North Dakota State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love NDSU. Before I actually started classes I was planning on transferring to a different school for spring semester. I quickly changed my mind. I love the atmosphere, they do a lot to make campus look nice. The staff is friendly and helpful. I really like how they help you without baby-ing you or assuming you know everything. When I have sought out help they answer all my questions and tell me what I need to do. I feel that I am not left to fight for myself yet I feel that I am learning how to get things done for myself. I especially love the dining options. Both of NDSU's meal plans are unlimited so you don't have to worry about rationing out your meals for the week. There are also 3 different dining centers and 2 of those feature 2 different hot lines (in addition to their soup, salad, and sandwich lines) so you can surely find something you like. Also, most of the residence halls are attatched to a dining center (or extremely close) so you don't have to choose between starving and going out in the cold. As far as size goes NDSU has it just right. Campus is big enough so you can feel like you are getting away from your dorm but small enough that you don't freeze solid walking to classes on those cold Fargo winter days. NDSU also has a downtown campus. If you don't bring a car or don't want to drive it you don't have to worry because city buses (which you can ride for free) come through campus every 20 minutes or less I think it is. One of my favorite things is I have not yet had a TA teach any of my classes, and I don't know anyone who has. The one and only thing I don't like is parking. Some lots fill up fast, I can usually still find a spot but sometimes I have to park about 5 minutes (walking) away from my dorm. But if thats the worse thing about NDSU then NDSU is overall pretty awesome.


The best thing about this school is that it makes me feel comfortable. I have been to other colleges and when I started at this one, I just knew that this is where I fit in. The only complaint I can think of that I have heard was that the school is kind of big, this is true. The students who do not go here do not know how great that is. I understand that some people do not like big schools, but here there are a number of classes and majors that you can choose that offer smaller classes and the opportunity to be known by your classmates and professor. However, one thing I like is a combination of big and small classes as I have had at least one of each every semester and the best part is that you have a copious amount of people to make friends with. If you want a school with a lot of Bison pride, you have found the right one.


Class sizes are large. But I like the diversity and "realness" of the campus environment- unpretentious.

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