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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


While State boasts two huge state-of-the-art libraries, both full of big tables, comfy chairs, silent floors, and study rooms, these aren't always the best places to get work done, especially during peak times like finals. There are, however, an abundance of other nifty spots to get caught up on homework. Every dorm and the on-campus apartment buildings all have at least one study lounge, some with computers and some with just tables and whiteboards. In addition, many of the class buildings themselves have computer labs and conference rooms that are available to use. Live/Learn Villages and groups like Scholars and Honors also have lounges for applicable students. Talley Student Center is a new hot spot for studying, along with our handful of coffee shops across campus. I even see people studying in dining halls and outside! No matter how much you have to do, you're sure to find a suitable spot anywhere on campus.


The best place to get work done is in the higher floors of the Bookstacks in the library. They are very quiet and they have partitioned desks. If you need to work in a group, there are group study rooms that you can reserve. There are whiteboards that you can roll in the learning commons that are helpful to work out problems on (the group study rooms also have whiteboards). On the first floor of the library there are large tables that you can write on with dry-erase markers as well. There are study lounges in every dorm and many of the academic buildings. You are sure to find a quiet place to study, even if it is outside on the Court of the Carolinas on a nice day!


The best place to work and study on campus is the D.H. Hill library. This library is conveniently located on main campus and open 24 hours during the week. With 9 floors, study rooms, a coffee shop and numerous student computers, NC State makes studying comfortable. In addition to the other libraries on campus; there are also several 24-hour computer labs located in various locations on campus.


Recently our University build the so called 'silent rooms' next to the library. This sound-proof rooms are probably the best spot to study. Unlike previous study places (library's 9th floor), this silent room is surrounded by crystal, which allows for sun light to 'enlighten' those studying


DH Hill Library! And soon.... the brand spanking new Hunt Library on Centennial Campus!

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