It is a great place to get studying done, as well as mingle with friends. The only downside to the campus would be how spread out it is, but that encourages walking and helps me stay in shape. My favorite memories of NC State are attending the football games and cheering my team to victory. One of my favorite things about the school is the freedom expression tunnel. I feel like it is unique to our campus and also is a way to bring students together. Overall, I wouldn't change anything about NC State and am thankful I am able to attend such an amazing school.


There is no doubt that NC State University was the right choice for me. Whether I'm taking in the sights of the Memorial Bell Tower on my way to class, or meeting up with friends at the library, I am always reminded that NC State has given me a great institution to learn and grow. Most of all, my favorite aspect of NCSU is the balance between academics and athletics. There is definitely a rush of school pride once you have finished a week of studying, only to scream even harder on Wolfpack game days with all of your friends.


I love NC State because it is so diverse. I love the different people that attend the school. I like the fact that everyone at NC State is very career oriented and focused on school. Of course, students at NC State still have time to have fun but when it come to studying, we all focus extrememely hard. I expecially like NC State because so many people at NC State are there for the same reasons as myself, we all want to get a good education and we definitly get that at NC State.


My overall opinion is that State is a great school that is very strong in all different aspects. The Vet school is one of the top in the nation along with the College of Textiles and Engineering. There are so many different organizations (over 600) to get involved with so it is so easy to make friends! Even though the school is large, the student to faculty ratio is about 17 to 1. It is easy to get to know your professors, and have a wonderful experience here at State. Since the campus is located so close to Raleigh, there is always something to do or places to go. The traditions and involvement on campus is awesome, and I have enjoyed my experience so far.


I really like NC State, from the diverse people, to the ACC sports, to the awesome weekends. The best thing about the school is the education you receive, and the fact that you are very likely to have a job at graduation. NC State is huge, which I like. Chances are, I will see a new person everyday, if not several. When I tell people I go to State, and especially when I say I am in engineering, they are immediately impressed. There is more school pride at NC State than anywhere on the planet, just listen to the noise level at Carter-Finely on game day.


When I came to NC State I was a little worried about the size, but once I got here I knew it was the right choice for me. Because we are such a large school it is important for students to get involved in campus activities to make sure they get the most out of what NC State has to offer. There are hundreds of clubs, teams, and organizations to get involved with, and plenty of ways to get out and meet people. Another great part of NC State is that our students have a lot of school pride. Football games are so much fun, and State fans our known for our tailgates before the games. Overall NC State is a great fit for me, and has tons to offer any student that goes here.


Overall, I honestly can say I am at the perfect school for me. I enjoy being on such a large campus with over 20,000 students but also enjoy the intimacy of developing relationships with my peers and faculty. School pride is one thing I cherish on this campus. Students from all walks of life come together for different causes, as well as on game days. North Carolina State University is known for it's great academics but there are many things besides academics that make NCSU unique, such as the strong- knit community and the endless opportunities that are available for students.


When I first applied to North Carolina State Univesity I did not know much about it, I did not live in the Raleigh area and only heard of it because of NCAA Athletics. Yet after 3 wonderful years as a member of the Wolfpack, I can now say how proud I am of attending this University. It is not only a Nation-wide known and recognized University, also on a global level the wolfpack is well represented. North Carolina State University has given me many opportunities and resources towards a career and at an affordable price. Here is also where I have made life long friends and possible future career partners.


My overall opinion of North Carolina State University is that I believe this is an excellent university to choose to continue your education once you leave high school. Although the university consists of over 30,000 students, you are still able to form relationships with your professors, meet friends, excel academically, and participate in different social activities. The university is also located in a spot that has lots of access to future professional opportunities as well. I love the fact that the university is so big because it allows for students to always have something to participate in. I truly believe that this university is a wonderful school full of wonderful opportunities and I could not see myself being anywhere else.


There is no doubt that NC State University was the right choice for me. Whether I'm taking in the sights of the Memorial Bell Tower on my way to class, or meeting up with friends at the library, I am always reminded that NC State has given me a great institution to learn and grow. Most of all, my favorite aspect of NCSU is the balance between academics and athletics. There is definitely a rush of school pride once you have finished a week of studying, only to scream even harder on Wolfpack game days with all of your friends.


