North Central College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who would like an education that is focused on their own major but also wants some education on wider, cross-major topics in order to be a well rounded student. This school likes to focus on the real-world applications of the things that you learn.


Anyone who is interested in having an incredible academic experience and wants a small private college.


North Central College claims home to a unique type of student body. This school is an excellent fit for individuals who are ready to fill their minds with loads of information in every aspect imaginable; someone who is looking for a challenge as well as a hard-earned education. A student interested in this school should be prepared to be disciplined, surrounded by a friendly student-body, interested in an exciting lively atmosphere and most importantly ready to be independent and make decisions that will directly impact their future.


Someone who is very outgoing and has a leadership background will do very well at my school. She needs to be self-motivated and willing to help others and network on and off campus.


Students who are interested in a close-knit community should attend this school. There is a great deal of focus on reading and writing papers. Faculty goes above and beyond, in order to help in classes and with participation in relevant career-related activities. There are a wide variety of extra curricular activities available. There is plenty to do on the weekends, because the campus is located in Downtown Naperville, and is next to the train station. Weekend trips to Chicago are easily accessible. Everyone is extremely friendly. It is an extremely welcoming campus.


People that like really small schools should attend this school. The class sizes are really small, like 15 to 25 people on average. Some classes get about 30 or 35, but there are not a lot of those. This school has really good campus safety, and the city it is in, their are not a lot of crimes happening around here. The environment around the school is really nice as well. The campus is in and around other homes and families, but they are all nice. Another reason to come here is for sports or music.


Someone who likes small classes with about 15-30 students and ejoys being with a small group of friends. Someonw who wants the academics to be at the forefront of their attention and needs/wants help from professors and or advisors.


North Central is a pretty inclusive/accomodating place so there isn't only one type of student who should attend. Even though North Central is a small school, you should be able to find your niche be that you're interested in sports, in music, in volunteering and faith-based activities, business, or pretty much anything on your mind. If you think of a student group that is missing but you'd like to see, you can start your own! There is much opportunity for 1-on-1 interaction with Professors and to do research with them!


people that like small school and want a godo education


EVERYONE. This is a very accepting school


Anyone who thinks it will benefit them