North Dakota State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


North Dakota State University is a research based campus that strives to propel students into their future career path, by providing qualified professors, diverse academic majors, and many opportunities on and off campus.


North Dakota State University is a college that has everything a student would need to be successful. Everything is within walking distance on campus and very accessable. The school also has tutoring available to any student struggling with their classes, which is a very nice addition.


North Dakota State University is a small campus with a very homey feel. Stretching no more than a couple of blocks NDSU seems large and intimidating at first, but with little time NDSU begins to feel like home. Just like the comfort of your own living room, NDSU’s campus is comforting as well. Scared, Fear, and Intimidation are emotions that are rarely felt at on NDSU’s campus if ever. Campus is not only a place of study but also a place of gathering. The size and homey feel of campus makes me glad that I chose NDSU.


North Dakota State University is focused on providing a supportive learning environment to prepare students for future careers and research positions.


My school is very organized and fun and has a lot of choices for classes and majors.


North Dakota State University combines excellent opportunities to excel in academics with a strong foundation of community to make for a successful and rewarding college experience.


My school is alive, colorful, full of potential, and lots of oppertunities to expand and make lots of friends.


North Dakota State University is a great place that offers many different majors with great professors in each field, and also provides many options for extra organizations and groups to become involved in.


North Dakota State University is a student-focused, highly successful educational institution with numerous academic programs in which you can achieve your educational goals.


Big college with a little college atmosphere.


mid-western, reaserch university


A place where students and staff come together as one to grow, learn, and have fun.


NDSU is a friendly campus where it's easy to get allong with people.


North Dakota State University actually cares about your and helps you succeed in the classroom!


My school is place of where honesty, hardwork, and tolerance are held in high standards with regards to how it is ran and the students that attend it.


It is an amazing community that allows students to learn, grow, and achieve greatness while they are attending school here and the faculty and staff work hard to assist students in not only learning in the classroom but also learning about life skills.


A fun place to explore new things and figure out who you want to be.


North Dakota State University is diverse, welcoming, and highly regarded for their education.


North Dakota State University is a prestigious institution dedicated to the development of all students in their persuit of: Science, Health, Agriculture, Mathamatics, Art, Engineering, Archetecture or Education studies.


North Dakota State University prides itself on academically focused programs and students and strives to educate students in order to competitively place them in the job market.


Ndsu is an aspiring college.


North Dakota State University is a phenomenal school for students, because the atmosphere is so friendly, supportive, and safe with professors who are always willing to listen and learn with you and facilities that are engaging and provide all the latest technology right at your fingertips.


My school is a fun place to learn and be social.


A local and friendly university still establishing itself.


NDSU is a great school to attend with tons of school spirit and pride, the winters are freezing and the summers are humid but its a great campus with professors and students that are willing to help you advance yourself as a student and person.


NDSU lacks certain things that a great university needs: diversity, excitement, and fun surroundings.


friendly fun and a great learnign environment


North Dakota State University is a campus on which a diverse student body works hard and excels both academically and socially while maintaining a strong pride for the Bison.


NDSU is a great place to live and learn. It's small enough to feel like home, but big enough that there is lots to do!


Community atmosphere with friendly and fun filled people walk the campus on a day to day basis.


North Dakota State University is a fun, diverse college where students can grow academically and develop into tomorrow's leaders.


It feels like a home away from home!

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