North Central University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not religious. This is an assembly of God school and we are required to minor in the Bible.


A person with a personal relationship with God, and someone who is looking for a place where they can grow not only academically but spiritually. A person who wants to activley seek a deeper relationship with God.


One that has no desire to experience the Lord's presence.


Someone who hates city life


Conservative Christian person who still is following the orders of mommy and daddy, and their pastor at their church. Also, somebody who is closed minded to any religion other than their own. Somebody who doesn't take their career or education seriously. Somebody who wants to be a pastor.


Someone who is bisexual, homosexual, partier, dishonest, dresses immodestly or is rebellious and disrepectful to authority should not attend this school. You must be able to follow the rules that are set by this community. When you apply to this University you will recieve a list of Community Standards which you have to sign in order to apply. If you don't agree, or cannot follow this list of standards while attending school here, please don't apply. You will not start a revoloution to change this school, please don't try. It is already a great place.


Anybody and everybody should attend this school.


People who can't live by higher/christian standards.


Anyone, NCU is very diverse.


Someone who is driven spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.


North Central is for Christians who take their faith very seriously. If you don't, you will not like it here. There is no drinking allowed, it is difficult to have sex on campus, though not impossible. Don't come here if you're looking for a typical partying experience at college.


The kind of person who is not open to any bit of religion and religious activity should not come here because it is at the heart of the school. This school was founded as a religious institution. Yet if someone is open to learning about the Pentecostal/evangelical part of Christianity then North Central is a great place for that.


well, considering this school is a Christian University, one who is not a Bible based believer.