North Georgia College & State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My college is know for its Corps of Cadets, fourth graduation rate in the state of Georgia, the sencond oldest public university in the state and second NCAA disvision athletics. This college is also know for its four differnt campus in Georgia and the number one ttransfer school to University of Georgia.


My school is best known for its military program and background, especially the loyalty and determination which accompany such a program.


Our school is best known as a senior military college, one of four major colleges in the United States. We are now the University of North Georgia but we will always be known as the original Saints, which is very iconic for the town that surrounds the college.


North Georgia College and State University is best known for the Army ROTC Corps of Cadets military program. North Georgia is also well known for the beautiful Appalachians that surrounds campus.


North Georgia is probably best known for the beautiful view of the north Georgia mountains and the Dahlonega gold.


My school is best known for Army ROTC, Nursing students, and the liberal arts.


I believe my school is best known for its placement of many students into the Army Corps. NGCSU has a wonderful Army department who lead many of its members to become wonderful leaders in which we trust to defend our country.


It is the number one military college in the nation.


My school is considered the military college of Georgia, so of course it is known for it's ROTC program and the traditions upheld by the program and honored by the university.


North Georgia College and State University is best known for its Core of Cadets.


My school is best known for the Core of Cadets military program and our prestigise nursing program.


NGCSU is best known for the high quality education students receive here as well as the active and friendly environment that is present on our campus.


small campus, beautiful, small student body, excellent education and business and biology programs


Senior Military College


It's military program, Nursing Program, and Eduacation program


Safety. One of the main reasons I chose this school was that it was the fifth safest school in the nation.

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