North Dakota State University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


FOOTBALL! and research. the president has kept the tradition of football alive in the state


When most people think of North Dakota all that comes to mind is the frigid cold weather, but what most don't realize is this school and state is filled with the most welcoming people I have ever met. Coming from Kansas, North Dakota State Univerisity was a big change but was the best decision I had ever made, this school has provided me with many opporutnites and I am very involved on campus which makes me see campus in a whole other view and helps me prepare for life after college.


NDSU is best known for its support of the college athletics and the Bison name. Sports are a big part of life here at NDSU and although academics are definitely important, the Bison are supported by students and the community alike. Bison events are attended, loved, and remembered by many alumni. Because of the great experience you have as a Bison during your college years, coming back to sporting events as an alumni are even more special. Being a Bison inspires pride and honor for the college, the community, and within all of the people you meet at NDSU.


In the past, North Dakota State University has been known for its strong focus on argricultural education and research. Though it still carries a strong reputation for that, current times are placing a much stronger focus also on the Art, Architecture and Landscape Architecture programs which are now housed in the new downtown campus. Currently, the Architecture program here ranks among the top 25 in the country.


NDSU is known for its sports, and its great academics and research.


I think our school is best known for its athletics. Our basketball, football, and volleyball teams have all done well in the past. Our school has a lot of school spirit, even if the teams dont always do the best. We take pride in our university and like to show that to everyone.


We are known for our sports mostly. We are also known for specific fields that NDSU specializes in. For example, Agriculture, architecture, and engineering.


agriculture programs and business programs


NDSU is best known for football, agriculture, engineering, and architecture.


NDSU is best known for many things. It is hard to chose just a couple, but if you are into sports we have an excellent sports program for men and women and a new wellness facility located on campus. NDSU is also known for a couple of major programs such as engineering and agriculture. However, it doesn't matter what you chose to come to NDSU for because you will be able to find the major you want with extra-curricular activities that you will enjoy.


During the flood of 2009, NDSU, as well as the surrounding community, came together to fight against the waters of the Red River. NDSU has always been an active member of the FM community. The same can be said of the school's neighbors. Having grown up in the FM area, I remember going to Bison football games with my family and running into people from all across town, there to support the pride and joy of Fargo. There is a sense of community here that will make anyone feel right at home.


The Gold Star Marching Band!


Our school is mostly known for its strong Engineering and Agriculture programs.




My school is the best Agricultural school in the midwest. They offer a variety of programs. They conduct extensive research in plants scieces.


This school is best known for its engineering and pharmacy programs


I don't believe that NDSU stands out specifically in any one area.


NDSU is probably best known for its research. It recently acquired a $10 million grant, and it has ongoing research projects that are quite accomplished and well-respected.


There land grant programs, and agro


NDSU is best known for the agricultural and engineering program as well as their football team.


Are football team and architure programs also much much more


Football, Architecture, Engineering, Agriculture


political activity, excelling athletics, culturally diverse, zero tollerence for failure or cheating.

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