North Central College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about North Central College?


When I'm bragging about North Central I tell them about how successful all of our sports teams are and what a friendly envvironment it it. Also, the food quality and meal plan are both very good and it is right next to downtown Naperville which is fun.


The things about brag about at my college is how smart our students are. We are the top academic private school and we get a great education here. Most of the people who graduate leave with jobs or careers this is what I brag about the most.


I don't brag abouut anything . The thing I like most about my college is that it has lots of opitions for studying abroad in Japan and that they as a college understand the importance of when studying a culture it is best to get some experience in that country. They are also suppose to be very high ranked in their Japanese program.


At NCC the students are always very friendly and helpful. The professors are always open to speaking with the students and are willing to talk to you about anything you need help with. The small class sizes offer a comfortable learning environment.


What I brag about my school most to my friends is how I searched for three years and multiple states to find a school that would be right for me and how after all that time it ended up being forty-five minutes from my home.


I brag about the small classes and fun teachers that are interested in what I have to say. At the larger schools, a student ends up just being a number in a lecture hall, taught by somebody who isn't a professor. I'm getting my money's worth when it comes to my education, and the benefit of learning under capable and professional teachers who are eager to help me become the best person I can be when I head out into the world as a graduate. I'm proud to be a student at North Central College.


The close proximity to Chicago offers numerous opportunities while Naperville itself is one of the safest towns I've been to. North Central has a medium sized enrollment which allows for easy access to professor's assistance while still providing facilities of a larger sized campus.