North Central Texas College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


This school is all about education, everyone here is about studying. Sure the fact that this school is a starter college guarantees your fair share of potheads and future drop outs, but for the most part this school is comprised of former screw ups, veterans, and kids who , like me, just couldnt afford to go to a four year university. I like how this school is about people seriously trying to make something out of themselves. It's a little too serious some times but its okay.


There are 2 things that I consider great about my school. The first one, is the cost of attending classes. I know that I have saved more than 50% by choosing that school. Another thing that I like is the teacher to student ratio, there are smaller classrooms, which really helps the teacher know the students and help them achieve their goals.


My school is a local, smaller campus. The staff is helpful, caring, and make you feel completely comfortable. NCTC is affordable and at the same time your getting great quality for your money. Truely a great education is here for anyone and everyone. The nursing program is one of the best in the state. Luckily for me... I was recently accepted into this great program. There is more to this school than 100 words give credit to. I truely wouldn't attend anywhere else.


I consider the cost of NCTC to be one of its most advantageous aspects; NCTC is about three times cheaper than one of the most inexpensive public schools in Texas. Also, from my experience, the faculty are willing to work with students after class and outside of the classroom to explain a lesson a student may be struggling to understand.