North Central Missouri College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Campus Discovery Knowing what I know now, the advice I would give myself is to apply for college as early as possible. Also I would advise myself to apply for scholarships that can help me pay for school and school-like expenses. I would try to remember all of what I learned in high school because it would help me along the way through college and in life, because college is when you step into the real world and learn responsibility on your own. I would take the time to prepare myself for this transition by saying reminding myself of the information I was given by other who did this before me. One thing is that responsibility is one of the biggest part of college life because it trains you to be come independent because our parents will not be there with us. Certain things we will be responsible for doing ourselves. Another important part of college is doing your class work. It is very important to stay focus and try your hardest to pass your classes because college is not like high school.The professors hold you more accountable and they don't care if you complete the work .


If I could write a letter to me. Just before my senior year; I'd start off telling myself your baby doll you've had forever name is Tamara. You may think you're not going to college, but let me tell you you are. Mrs. Enyeart will talk you into it don't think she won't. You're not going to get to do the things you want by working as a waitress anyways. You should really take an english class this year; I know you love singing, but it'll just be disappointing. And I know physical education is really important, but do you need really three of them. Let's take algebra; I know that you hate math, but I'm telling you it's easier just fo learn it now. Don't rush through your first college you'll work yorself to death for a degree that's not hight enough for any job you want. Don't worry we're going back to get are bachlors. I hope the Doctor finds you, pay heed to my advice don't tread the same path as I. I hope it turns out better, sooner for you.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have told myself to pay attention a little more closely to what the teachers were telling me and to listen alot more to my elders because when you move to college it is alot different because there arn't parents there to turn to when you need things and you have to go meet different friends.

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