North Central College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend North Central College?


People who don't want to educate themselves, or learn from professors who have real life experience in the fields they teach should not attend North Central College. If you are not open to meeting new people or willing to take risks in classroom situations, North Central is not the place for you.


Someone who is looking for a party school where teachers do not know them and they are stuck in a big lecture hall. At NCC teachers know you, your classes are small, and you need to attend class (and actually learn something) in order to succeed and graduate.


Someone who wants a huge party scene daily and is not willing to work very hard for high grades. Also someone who hides behind the crowd in huge lecture classes and rarely participates.


Many different "kinds" of people attend this school. I believe, many that attend, like the small average class size.


Someone who is looking for a big city or country experience should not come here. Also, someone who wants a large social scene or someone who wants to blend into the crowd should not come here.


people who want to party


Those who do not like fast paced terms. This school is very fast paced.


Students who are more interested in sports and the social scene should not attend North Central. Small classes and academic relationships with faculty and other students are more beneficial to students who are truly at school to learn and pursue a career, not just to take the next step after high school until they figure out what else to do with their lives.