North Dakota State University-Main Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Attending the sport competitions were a huge highlight of my time at NDSU. I felt a strong camaraderie with other students cheering and was excited to support the athletes and coaches in their determination and focus. My degree was in Physical Education with a self-declared emphasis in coaching. Watching the sport teams perform and compete, I got to see tactics and skills, discussed in the classroom, come alive. It was equivalent to lab for a science class.


The focus on STEM fields. They do a lot to keep on the leading edge of technology on campus and are currently building a new state-of-the art STEM facility. On top of that, the professors often really care about student success. Which is surprising given that teacher to student ratio is incredibly high with my lowest class being 1-22 (which happened once) and the average being about 1-41 from what I've experienced.


The best thing about North Dakota State University was the education I received in Athletic Training. I am furthering my education by completeing my Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy. Having an Athletic Training degree has helped me tremendously excel in my classroom curriculum courses,. Using previous experience while working in Athletic Training has allowed me to use my Bachelor's degree as a tool to help treat patients with specific musculoskeltal, neuromuscular, cardiopulmonary and integumentary disorders.


I enjoy the program I am enrolled in: Dietetics. That's why I decided to attend NDSU.


The best thing about my school are the students. There are many student led organizations that get students involved in their major like pharmacy clubs or pre-med clubs. This encourages me, as well as my classmates, to meet other students in our major and become familiar with our classes. Students are also running activities for everyone to get involved over the weekend, things like movies, arts and crafts, and dances. These sorts of things help students feel like they are a part of a community and creates a good learning environment.


The best thing about my school is the support that both faculty, professors and other students give. It's like seeing family every day.


The best thing about NDSU is smaller campus. After you've been here for a week you know where everything is. It's small enough that everything is within walking distance, even some restaurants. There are buses for the downtown campus, but you don't need to go downtown unless you have a class there or live there, so it's easy to avoid going if you don't want to.


The best thing about North Dakota State Univeristy is its sense of community. Through athletics, community organizations, group study sessions, or clubs, NDSU helps students feel that they are part of the university. This attribute came into play last year when Fargo, North Dakota experienced a record-breaking flood. Students from NDSU came together as one to help Fargo, ND overcome the flood. This effort not only helped the city win the flood fight, it bonded NDSU students as one great community.


The best thing about NDSU is that everyone is so friendly and want you to succeed. There is not a lot of competition amongst the students.


I like the variety of campus activities and campus organizations. These help make NDSU a great school, as there are plenty of ways to get to know people and feel like you're a part of the campus community, whether you live on or off campus.


I think one of the best things about my school is that it is a dry campus. This means no alchol is allowed on campus. I appreciate this rule and I think it helps keep the campus a safer place.


North Dakota State University has a variety of resources and the entire staff is committed to helping the students attending the institution. The best part about NDSU are the professors in both the programs I am enrolled in. Every professor I have had strive to push their students to success. It creates determination and feuls my ambition to do well in school. Not only are the professors great resources for the classroom, but for life as well. I go to them to seek advice on friendships, financial problems, and ways to succeed. Their knowledge is a vessel.


The staff is very friendly and generally want what's best for you. They will help you when you need help.


NDSU allows students to continue their education, either on campus or off. And, the professors are very helpful.


I really like the dorm at which I am living. It is clean and has a lot of space.


The best thing about my school is all the different programs that my school has to offer. There are alot of great oppertunities and advantages to going to a large school like NDSU. I feel like there is a program for everyone and you can succeed at anything you do there.


I like the challege of the classes. Most professors are really nice and make themselves available outside of class for help. They will also go above and beyond to explain the material more in depth if you don't understand something! I also like how the campus is clustered close together... its less farther to walk to class!


If you're a poor college student, like most of us are, you might not have the money for a vehicle, or have the vehicle but not wish to pay for insurance and gas. Well, don't worry. The lack of a vehicle won't cramp you're style, much. The busing systems in place on campus and in the surrounding area are superb! Getting around town is made easy by the use of your Bison card - FM bus service is available to all students free-of-charge. Two thumbs up for friendly commuter service!


The best thing about our school is the football games and marching band because that's what we're known for.


I think the best thing about NDSU was the bus system, where ever you needed to be, a bus could get you there in a timely fashion.


nice people and great environment on and off campus


The best thing about my school is the people because together we create an environment that will shape the future.


There is a great sense of community. The campus puts in effort to plan events that will interest students and build up school spirit, especially at the beginning of the year. This makes it very easy to meet people. The freshman-only dorms are also very helpful for meeting people when students start school. Most rooms leave their doors open if they are there for the first couple weeks, and a good number of people do this entire year.


The best thing about NDSU is the postive interactions between the students and how everyone is always getting along and being friendly. I feel like this quality in a school is important because it makes the transtition to college easier knowing that you have someone to go to for help and support.


The student have a voice and the administration listens to it and does what it can to ensure student wants are attained.


Ability to get involved.


The best thing about NDSU is the students.


Students and faculty are always willing to help out with any problem be it minor or life changing.

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