NC State University offers students the opportunity to study in nine different colleges that vary from Humanities & Social Sciences to Engineering to Management. The variety of competitive colleges at NC State University make it unique and apt to providing students with any passion to fit in. The most exciting part of NC State University is hearing about the successes of each of the colleges and the opportunities that the students receive from faculty, staff, and the Raleigh community. One of the logo's of NC State's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is "Small School Feel, Big School Opportunities." This encompasses the vast range of opportunities that this university has for its students. If NC State doesn't offer something that you are interested in, you can create it! This university has a strong reputation of academic success and competitive students upon graduation that makes this university both exciting and unique in North Carolina. Each student is engaged and passionate about something and NC State University encourages that each student pursue that passion. I call NC State University "home" because of the students and the opportunities that will help me be an engaged student and prepare me to be a successful professional in the future.


NCSU is a great school, but the campus is ugly and the city areas around campus are lacking compared to some other institutions of similar size.


I really enjoyed my four years at NCSU and actually wish I could have stayed longer. It's definitely a big school, but I enjoyed the change of pace from high school. The campus is not the most attractive I've seen, but a lot of it is just old and they've been doing a lot over the last several years to improve it. The new addition to the gym is awesome.


Condsidering I have wanted to attend NCSU since I was in 3rd grade, I had some pretty high expectations when I got there. Fortunately, NCSU met & even surpassed all of my expectations. The location is amazing! The campus sits right outside of downtown Raleigh and there are plenty of places to go hang out & have a laid back dinner with friends. Also, we have an unbelievable amount of school spirit. If you aren't wearing red, singing the fight song and screaming your heart out at our sporting events, then we know you must not be a part of the pack!


First things First. RALEIGH. one of the fastest growing and best places to live in the US as of right now and it doesnt look like things are going to be changing anytime soon. NCSU may be a little spread out and some people may say our campus is dated or ugly but they don't have any fucking clue what they are talking about. Theres a little something here for everyone and I personally love our campus and love how its a little spread out. If you don't enjoy walking everyone once ina while then go ahead and get yourself a wheelchair and give up on life. Football games a re amazing here and free student tickets are pretty easy to come by once you get into the swing of things. The way tickets are dispersed as far as seating goes is a little wack right now but we are fixing that. Oh also, if you do come here, stay away from a man named Paul Cousins. Im not sure what his exact position is and I've never had to meet with him personally but he is some kind of judicial person here for students how misbehave (even if only slightly, fuck we're here to have some fun as well) anyway, this man ruins lives with no regard for what he is doing and he does it in the most unprofessional and unpleasant ways. I would personally love to see him burned at the stake for the things he has done to some of my friends and in some other societies he probably would have already been burned for much less.


Huge classes. Get ready for up to 300 people in a class. Its in a small city. Its near downtown, there are bars and malls and movies. There is always something going on on campus. School pride is huge, tailgaiting and football games are the best part about NCSU.


The best thing about NCSU is the relaxed environment. It's common to walk outside your dorm and find students laid out on the grass sun tanning. One thing that I would change is the demographics. As far as the size of undergraduate students, my school is just right. Although the statistics may seem big, in reality it's not. I spend most of my time on Central Campus around the Tri-Towers. In addition to that, late nights are spent at the Wolves Den (Sports Bar located in Talley Student Center). Overall, NCSU's administration is very supportive of students ideas and opinions. The biggest recent controversy on campus was the noose found in the bathroom. I wish the school would have done more about it. Pride is an understatement when it comes to how much Wolfpackers express their loyalty. The most frequent student complaints are on advising and dining.


It's a big campus but easy to get around after the first week or so, and bus services are very convenient. Wish there wasn't so much construction going on all the time!


The best thing about NCSU is that it is a place you can feel welcome. I visited many other campuses before NCSU, and the big difference between NCSU and the other colleges was that I felt I could truly find my place at NC State. The environment is welcoming, the student body is diverse enough to fit any lifestyle, and the opportunities are huge. However, NCSU may not be for those who do not like big schools. NCSU has an enormous population, which is a positive for me. However, it may not be for others seeking smaller schools. I spend most of my time on campus in the library. My major is one which requires constant studying, and most of my free time is spent in the library doing such. Another great thing about NCSU is its intense school pride. While there are many students who choose not to participate in school spirit, the majority of the population constantly shows a school spirit that cannot be matched. Having a student body that is so invested in their school makes the atmosphere much more enjoyable for those who love having school pride.


The one thing that bothers me the most about NCSU is it seems that a large portion of the student body loves Carolina. Sure, some students were born and raised in Carolina blue, but I believe that once you set foot on State's campus, you should at least not wear their t-shirts to class-ESPECIALLY on the day we play them. I understand you can't change how you were raised, but seeing so much of that baby blue on our red campus is annoying and embarrassing. I don't think it's unfair to ask that NC State students don't wear Carolina or Duke apparrel to class. Wear any other clothing item.


