North Dakota State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


What I wish I knew before attending the school is how expesnive the textbooks are and how I had the opportuinty to purchase the same textbooks online at an online store such as Amazon for half the price of the online bookstore at NDSU.


One thing that I wish I had known before coming to North Dakota State University is how fast time will go by. With little warning deadlines come out of nowhere. If I had known this coming into college I would have not waited for deadlines and got things done ahead of time. Doing things ahead of schedule eliminates massive amounts of stress, and even frees up time for activities otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do. If I would have known this I guarantee college life would have taken me down a different, better, and less stressful path.


learn better studying habits, and learning how to better manage time.


I wish I had known more information about finanical aid and what comes with it. Some of the financial aid regulations and requirements can be tricky and hard to understand. I wish I had taken more time to learn about them before getting to the school.


Before I went to college I wish I would have known that the education a community college can offer would be equal to or better than that of a large institution at a fraction of the price. I chose to go straight to a four year university to get the highest quality education for my dollar. After my first semester I learned that many classes are not taught by teachers at all and are crowded with as many as five hundred students. Most of my classes are taught either by undergraduate students or through online homework and testing.


I wish I would have known how cold it gets in the winters, here in Fargo, ND. I have grown up in the cold, but nothing as cold as it can get here. At least the buildings are warm and some of them are connected by skyways.


I wish I had known that NDSU was going to be this good.


I wish I would have known better study techniques, when people tell college is way different then high school, believe them!


I wish I would have known where buildings were, how to communicate with classmates better, and ways to take notes in classes.


I wish I had known more about the clubs and organizations because I would have loved to have joined some groups early.


Just how cold it is and how much money it is really going cost for all of my education at this college. I also wish I would have know about the poor food service facilities that they have here.


I wish I would have known how much I would enjoy college and college life at NDSU, because then my decision to attend NDSU would have been a lot easier and less stressful.


Something I wish I would have known before I came to this school is more about the campus. I didn't get a tour of the campus so I had friends that I knew give me a tour of the campus. They offer campus tours to incoming freshman and also transfer students but I thought that I would be fine finding places on my own. I didn't realize how spread out this campus really is until I started school.


I wish I would have known more people that went to this school.


Our school is part of a Tri-College but I didn't know what exactly that meant. I wish I had known more of my foreign language options and what type of minors were available.


Students and professors really do care about how you're doing. They are always willing to help.


How early to turn in the housing assignments, since the dorms and other living facilities on campus fill up extremely fast compared to some schools.


The biggest surprise was probably how windy it can get up here in the winter. I can handle cold well enough, but the wind coupled with it can get brutal if you're not properly clothed for it. In terms of the school, there isn't much I would have liked to know ahead of time. The freshman dorms could get loud at times, especially when it seemed a good time to go to sleep, but I'm glad I stayed there to meet people.


I wish i would have known that there would be police cars lurking around every corner.


Before I came to this school I wish I would have known more about the extra-curriculars and organizations offered. If I would have known more I would have been more eager to get involved sooner. Instead I only joined organizations within my major, but later in my freshman year I became more involved in other organizations and activities.


That the parking on campus sucks.


I wish I knew the dorms were so expensive


I wish i knew the horse barn was not like it was going to be. Some problems out there very very bad mud problem


how expensive it is, how unhelpful the administration is

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