North Central College Top Questions

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It places an emphasis on loving to learn, whether it be about something in the area you want to work in or just about something you heard about sometime in the past and thought it was worth learning about.


The unique thing about North Central College is it's overall student atmosphere. From the dominance in athletics to the rigor in academics, this school stands out above the rest. The people on campus are truly interested in each other and work to grow as a successful community. There is always an aura of acceptance and compassion throughtout the student body.


The school is situated among residential blocks of housing; it's so nice to see people walking their dogs in the morning or kids walking home from school as you stroll around campus. It has a wonderful close-to-home feeling.


North Central College offered a close-knit community with a rich and diverse teacher and student population.


One of the main things is what I already listed above. The other is that they have easy access to a city but at the same time have a community feel. East Asian Studies is also not a very common major to have in IL only a couple schools have it. They also have several unique classes for that major ,like Oriental Brush painting.


This school has smaller classes so there is a one on one basis with the teachers. I am constantly emailing my teachers, they get back to me very fast, and we have time to talk and make appointments without our schedules being crammed. The school is located in Downtown Naperville that has many restaurants, little shops, and a great place to take a stroll.


NCC is unique because the professors here care about who you are, and you have endless oppertunities.


North Central is more unique than the major universities I wanted to attend because of the one on one relationship with professors and the opportunities that are offered post-graduation being so close to the city of Chicago. The high academic standards encourage students to work harder but never too much that the students cannot have fun!


it's just the right size


North Cenral has such a diverse range of extra curricular activies and ways to get involved outside of the classroom, especially in the ministry and service department which has several service-oriented trips that go out each break as well as hosts opportunities to get involved in the community both in Naperville and in surrounding communities.


It was a small liberal arts school with a large mindset. The school keeps expanding and likes to progresss and move forward just like the students that attend the school. The location right next to downtown Naperville, IL also made the school appealing and the school was willing to help my family and I with our financial situation by giving us proper financial aid and scholarships.


Small class sizes. Suburban, home-y campus. Close to the city of Chicago without actually being in the city itself.


The size, it's athletics, the people