North Central College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


North Central College is best known for being one of the top-rated liberal arts colleges in the Midwest. It has a multitude of study areas and a diverse student body along with having an astounding location in the heart of downtown Naperville.


My school is really well known for people who are in sports. If you're not in a sport it's also hard to meet people. A lot of people are in cliques based on the sport they're in. It's really easy for this to happen at North Central College because of the small size of the school. NCC is also well known for their wonderful academics. If there's anyting to brag about, it's the great Professors that you will have.


Our running teams, meaning our men's cross country, and track & field teams.


North Central College is about a learning community that is built within a neighborhood. If you want that small college feel with small classroom size and a great relationship with your teachers, North Central is the place to come to! Athletic, academic, and theatrically focused, no matter what you do all sorts of students fit in. It's located right in downtown Naperville with plenty of things to do and jobs to get. Hard work is needed... but if you come to learn, you will succeed. Teaching, biology, philosophy, Athletic training, there are many things North Central is known for.


Our school is known for it's location right next to Downtown Naperville. It is also known for our Science and Theater department.


North Central College is best known for its friendly learning environment and encouraging professors. Also, the opportunites available on and around campus make for an enriched experience.


Part of the charm of North Central is the location. Located right in downtown Naperville there are tons of restaurants and places to eat near campus and the metra station down to Chicago is only a two blocks away. Our campus facilities are also growing wildly with a new fine arts center this year, refurbished buildings completed,a new residential hall/recreational center due to finish next year, and even a new science center in the works. In terms of academics, most of the professors are quite good at what they do - learning is certainly a central focus at NCC.


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