North Dakota State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any person who wants to achieve their best and enjoy their college experience should attend NDSU. The science and math departments are very strong and have very well educated professors and teaching assistants running them. If a student is interested in entering a scietific or mathmatical field, they chould come to NDSU


A person that would attend this school should be creative, fun loving, and career oriented. NDSU takes academics very serious and is a leading school for many colleges such as engineering and pharmacy. There is a variety of colleges so a variety of people come to campus. He or she should like snow and colder weather and enjoy traveling. An outdoorsman is also a great trait to have when coming to the school because we have a lot of wild life in the area. Also, a student should be open to research and lab work.


A person who is comfortable in a large group setting, able to understand professors with foreign accents, and enjoys a diversity of people should attend this school. Also, a student who is interested in psychology, athletics, agriculture, or pharmacy would find NDSU particularly helpful for their academic and career future.


Someone who seeks to get a solid education in virtually any field, and take advantage of the opportunities of a rapidly growing research university. A tolerance of cold weather is also a must.


Any person who wants to achieve his/her dreams sould attend this collge. College requires time, commitment, and ambition. Learning here is alot of fun. It's a large school with so many different opportunities. I recommend anyone who is going into agriculture or engineering to attend this school in particular.


A person who is willing to work hard and be dedicated to the task at hand. They must be able to sacrifice extra curricular activities to achieve the grades desired.


Anybody and everybody can attend NDSU. It is a great environment. I feel that the school is very accepting.


Anyone that has a career goal in mind, or anyone that is just wanting to improve themselves.


Almost anyone can attend NDSU, but most cannot get into the architectural college. Only the top 53 students are accepted into the program, and usually you need a 3.5 grade point average to be accepted. You need to be extremely dedicated to be in the program, the projects are very time consuming and challenging. To do well as an architecture students, you have to be passionate about the subject.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is driven and wants to be part of a team. I'm not talking just about sporting teams, but teams in the classroom. You have to be a great team member to get things done and it helps to have others there to get notes from if you were sick or have someone explain something to you if you don't understand. I think that almost anyone would fit right in at NDSU.


Anyone whos is looking for a new friend and get a wonderful education! I have heard from more then one person who has came to North Dakota from other states say that the people here are much more friendly and considerate then anywhere else. Also, because of that same attitude, this school is a perfect place to learn. Not only do you want to educate yourself and be someone, so do your teachers, and your peers. Everyone is here for the same reason, and that common goal is to make something of ourselves.


No matter what race, gender, class, or age you are, NDSU is the perfect school for the dedicated and ambitious individual. No matter who you are NDSU is garaunteed to have someone there that you can relate to and make new friends with.


Anyone could easily find a place in this school. I've seen all kinds of people find a group of friends and a major good for them. Granted some majors are not offered here, so that should decide if someone comes here. There are plenty of ways that people keep busy and have fun. The courses also seem to keep students busy, some more than others but thats life. People who do not like cold probably shouldn't attend here, this is Fargo after all.


A person who is planning to attend NDSU needs to be able to handle cold weather. There is snow on the ground here at least 4 months out of the year, and the wind chills can get down to fourty below zero. That is probably the biggest drawback of this school, is having to walk to class through the ice, snow, and freezing cold weather!


Anybody who wants a good education for a lower price. People interested in the Agriculture and Engineering fields will find a lot of oppurtunities here compared to some other colleges.


Any person can attend NDSU. It is for those who may not want to go to college, or those looking for a research degree. Quite frankly, NDSU would fit nearly anybody.


Anyone looking for a great college for a great career and experience should check NDSU out.


The kind of person who should attend this school should be driven. Here it is important to be your own person. Whether it is venturing out to meet people or getting a question answered you need to be able to be independant enough to get things done yourself.


people who want a really good math/science/engineering/architecture education


Anyone that wants a good education and a good social expereince.


this university is one of the better schools in the state and i feel that anyone should be able to attend this university because the university will do all it can to help every person succeed.


Anyone should attend NDSU especially if you love being involved.


Someone who is ready to learn. Someone outgoing.

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