North Dakota State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I hear that a lot of people think that NDSU is full of small town, farm grown agriculture students. Truth is that I only know a couple agriculture students. During my time here I have seen students of every ethnicity, background, and major. I myself am a history and social science education major. My roommate is a vet tech major, my old roommate is a nursing major, and a good friend is a criminal justice major. NDSU attracts all different kinds of students from the midwest region. You'll for sure meet new and interesting people.


I haven't had the opportunity to see stereotypes because of the diversity on campus. There are so many things to do or be involved in that you really do have an almost unlimited choice. If you don't see the one thing you want on our student activities list, students are allowed to stop by the Student Activities office and start another club.



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