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What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the large number of students in each class. I'm very used to having a class with about twenty students in it, so coming into a classroom that can have as many as three hundred students in it is not only intimidating, it's very frustrating because I feel like I could be just another number to the professors.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the price of the education.


I am enrolled in the professional Architecture program at NDSU. All of the architecture courses at NDSU are not on the main campus but on the downtown campus. This is frustrating for two reasons. First off, architecture students must take a fifteen minute bus ride to the downtown campus because there is no parking for students near the downtown campus. Secondly and more importantly, the location of the downtown campus tends to isolate architecture students from the rest of the University's students because so much of our time is spent away from the main campus.


In my experience, the most frustrating thing about college is that many administrative staff do not know how to help me. Before I started this year I had many questions and when I called campus, many times I was transferred to other departments that also did not know how to help me. When I started school there were some financial errors on my first semester bill and I had to go out of my way during the busy school year to call around and find the one person on campus who was able to fix the mistakes.


I would have to say the price of online courses. I took two courses online last semester and I loved doing it that way but they are so much more expensive it's hard to take them. They're not providing a building or the online programs so why are they so much. And also the amount of online courses we need to sign up for and pay for. I had to get at least 6 online programs ranging from $35 to over $100 each.


The weather in North Dakota is very cold during the winter. Walking from class to class when it is snowing or windy is not very much fun. There are a lot of tunnels and passeges to help the problem, but you can't escape the cold.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the weather I am a warm weather person and it is very very cold up here in the winter especially with the wind. The school drew me in though and I absolutely love the campus, people, organizations, and classes. It's frustrating because this is the college for me but not the weather for me.


I love NDSU. The only frustrating thing about the school is the lack of student participation in campus events, including sporting events. The unity that often exists within a community of college students is often vitally linked to the amount of involvment that students have in thier surrounding. I would like to see more Green and Gold gathered at games, socials, and whenever there are festivals for varrious groups.


NDSU is not as academically rigorous as I would like it to be; it is almost just like being back in high school.


My universtiy is extremely large! There's so many amazing teachers and interesting fellow students that I'll never get the opportunity to meet. I can't be afraid to talk to as many people as possible because I could miss out on great potential relationships. Everyone feels more comfortable around familiar faces, even if you don't know their names; no one likes to be alienated in a sea of unknown students and intimidating teachers.


The winters are very cold with lots of snow, so some times the parking lots don't get cleared out as quickly as need be. This is an issue, but I feel the school does its best job possible.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the downtown campus. Business, Art, and Architecture students are required to go downtown for all of their classes. This is very frustrating because students can feel disconnected from the university. However, the buildings are newly renovated and very nice. Also, buses run constantly to transport students from the main campus to downtown buildings.


Sometimes the professors have teaching aids that are responsible for getting grades back on time, but they are never on time. Walking in the cold weather from class to class gets annoying, wish there were better ways for us to get around in the cold weather. There are not a lot of parking spaces so more of those would be good.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the weather.


The parking.


that the teachers do not involve themselves with the students and make them into prodigies. I want to be friends with the professors. They should be more involved.


The parking at the school isn't very good, and some things that they charge you for in tuition you don't always need or want. The tuition is always climbing too, and you don't see a lot of your money in what you get.


The financial aid department always takes the extra time to dispurse the financial aid which can cause frustrations.


I don't have much to say that frustrates me about the school in general. I do think it is a bunch of crap however that to judge the quality of the university is based on how friendly to minorities they are, how diverse the programs are, how diverse the teachers are, how accepting of minorities everyone is, blah blah fn' blah. but thats every thing now days not necesarliy to ndsu in general.


The class sizes can be so large that you do not get to interact with your classmates and professors. Those interactions can teach students many new things and I wish that my college would encourage more group discussion in the large lecture classes.


financial aid, grading with opscans, scheduling classes

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