Sometimes people get intimadiated by the size of NCSU but it is nothing to fear. I came from a small town and I fit into State perfectly. In such a big school there is always organizations to fit in. It is sometimes a longer walk to classes but you get used to it after awhile. There are plenty of places to eat at. You can eat on campus or easily walk to Hillsborough to many restaurants.


NCSU is in the heart of Raleigh, in the research triangle of universities. It's also the biggest public college in the state (though you still see people you know around campus regularly). Nearly every building on campus is made of red brick, so it's not exactly attractive... but you grow to like it. We have a rivalry with UNC (Chapel Hill) which they try to claim isn't real, even though it's been going on since before Duke was even established. There is a ton of school pride in regards to sports, and we consistently have the best college football fans in the state. We also typically have the best football team in the state, though that's not saying much at all. Our basketball program is traditionally good, though right now it's struggling.


The best thing about NCSU is how welcoming the community is. It was so easy to come here, get involved, make friends, and feel a part of the school right off the bat. If I could change anything it would definitely be to have more parking that is closer to dorms and classes, the parking is horrible. I think that school size is, to a degree, a subjective thing, but for me the size of NCSU is just right. I like that there will always be tons of new people for me to meet and that NCSU is kind of its own small city. I've never had any reactions other than people being impressed when I told them that I was a student at NCSU. When I'm on campus I spend a lot of time in my dorm building - the girls on my floor have all become very close so we spend a lot of time together. I spend a bit of time in the library and I go to the gym a lot. I would say the most recent controversy would be the robberies that happened about a month ago, that shook everyone up a bit but campus police responded very smoothly and have police officers available to walk with students wherever they're going after dark and offer safe rides to and from places on campus. I had no idea how strong school pride was until I got to NCSU. I love every aspect of my school and I am so proud of it. That is the general attitude of all the other students here, there's nowhere else we'd rather be. I would say the most frequent student complaints are about parking.


All my life I have attended small private schools, so coming to NC State University was a culture shock. I have loved every minute of it. The classrooms are large, the teachers are always available outside of the classroom, and my advisor has helped me beyond words. I spend most of my time on campus near the brickyard, library, or in POE (I am an education major). I would not consider Raleigh a prominant "college town", however it has many things to keep the students occupied. I do hear that they are trying to re-due Hillsborough to bring more focus close to campus. I will admit that I had always had my heart set on being a tarheel, but it took no time at all to find myself fitting in perfectly here. I wouldn't change schools for the world, I love the accepting and unique personalities of each student and the willingness of the teachers. Face it, I'm part of the Wolfpack.


I love going to NCSU. I think the campus is large, but its definitely just right for me. I love the sports aspect of our school (tailgates, basketball etc.) I grew up in Raleigh so before i came to state i didn't consider it a "college town" and i don't know if i still would, but the area of NCSU (Hillsborough) is definitely the college part of town. I don't know if you could call it a controversy but Student Body President elections were last week, and with the murder of UNC's SBP Eve Carson, there was a little tension in the air during elections. There is definitely alot of school pride at NCSU. You can tell that we love the school we go to and are loyal to the pack!


The best thing about NCSU is that its my junior year and I can still meet someone new and perhaps with a different perspective on things then me every day if I choose to. Although it is a large school which I like because I like to meet new people and have a variety of classes and extra curriculars to choose from. However, I also like that I no matter when or where I walk through campus, 9 times out of 10 I am going to run into someone I know. Although it is a large campus I have been able to find my niche in it and make friends.


My favorite thing about NCSU is the football games. We just got a new coach, and our record hasn't been super amazing in the past few years. But that doesn't matter to State fans. We are out there, rain or shine, no matter how early, to cheer on the Wolfpack. Tailgating and going to the games is something everyone does. You always run into people you know, everyone has a good time. Each year, football season reminds me of what everyone there has in and support for North Carolina State.


In my opinion our school is too big. It is only because I went to a small private school my whole life so this has been a major adjustment for me. I have also found that Raleigh is not so much of a college town because there are not that many places to hang out. The unusual thing about NCSU is that there are colleges that you have to apply to and get into within the college itself. I think it is a very strange way of setting up a university.


I think NCSU is just right, its divided up into different colleges which are small enough to meet individual needs, but then again its a big university where you can meet so many different people.


I love nc state


NCSU is huge, but I love it. The students and faculty are very helpful when it comes to academics, and I have also found that there are many oppurtunities for students to get involved in what they are interested in.


I think there is school pride. I think our school is ugly, hillsbrough street for instance is dangerous. I don't even feel comfrontable going to the library at night. Also, the parking is horrible, if you want to go to the gym you have to park 8 miles away.

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