North Central College Top Questions

Describe how North Central College looks to someone who's never seen it.


A place for challenging your mind, discovering new things about yourself, realizing your ability to affect the outside world, and realizing your ability to affect--for good or for worse--the people that surround you.


Great sports, great education, small, open school.


North Central College is a small school that offers enormous opportunities for academic and personal growth and enrichment.


Small campus filled with opportunities galore to explore passions with caring professor while meeting a diverse ensemble of people.


NCC is a small private liberal arts college that provides everything you need to get a great education; great meaning that there is good atmosphere for learning, small classes for higher attention from professors, and most professors have a Phd in the field they teach.


North Central is the perfect place for you to really feel 'central'.


My school is a very friendly enviornment that is highly supportive of its students and focuses on encouraging students to engage in a great education.


My school is small, close-knit, and has many opportunities considering how small it is.


North Cenral offers challenging but worth while classes with professors who generally care about their students' welfare as well as a vibrant campus community that can teach a person so much about who they are and who they may become in the relatively short time spent there.


North Central focuses on who you are and where you are going, and lets you live up to your full potential.