North Central University Top Questions

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The atmosphere of people. When I arrived I didn't know a single person here and by the end of orientation I had met a large amount of people. We have chapel everyday during the week, guest lecturerers and renowned speakers are flown in weekly to provide variety and interesting sessions.


It is a completely Christian school.


it's religious-affiliated. it is in the city. it's small enough to where mostly everyone knows everyone else. the food is really good, compared to what i've heard about other schools.


It's a private, Christian school. If you fit in the category of conservative Christian, you know that there will be people around who believe much of what you believe. The staff here rocks. The student life loves to involve. On the downside, when religion is ALL people think about- those people tend to be a bit weird. But overall, I made good friends who were good people.


North Central isn't just all about learning a bunch of facts in your field. They work hard to give all students opportunity to develop as human beings wholistically--leadership, social skills, learning skills, and spirituality. While North Central does not try to indoctrinate their students to an unreasonable extent, they do push students to develop in all of these facets of life.


i am a sign language interpreting major and the thing that was the most unique to me about north central compared to other colleges was the fact that north central has a program for deaf students. it is really awesome to be walking down the hall and being able to stop and say hello to one the deaf students. there are a lot of events that happen at the school and the deaf students are just as involved as the hearing students. it is really awesome to see the hearing students and the deaf students at north central interact.