North Dakota State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who struggles with cold weather might be challenged by the climate they'll experience while attending NDSU. Fargo's winters can be intense and North Dakota's flat landscape allows for frequent, windy days. However, this weather was also the catalyst for some of my fondest memories: skiing and sledding with friends, snow days, and warm meals and hot beverages in the dining center.


A person who needs low student to faculty ratio to feel welcomed to this school.


Hardworking students who like big lecture halls, many different cultural students, and a lot of fun activities and clubs.


Any person would gladly be welcomed to attend North Dakota State University, but the campus would be more appealing to students who prefer a smaller school setting with close relationships to professors and instructors. NDSU provides students with excellent abilities of communication to instructors as well as tutors via email or in person. A person who prefers very large campuses, a larger school setting, and does not need the communication to professors, instructors, or tutors would probably not appreciate the convenience and structure of this campus.


If a person does not do well in a large classroom setting, has any difficulty walking long distances at a fast pace, or does not wish to walk in very cold temperatures a majority of the school year, he/she should not attend this school.


I think that if you are unmotivated or just looking for an easy way to obtain a degree this is definitely not the school for you. Professors expect you to go to class on a regular basis, and study quite a bit. Any student who attend NDSU that is just into drinking and doing drugs that will NOT be tolerated at NDSU; they expect the best out of every person. Students should always remember that they are representing not only theirselves, but also the North Dakota State University and also the community and state we are located and belong to.


If you are the type of person that doesn't like big crowds, then this school may not be for you. Due to how many students are enrolled here you are a number not always a name. Also if you are going into the arts, this is not the school for you as it doesn't concentration on those areas of study as much.


There is absolutely no one who cannot fit in here at NDSU. There are so many people with every kind of personality, ethnicity, and religion. Of course, the best way to ensure you fit in is to be friendly and laid back. Don't sweat the small stuff, try not to judge others, and don't be scared to talk to the person sitting next to you. Even after only one semester here, I have friends in almost every class. As long as you make a small effort, people here are very easy to reach out to. :)


If a person is not fully commited to applying their knowledge to achieve their goal of success, they should not attend this school. It is an honor to be accepted to such a great university so I do not recommend attending if you are not going to focus and try hard to reach your goals.


someone who is used to and likes big citys and lots of people.


Don't attend NDSU if you are not a driven student. It may be a small school in the middle of nowhere, but it is still very tough and the teachers expect a lot out of the students.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school are the people that don't know what they want to do with their college career. You are spending way to much money and time, not only of your own, but others. Also, there are way to many career and goal oriented resources on campus to not take advantage of, it would be a waste!


I would say people that dislike cold, windy weather. It is a very easy to access all the bulidings since the campus is entirely flat and the doors are at ground level.


city snob


I can only see two types of people that should not attend this school: the students that are striving for a degree in art and students who can't stand the cold. The focus at NDSU is in the Engineering, Architecture and Agriculture programs and although Art is offered, there are other school even in the area that will offer a better program. It also gets very cold in the winter time, with lots of snow and wind chills getting into the negative 50 degree range.


One should attend North Dakota State University if his/her goal is to become an independent, hard working, and considerate individual. People who enjoy socializing will also find NDSU helpful as they offer many extracurricular activities and groups. There are over 100 majors to choose from, so almost anyone has the opportunity to involve themselves in the field of their interest. Lastly, NDSU has recently put much of their focus into becoming more ecofriendly, so anyone wishing to make a difference in terms of the environment would find NDSU a great school to attend.


I think there are a lot of different people at NDSU, and almost everyone would find something or someone they like. I guess a person who likes really big cities wouldn't like NDSU.


A very liberal or nontraditional person would have a harder time fitting in here.


If you are not fond of extreme weather such as below zero winters with even colder wind chills, NDSU may not be for you, there are a diverse group of students so its easy to find a niche that suits you from conservative to liberal, religious to non-religions, just about any group of people can be found on NDSU, we also have a large international student program, which brings alot of diversity to the campus.


Country kids who want to recieve an education.


people who want a really good art education


No one


Anyone wh wants to learn with an open atmosphere.


journalism majors or people who don't like the cold


A person that is not school spirited and not willing to put in effort. This is a lively school and it needs lively people.





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