North Central University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is beautifully made.


North Central is extremely fun and very helpful in every aspect.


Carl Sandburg College is a great stepping stone for students to get themselves on track.


great school if you are going to do ministry, councling, teaching, or music.


North Central is a very friendly environment where God is put first in all things and the community around us is impacted positively.


Hard -core Pentecostal, Carismatic, God seeking, leadership rearing center for higher education.


Very good and friendly but question sometimes if the academics and school is worth the money that is charged.


a tiny, close-knit community amongst a big city.


North Central is a Christ centered, Christian community that creates a great environment to grow spiritually, it is a Christian college that lets you figure out for yourself what you believe in, while encouraging you to follow God's calling on your life. As well, because of this Christ centered, Christian community, it allows for a safe, fun environment to create real, lasting friendships.


Learning who we are together.


North Central University is a Christ centered university that strives for academic excellence and strives for students to grow deeper in their faith.


The campus at North Central is very small, but to me that just means that you get to know everyone there very well and make a lot of friends; I love that the buildings are all so close together, and that skywalks connect a pretty good amount of them.