North Central University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing would be just not having avalibilty to all teachers if needed. Sometimes teachers are hard to find, unless you have talked to them. But sometimes, it is hard to track them down.


Tuition prices in relation to academic quality is inflated.


To be honest, there isn't anything that comes to mind.


The worst thing I consider about my school would be too many restrictions. I feel that we should be given the freedom and be trusted to make the best decisions for ourselves.


The worst thing at North Central would probably be the division in dorms at times.


Small college campus - there is a ton to do around the campus, but the overall campus is pretty small


pis poor accounting offices... and all administration


I'm a details and results focused individual, so the emotions and relationship focus of my classmates is challenging. It's good to be reminded that perfection is not the goal, but being subtly criticized for the way I prioritize my time, effort and energy is still frustrating. Be prepared to compromise and remember that NCU is all about community and leadership.


They don't prepare us for the real world.


The worst thing about my school is that, they are looking for perfect students. My schools policies make it so that they "weed out" bad or troubled students. In my opinion I think if a student is in need of help, kicking them out doesn't solve the problem.