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The community in which it is placed, including the location. It's very small but populated. There is a ton of opportunities at this school!


The University of North Georgia is a number one military college in the state of Georgia.


What I consider to be unique about my school is their admissions criteria. As most of us know it is quite difficult to be accepted into universities. The reason for this is their strict requirements and criterias. My school gives opportunities to students that may be just a bit under the criteria. This is an amazing thing because not many do this for applicants. This is another thing that helps students recieve a good education and lead them off to a great career and future.


I am not on the main campus. Therefore the small atomosphere is perfect for me and the classroom capacity works best for me as well.


At North Georgia, there is a special unification of the student body. The majority of the students are really friendly and encouraging. Also, the location of North Georgia is absolutely beautiful. The academic buildings, cafeteria, and dormitories surround a large drill field used by the cadets. The drill field is also used for intramurals, Greek Life events, and other activities.


NGCSU is much different from any other campus because of the fact that it is a military college. The people here are so nice and since it's a smaller college, we feel more like family. It's the same in the music program; all the music majors know each other as well as the teachers. Another great aspect of the NGCSU campus is that it is nicely situated in the scenic North Georgia mountains. It is beautiful, not to mention relaxing after a hard day of classes.


NGCSU is unique becuase of its enviroment. It is part military school and part civillian. Plus it is so beautiful in spring and fall becuase of all the trees and flowers. The town to me reminds me of my home town and that is a big reason why it is unique to me. It is also close to my home, but at the same time there is enough space between the two for me to feel independent. The classes are small which allows the students to get better help if they need it in a class.


North Georgia is small, friendly and has an atmosphere of community that is inviting and welcoming to all students.


It is a military school. There are many traditions. It is also in a beautiful place wit many outdoor activities.


It's a military school with a lot of traditions


It is close to home and small. The Greek system is not superficial and it does not make it's memberschange their ways to fit in. Everyone gets along no matter their background. The school is very diverse, though it does lack in ethnicity. There are several different races, but the majority are white. Plus, it is a military college.


If you put some effort into getting involved you really can't walk anywhere on campus without seeing someone you know!


It's a senior military college and includes the corps of cadets. We have some unique traditions no other schools have.


Least expensive with a better academic programs. Faculty and staff will go out of their way to help students in need of help. Country setting with no towns around. Mountains and creeks cover the land so it is outdoor based.


NGCSU is a military school, so all the corp guys are polite and respectful, because they are taught to be that way.

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