North Dakota State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about North Dakota State University has to be it's parking. We have to pay hourly to park on-campus throughout the day, and there aren't many areas to park that are centrally located. Commuters either have to park a few blocks from the main campus, or pay 2 dollars an hour to park in a parking lot that is close by the academic buildings. Along with the terrible parking, if your caught with an expired time card, you will receive a ticket for $20 dollars.


The worst part about NDSU is that there is a lack of night life activities. The community is not known for having a very exciting life style so that takes away a lot of opportunities. There are no dance clubs or anything for people under the age of 21 to go out and do late at night.


The worst thing about our school is its location. Fargo is windy and cold. It is be reasonable to assume there will be snow on the ground in late October.


The weather, because right now it's -10 and cold. Some of the main building's hallways are a little small, because they've been remodeling for the past 3 years or so.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of availability of programs. Since it isn't a really large college (although it it decent-sized) it may not have everything that some people are looking for. However, it still offers many great programs and opportunities for students with what it currently has.


the parking tickets. they do their job but man, give us slack.


The worst thing about NDSU is the brutial winters. Students wonder why they would ever want to live in such and environment; but when spring comes around you remember why you choose NDSU again.


My college experience while attending North Dakota State University was great. The only thing I would consider the worst thing about NDSU is the distance to walk between each class. The campus is continually growing and expanding making it difficult to find a parking spot close to where I had class.


The meal plan is the worst part because they have very limited choices and the main line food is never very good. They also don't have very many choices for vegetarians. They also don't have very good yogurt.


The weather. But that's not the fault of the school. It's just a fact about Fargo and North Dakota in general.


I just don't like how expensive some things are, like online classes and online programs we have to sign up for. That's all.


The disadvantages of my school are divided between its relatively unknown reputation, and the extreme weather. Because of the widely known University of North Dakota, the school I attend is somewhat overlooked, a disadvantage when looking for a career after my education. Also, the extreme cold and windy conditions have some risk involved. The ice and snow increase the chances of accidents and health problems. However, an experience that is difficult to overcome is usually advantageous in the long run.


I find that the class sizes are often times too big. This makes communicating with the proffessors very difficult when more help is needed or if you just need to discuss a matter with them. I would not say that they are unreasonable and will never meet with their students, it is just the the amount of students they see on a daily basis can overwhelm them.


Since I have to choose what the worst thing is about my school, I have to say that the worst thing about NDSU is that in the winter the temperatures get really, really cold. I wish we had more tunnels, but it is nice that we have tunnels from the High Rise residence halls to the West dinning center.


The worst part about the school is the amount scholarship money that is spent on athletics compared to other majors. For example, over half of the football team and over half of the basketball teams receive full-ride tuition for four years if they come and play. However, scholarships for academics is low. There are many talented and smart people who do not play a sport; unfortunately, they do not get the scholarship recognition as an athlete.


Location is probably the worst thing about NDSU. Obviously it is inhumanly cold here from about November to March, but also Fargo is a smaller city with a lot of generic qualities. I would like to see more of an Indi vibe to the area instead of more chain restaurants and major department stores.


The worst thing about NDSU is that we are in finacial burden. We have spent an excessive amount of money building new buildings that may not have been necessary when so many of the existing buildings are in desperate need of repair. The dorms are very old and many things need to be fixed. Sometimes it seems like they would rather spend money on athletics than spend money to benefit all the students.


The worst thing about NDSU are the cold weather conditions! You really have to bundle up when your walking around campus.


I would have to say the worst thing about my school is walking outside is the winter. I wish the parking lot could be more centralized and that more of the buildings could be connected by skywalks or something.


The worst thing would have to be that there are to many opportunities to do things or become involved in that I want to do so many but don't have enough time or money to be in as much as I would like.


the funding


Although I enjoy the academic opportunities at North Dakota State University, I don't appreciate the cold weather or the sluggish road construction.


the president spends too much money on unneccessary things


I really felt ripped off when it came to paying for books and other expenses. They sell the books at a certain price and buy them back for about a tenth of what they were sold for. Then they sell them for the same price as they did before. Also, they conveniently lost an email I sent them about canceling a meal plan. I ended up having to pay a $50 late cancellation fee. The professors do not answer emails either, especially when I'm trying to find information about future classes I want to enroll in.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the cost. Its not very cheap so its not a school that anyone can attend. Although, the advantage is that the tuition is used to make our campus a great place and provides us with alot of great resources.


North Dakota winters can be rough. Walking to class with windchills below zero isn't always fun, and I do wish we had more "underground tunnels" to avoid the cold. I would have to say this aspect of NDSU would have to be the worst.


I find the weather a bit unpredictable and rather cold. Though it does not lend to much disatifaction within itself, it can be somewhat annoying with the heavy wind. Aside from the weather, the schools does not offer much space to sit and study outside from class and study rooms within the dorms.


A lot of the buildings need to be renovated because they are so outdated and some of the equipment in the labs does not work properly.


The cold weather. There is really not to much that is wrong with this school. I find it very suitable to my needs.


Well no school is perfect. Yeah there are some problems, but everyone see them differently. There are problems with professors who really should not be teaching a certain class, or teaching at all, but generally they know what they are doing and do it well.


The weather. It's really cold and windy.


The lack of tunnels because we live in a colder climate it would help.


It is cold in North Dakota, so walking across the big campus can be a bummer!


The most frustrating aspect of my school is that the science departments seem to have a significant lack of funding to update equipment and to provide adequate equipment for field research in laboratory classes.


English department and communication department. Don't tech and grade fairlly or right.


The worst thing about NDSU is the large classes.

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