North Central Texas College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anybody can attend this school


It is a very good in between school for students working on transferring from university to university.


If you have to pay rent, and all the money you make is for yourself and you also need to make a flexible schudule, this school is for you. This school can work around your schudule and get you on the right track to going in to a university to gettting a four year degree.


Someon who can adapt to the outdoors-there are so many specatacular things about living in Alask, but the darkness is difficult for people if you don't enjoy outdoors activities, or stay active.


A person who needs a smooth and slow transition to college life should go to North Central Texas College. They have very good teachers and advisors that make the big step to college much easier. There are many ways to communicate with your teachers outside of class as well as during class time. They also have many locations so if you want to leave home for college you can at a very affordable price.


A person with an open mind and heart should attend this could because with this school, anything is possible.


People who should attend NCTC are those who are seeking to start there for basics and to save money. It is a great place to start before entering a university. Also people who have had a hard time in high school should start there, and if they make decent grades, it will be easier to attend a university of their choosing.


Primarily, someone INTERESTED in getting their education. Anyone that wants to succeed at getting their degree and making their life better would be a great student for NCTC.