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What's unique about my school is the high level of education you receive for the small cost of a state school. NDSU is very highly regarded for the amount of education a student gets when attending. For the price that I am paying for NDSU most schools do not offer nearly as much education as NDSU for the price to attend.


At NDSU there is alot of diversity, which provides you with the chance to meet alot of new people from all over and get to know more about their ways of life and culture. Also one thing that stands out is, even though there is around 14,000 students attending NDSU, the professor still will give you one on one help if needed so you do not get lost in the crowd.


North Dakota State University is a medium-sized university with a small community feel. Other colleges and universities I visited, I felt like I would get lost in a sea of students. At NDSU, it was large enough to offer all of the important services, programs, and activities I was looking for, but I still received individualized attention from the faculty and staff.


There is a very good Wellness Center here, but the only bad part is that there is no pool connected to it.


North Dakota State University gave me an opportunity to truly discover the life path I wanted to follow. My first degree was zoology, then I changed to nursing, until I finally settled on food and nutrition. NDSU is big enough that it was able to fulfill all of my desired future career changes, yet small enough that I got the support to find what I was truly passionate about.


It is located in a large city, the Fargo-Moorhead area, but it is not spread throughout the city like other campuses like the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The most of the campus is located all together, but it is not squished together. There are a few select buildings that are located off campus, but there are plenty of buses to get you back and forth. Another unique feature is that we renovated our Wellness/Health Center in 2007, but we all ready need to do it again because our school is growing so fast.


NDSU has free washers and dryers in Residence Halls, unlimited meal plan, a lot of food options on campus such as Taco Bell, Hamburger Stand, Hoggie Hut, and they also have a lot of food options just off campus like Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebees, Burger King, Mccdonalds, Subway, and Jimmy Johns.


The distance away from home, average yearly price, balanced with the strength of North Dakota State University's engineering program strongly weighed into why I chose this school. Only being 4 hours away from home, I can visit on a weekend, but still be able to be independent. North Dakota State University is also strong in the field of study I wish to become employed in, a definite advantage. The cost of attending North Dakota State University is also in the appropriate range for me as a young student.


I think this school is unique because we have started a downtown campus. The school has shuttles that bus students down to an historic area of Fargo. I think having buildings away from main campus allows students to get away from school a bit and learn in a totally new and inspiring environment.


North Dakota State University's financial aid department helps you figure out what needs to be done rather then making you figure it out yourself.


One thing I have noticed while living here at NDSU is how close knit the campus is. I cannot walk from one end of campus to the other without seeing someone I know. So, despite the often dreary weather, there is always someone to cheer you up. It's like having a constant silver lining! And who else has a bison mascot named Thundar.


From other schools, I think this school is a more tight knit family almost. The pride that this school carries is tremendus and is something that a lot of people enjoy here. The size is just perfect, not too big but not a small town feel either.


This school has a great campus with many amenities offered. They are great when it comes to distance education and assisting their students to achieve maximum potential for success. The professors and advisors that I have met so far are very kind and will make time in their busy schedules to help you out when you need it.


My major is architecture, and at NDSU they have a five year master's program. The program is shorter, but it's more compact. With the five year program, you bypass the bachelor's degree, and go straight for the master's.


The most unique thing about NDSU rather than other schools is that you are able to get the small-town feel while living in the city. Fargo is a nice community and there is not as much crime as in bigger cities. Also, people up here are very nice; the most common term for people up here is "Minnesota or North Dakota nice". People who are not from around here always comment on how friendly people are here and if you need anything there is always someone to help, all you have to do is just ask.


NDSU is more agriculturally based which makes it different from other schools. If you are looking for a career with animals or crops, NDSU is the school for you!


NDSU has a great atmosphere. Although there are over 13,000 students, it still feels like a tight-knit environment. I love my campus and have become very loyal to it. Also, we have a great athletics program. The students are loyal fans and show a lot of support. NDSU offers many different activities to do for free on campus. So, this helps students save money while still being able to have a good time with friends. I am a student employee here too. I have personally seen how much the departments go out of their way to help.


It is a bigger school but still not huge. It has massive amounts of activities and there is ALWAYS something going on around campus.


My school is unique because of its close proximity to my home and communicy I was raised in.


Ndsu has a large variety of majors/minors to choose from. It allows you to have a specific major with a broad minor.


A unique aspect of NDSU was that they offered my major, Radiologic Science. This is a bachelors program here with a 2 year internship before graduation.


The unique thing about this school is that it is a smaller school but has a "big school" feel when it comes to athletics. Not only have we just become devision one in varsity sports, we have also recently expanded our student wellness center to accompany all of the students. They tripled the size of the wellness center and there is always room for students since our school is such a small size!


The campus is beautiful and easy to get around. There is so much school pride and a big push for academic and career success.


At this school we have so many opportunities to meet people and join clubs, and the majority of them are free. We have a free bus service, free dance club in our union and free clubs around campus. They seem to recognize that we are club students living on our own, so they don't add extra fees to our tuition.


NDSU and the city of Fargo, ND offer almost everything a large school and city has, without being too big or too small. It is perfectly sised, but still very diverse.


They have a very good engineering program and their value is excellent financially.


It is the friendliest school I have ever atteneded. Also there are always things to do on campus or off campus to keep one busy.


the wellness center is awesome. I really like how it is layed out, its a rectangle and nothing not on campus is in it and nothing on campus is off it. there isn't a persons house in the middle of campus that really isn't on campus.


It was a lot better price for the education I got


I worked at the school the summer before I attended so I already knew what campus was like and what to expect when I began school.

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